p pathetic

When I think of him,
I think of dark evenings around 8 p.m., of pathetic pop songs and late night Internet - stalking. Of the tears I cried when he had another girlfriend, I think about timid smiles and soft hello’s, about unexplainable, mixed signals and confusing information.
I think of the way he smiled at me, giddy, like a schoolboy, of the way he smelled and how no cloud of smoke could make him less attractive.
I think about the songs ‘Razorblades’ and ‘The Ghost of You and I’ from Story of the Year. I think about the arguments about him with my parents and friends.
I think of Sundays and eye contact during church services. I think about always having to worry about him and the time he was in jail.

And eventhough overall it aren’t happy feelings, I would give so much to have it all back

—  confessions

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No real POC who isn't fucked in the head would ship a racist het ship like reylo

*looks at my skin color*

*looks at university degree*

*looks at salary pay stub*

*looks at stable job, nice high-end car, 6-year relationship, relatively good health, clear skin, good teeth, crops grown all around success with room for bigger surprises*

Dont know where you get the fucked up part but I think im doing okay. Have my ups and downs but unlike you, i dont go around peoples inboxes and attempt to insult them anonymously like a coward. Dont project your own shit life on someone you dont know, hoe. It makes you look pathetic :P


         in MIAMI MEDICAL ( 2010 )

                 “Uh, yeah. I was six… when we came over from Cuba. It was twelve days out on the boat, which was more of a raft, really. We were dehydrated. My dad had heat stroke. And uh, my mom… well she was fighting a serious infection by the time the coast guard brought us all to the INS infirmary. I was uh… I was left alone in the waiting area. Didn’t see either of them for two days. I was living off soda’s and cupcakes from the vending machines… until my dad was well enough to get up and tell me that uhm… my mother had stopped fighting.”


in which rachel can’t help but keep eye contact with quinn.

He's Cheer Captain - 4 Chapters - Ongoing

Genre: AU, highschool
Length: 14223 words
Summary: The irresistible Deadpool is here to conquer Midtown High, and a scrawny, reclusive student Peter Parker’s heart is conquered along the way.

 Chapter 1 - 5,6,7,8, holla if you think i’m great

Theme: Fluff, angst

Warnings: Severe bullying

Chapter 2 - P is for Pathetic

Theme: Comedy

Warnings: None

Chapter 3 - so fine you blow my mind

Theme: Comedy, angst, violence, fluff

Warnings: Mention of bullying

Chapter 4 - Oooh! Is this your dream or mine?

Theme: Comedy, angst, violence

Warnings: Mentions of death, cancer

@radfemjourney I have been doing that a bit, haha. Although he doesn’t always believe me. Also I’m a little annoyed by how much I like him at this stage and kind of want to compliment him more, which is probably unwise and vaguely pathetic. :P

I want to imagine Edward Diego annoys the shit out of SHODAN.
Seriously, how did he convince SHODAN to only replace half of the display screens with her face? Because this guy’s face is on every deck.
“SHODAN-Kun, SHODAN-Kun, can we put my face on some of the display screens, too?”
“P-p-pathetic flesh meat, will this s-silence your incessant prattle-tle-tle if I humor your d-d-desires?”
“Yes :3″

Also the fact he fucks up three times trying to kill you alone and doesn’t get incinerated due to his failures is a testament to SHODAN’s patience.

The Universal Century Alphabet, or "A is for Amuro"

A is for Amuro, the famed Feddie ace,

B is for Brightslap, applied to the face!

C is for Comet, the Red one called “Char”.

D is for Dozle, whose death was bizarre!

E is for Elpeo, Ples One, Twelve, and Two,

F is for Frontal, first name’s Full, ya foo’!

G is for Gouf, a Zaku it ain’t,

H is for Haman, who didn’t get a date.

I is for I-field, no beams can pass through,

J is for Job John, he didn’t have much to do.

K is for Kikka, she had Pikachu cheeks!

L is for Lalah. Char couldn’t sleep for weeks.

M is for manly, like Kamille Bidan’s name,

N is for Newtypes, the armies treat them like games.

O is for Om, Bask always wears goggles,

P is for pathetic, Garma’s so gullible it boggles.

Q is for Qubeley, Haman’s awesome ride,

R is for Reccoa, who up and switched sides.

S is for Scirocco, who is scum among men,

T is for the Titans, blame Stardust for them!

U is for universal, the century of which I speak,

V is for V Gundam. BOY is it bleak!

W is for war, Al learns that it’s hell,

X is for… uh, can’t find a word. Oh well!

Y is for Yazan, PETA’s worst foe,

Z is for Zeta Gundam, and I’ve gotta go.

Beatrice's Lament (Over The Garden Wall Parody)
Beatrice's Lament (Over The Garden Wall Parody)

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Flannyr


“A” is for the absolute fool he is

But i’ve found that the fool was me

“B” is for the backless coward he seemed to be, before he proved me wrong

And “C”, see what I did, that’s “D”,

Did it to my family

How could I be such an “E”gotistical featherbrain? (“F”).

“G” is for the good girl I tried to be

Before I “H”it that “I”rksome bird

“H” “I”.

“J” is for the jaded soul i’ve become, the monster deep inside

And “K”,

Well, you know it’s just not okay

To throw a rock and run away

Cursing a child, is a lame excuse, for a “L”esson

“M” is for the misery it left me in,

“N"ever to be normal again.

"O” what a pathetic (“P”) bird I’ve been, “Q”uietly plotting behind them

And “R”, are you ready to see?

Yes, “S”ee what i’ve been hiding from thee

Why so “T”ransfixed on your trifles  Ohh…

“U”, have made the choice to trust, a bird’s plan

And her Vexed contorted mind (“V”)

Why, “W” not “Y”, did you think that i’d be, a “X”enodochial or loyal friend?

And “Y”, yes “Y”,

Did I think I could trick you boys?

Oh why,

Why did I make a deal, to be free, I was so “Z”ealous

1 is the number of witches i’ve met,

The number of choices we have 2 times 2

4 or 5 is the number of days you’ve been lost,

But it feels like 6 times two.

12, the number of names your frog

Had since you came through the fog

I wish I had 13 tries to make it up to you…ohhh

(Someone requested this, I hope you enjoy it! I love this series as well! Wirt ain’t dirt!)

Taylor, since the 1989 era started, has really been pushing to remind us that we don’t need a romantic partner to be happy, and I feel like that has really worked, in that people now understand the essence of who she is and and that she is not and never has been a ‘serial dater’. 

That being said though, I can’t help but wonder. I’m twenty years old this year and I’ve never had a boyfriend - not even a silly one in Year 10 or anything like that. (Guys just didn’t seem to like me that way because I was the weird girl they’d been to school with since 8 years old we loved country music and walked ‘like a spaz’.) 

The point is, I’ve still never been in love, or even had someone smitten I could even think about loving that way, and it’s started to be on my mind a lot, because I do worry about ending up alone. 

I just can’t help but yearn for it to finally happen but at the same time I’m trying to live by Taylor’s advice and not need a man in my life first before I have one… but I just can’t seem to stop feeling like there’s something I’m missing. 

Am I being ridiculous? Is there something wrong with me? I would LOVE to know how Taylor go over feeling like this because I am STUMPED. ?