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Nico was in border patrol, but it was just so he could  be surprised.

Can you believe this could be the first time Nico can celebrate his birthday with people that like him since his mother died? :))

Okay so @preatorpercy has heard me rant for like 10 minutes now about Piper and she said I should just make it a post so here we go:

Piper is problematic, yes. she is, and quite frankly I don’t think we can find a character in the series that is pure and good. That’s one of the reasons we love this series so much.  Yet, we always seem to choose a character a year to vilify for the sake of discourse. I know Piper’s character isn’t being studied now but I’m going to go on anyway.

Piper is misogynistic. She has a ‘not like other girls’ mindset, and I related to that so much. I thought that way when I was 13, due to heavy insecurities and because I was 13 starting to see the world more. I’ve unlearned pretty much all of it, thankfully, but Piper hasn’t. There is no mention of friends before TLH (correct me if I’m wrong) and if she had them, none of them truly cared about her. She never had friends to help her through her insecurities, and growing up in LA there was a lot of competition bred against other girls. Whether it be by magazines, fashion billboards, just walking down Sunset Boulevard there was something. She grew up with that and never had people close to her to help her learn to deal with it and not take it out on herself.

When she says Jason is hers even if he doesn’t know it yet, yes that is possessive and gross. I won’t excuse that, at all. That being said, it comes from a place of such raw fear that it resonates with us. She never had her father around, no mother, her Dad’s manager and PA hated her. Jason is the only person besides Leo that stuck with her at all, and she clung to that too tightly. She is so terrified of being abandoned, and rightfully so. However, through the series, she learns to let Jason breath, and that is so important! She begins to learn!

Also, the blessing of Aphrodite was something that stuck with me. Piper is uncomfortable with all of the attention. Normally she has to lie cheat and steal for a sliver of it, and she did none of that fro all of the attention. She doesn’t know what to do with it.

Her charmspeak comes from desperation and ignorance, not enjoyment.

  • Radio: I'm a rocket scientist
  • Percy: oH nO
  • *crashing sounds*
  • Radio: Hey ay ay
  • *tumbling down the stairs*
  • Radio: If crazy equals genius
  • *the door crashes open*
  • Leo: *is on fire*
  • Everyone: *sigh*

So this fluffy Percabeth oneshot is for @percyyoulittleshit! I hope you like it Mari! :D

Honestly this was quite a lot of fun to write, so I hope everyone enjoys reading it! 

“It feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages,” Percy complained, as he walked through the cabin area of Camp Half-Blood. It was a sunny August day, and many campers were milling about.

“I know, Seaweed Brain, but you know I’ve been so busy helping with the New Athens plans. And you’ve been doing a lot of training sessions. Besides, that’s why we’re having our picnic today!” Annabeth said happily.

Percy nodded, his usual smile returning to his face. He grabbed her hand, ready to take her to the beach, where he had planned on having their picnic, when someone interrupted them.

“Percy! Annabeth!” Piper shouted from behind them, panting out of breath. “We need you.” She was dressed in shorts and a blue t-shirt, and Rachel was next to her, a small smile on her face, dressed in her usual paint-stained attire.

“For what?” Percy asked reluctantly. “We were just about to–”

“There’s a meeting in the Big House,” Rachel said, interrupting Percy. “Chiron says you guys need to be there. There’s no time for you to go to the beach–you need to come now.”

Percy looked at Annabeth, disappointment written on his face. “I guess we have to go.”

“It shouldn’t matter too much.” Annabeth smiled. “How about afternoon tea?”

“Who has sandwiches for tea?” Percy grumbled halfheartedly.

Annabeth rolled her eyes.

“Fine,” Percy turned to Rachel and Piper. “We’re coming.”

“Great,” Piper said, her eyes brightening. “Let’s go.”

Percy and Annabeth followed them, now focused fully on what this emergency meeting would be about.

“Well, that was a waste of time,” Percy said in annoyance, as he and Annabeth walked out of the Big House over an hour later.

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Since I’m off for the next 2 ½ weeks, I’ve decided to open up ✧commissions✧ !! I don’t know how long they’ll be up, but for now they’re here !!

contact me at makoninah@gmail.com if you’re interested. Label the email “Commission” or “Commission Question”.

In the email itself:

  • your name and paypal email (I’ll be sending the finished commission to the paypal email)
  • commission type (Sketch Option/Flat Colors Option/ Detailed Option)
  • what you’d like !! Send me as many references/general character info as you’d like. The more the better.
  • if you’d mind if I put it on my blog (with credit to you). You’re able to use your commission for non-commercial purposes (with credit to me).

I will draw:

  • suggestive/implied sexual undertones (no full nsfw / sex)
  • ocs / fanart / real people / animals
  • blood / slight gore

General Info:

  • I only accept USD through paypal
  • I need visual reference for ocs, alternate outfits, etc
  • the commission can only be used for non-commercial purposes.
  • I’ll send you a small preview of the sketch to make sure everything’s good, wait for suggestions/alterations, then wait for the full payment through paypal before finishing and sending it to your paypal email !!

Thanks for reading !!

❤ Here’s my art tag if you want to get a vibe of what I do   ❤

pjo verse.   thanks to my lovely friend @gllaukos ,  i was able to actually develop a verse for kakashi in the greek mythos world  !!

     “ Harmonia was the goddess of harmony and concord .  she was a daughter of Ares and Aphrodite and as such presided over both marital harmony ,  soothing strife and discord ,  and harmonious action of soldiers in war .  late Greek and Roman writers sometimes portrayed her as harmony in a more abstract sense–a deity who presided over cosmic balance .  Harmonia ,  as a goddess ,  presides over order but there are two sides to her coin and the cosmic balance is only kept in check if there’s disorder among it .  ”

     as a history teacher at a middle school , kakashi acts as a safeguard for demigod children just learning that they have godly blood in them .  whenever he senses one , he calls on chiron to send a satyr to lead them back to camp half-blood .

     his weapon is a katana given to him by his grandfather , who was in world war ii ,  through his father .

     over the summer , kakashi works as a weapons specialist , helping to train the younger demigods against the dangers of the world .  kakashi values balance & teamwork among his students : often putting them in ridiculous situations where they have to rely on each other in order to survive . he also helps play peacemaker should a fight ever break out among the demigods .

                                           𝐥𝐢𝐩𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐬 𝐫𝐮𝐛𝐢𝐞𝐬, 𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐬𝐧𝐨𝐰

      under heavy co, established march 24th ; percy jackson / mythology original character.

WOW haven’t done anything PJO related in so long so this is a bit of a stress relief but y’all should consider doing Mera’s/ @inalostcorner‘s demigod files!! cuz hell yea for self-inserts hahaaha.

Fun facts:

  • True, she can do a bit of necromancy. Not as much as Nico, of course, but like maybe raise a dead or two, chat with them, and so on.
  • She TOTALLY uses the mist/magic to make her taller than she is (which is why i seem taller than my 5′1 height here (fite me))
  • Her deliveries sometimes coincide as quests, so sometimes it’s just her getting stuff for gods and Hecate.
  • She’s starting to locate closer to Camp Jupiter, in consideration of college and such
  • Her charm bracelets are literally charmed with like, good-luck and such that her siblings provide. (Headcanon: Hecate kids always give charmed bracelets for their siblings that go on quests. Newcomers get the most.)
  • Her staff is, unfortunately, affected by her emotions. So if she get’s frightened, it’ll shrink. If she’s in a panic, it’ll go spread all over, etc.
  • EX: