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Okay. It’s 5 AM, I’ve given up all hope of sleep, and instead I’m gonna talk about hypnotism in the latest episode of OHC cuz I know a thing or two about hypnosis and this episode was amazing.

First off let me just start by saying the stage hypnotist they hired for the show was FREAKING HILARIOUS. Like, his voice?? What kind of voice is this for a hypnotist to have? He’s constantly loud and his pitch changes erratically, he’s definitely very self absorbed and doesn’t pay any attention to the subjects, he’s very scientific and formulaic and that just. Isn’t how it’s DONE. (Also small pet peeve of mine, but for some reason it bothered me how he was counting Julian down for the deepener and then he counted DOWN AGAIN to wake him up? Like that can be really confusing when your mind is in that state… bleh whatever)

Anyway, basically this guy was a great example of everything a hypnotist should NOT do. But you know who really stood out as using hypnosis the proper way? And no, I’m actually not talking about Julian.

I’m talking about the Narrator.

Granted, we still don’t know why or HOW
the Narrator occasionally basically blocks Julian out from hearing his voice in favor of “narrating” others, but that’s beside the point. The point is that the Narrator was applying himself to John Cameron’s thoughts in this scene, from the INSTANT he laid eyes on Julian. And from that moment, he starts guiding them in a very subtle but very professional way.

His voice changes in mood and tone but there’s a gradual progression of it, going from confusion and curiosity to comfort and relaxation, getting deeper and deeper in pitch. This was just masterfully done: when you’re hypnotizing someone you basically want to guide their thoughts, their emotions, to get them to that relaxed state, and John could hear (even if not consciously, then subconsciously) what he was supposed to be feeling in the Narrator’s voice. And in it you can just hear this underlying… slyness, almost, like he knows full well what he’s doing and he’s enjoying it, he’s enjoying using Julian’s waving arm as a focal point for his little trick…

Also the way his words sort of twist and play into each other so you can’t really tell where one sentence ends and another begins, and then gradually, the spacing gets slower, and slower, untill, finally…

And then of course as soon as the game is up he becomes Julian’s thoughts once again, and shares in his shock like “Oh my WORD, how EVER could this have happened?”

TL;DR: Julian definitely has magic in him, but I think we’re underestimating the Narrator’s role here. He may be “imaginary” but I believe that Julian’s magic has manifested him somehow. Or! Maybe he’s actually a personification OF that magic, and is there to help Julian along with it, whether he knows it or not.

What's Your Deity Name?


First Letter of Your Clan Leader’s Name:

A - Ash
B - Bionic
C - Creation
D - Dapper
E - Energy
F - Feast
G - Ghost
H - Hell
I - Invisible
J - Justice
K - Kale
L - Love
M - Mist
N - Nomadic
O - Orbit
P - Puzzle
Q - Quirky
R - Razor
S - Salty
T - Treats
U - Unifier
V - Violent
W - Word
X - Xylitol
Y - Yarn
Z - Zombie

The Breed of the 5th Dragon in Your Lair:
Bogsneak - Breaker
Coatl - Wanderer
Fae - Guardian
Guardian - Lord
Imperial - God/Godess
Mirror - Maker
Nocturne - Watcher
Pearlcatcher - Bringer
Ridgeback - Holder
Skydancer - Keeper
Snapper - Caller
Spiral - Magician
Tundra - Binder
Wildclaw - Recorder

Combine the two and post! Most of the combination make sense, but post what you think your name would have you be doing?

Day 354 - Coil | コイル | Magnemite

Any place that has a magnetic influence, Coil and Rarecoil find intimidating. But, like a child in a candy store – it can’t get enough. They will train themselves to withstand the repulsion. Around the Earth and likely other planets that have a magnetic field, there are foolhardy Coil orbiting.

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ngl this p orbital could lowkey get the pipe 👀

playlist for an ouma who doesnt think their saihara will ever love them back

look sis i filled it with vocaloid songs just for u - mod ouma

💔 a happy death - kikuo ft. hatsune miku

💔 love is war - supercell ft. hatsune miku

💔 give the cat an orange - lunachu ft. kagamine rin (FAV)

💔 aishite aishite aishite - kikuo ft. hatsune miku

💔 orbital - ev-p ft. hatsune miku and kagamine rin (FAV)

💔 crier - scop ft. hatsune miku

💔 unrequited love crawl -  小宮ちゃんP ft. yuzuki yukari and IA

💔 i’m glad you’re evil too - pinocchio-p ft. hatsune miku

💔 ghost rule - deco*27 ft. hatsune miku

💔 lie lie lie - kikuo ft. hatsune miku

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bones calling jim ‘sugar’ just before they kiss. 

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bones calling jim 'sugar’ just as he slides into him. 

bones telling jim; 'let go sugar, i gotcha’ just as jim comes. 

bones calling jim 'sugar’ as jim rolls over in the morning to kiss him. 

bones calling jim 'sugar’ when bones gets home. 

bones calling jim 'sugar’ as he wraps his arms around jim from behind and kissing just beneath his ear lobe. 



Willerd P. launching into orbit Willerd P. launching into orbit by park sunga
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Willerd P. Launching into orbit

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