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chemistry finals

pairing: anthony ramos x reader

prompt: (anon) Hi I was wondering if you could please do 13, 3, and 4 from the prompt list with Anthony Ramos if you get the chance? I love your writing

13: “i know you told me to stop thinking about you, but i can’t get you out of my mind.”
3: “go on, tell me. tell me you don’t love me.”
4: “those things you said yesterday… did you even mean them?”

warnings: swearing, lotta fluff, v cheesy

words:  2.794 whoops

a/n: you guys are AMAZING i’m having so much fun with all the prompts you are sending in. unfortunately, i can’t get to all of them immediately bc i sprained my wrist (i was trying to turn out my light without getting out of bed and i fell off of the bed and on my wrist lol) but i am working!! happy thursday xooxoxoxooxoxoxox

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Begrudgingly, you stalked towards your fifth block chemistry class, already over it. You had forgotten to do the homework and honestly had no idea what was going on in the class; something about VSPER? Walking in, you took your seat at the lab bench.

The bell rang and your teacher started.

“You’re late, Ramos.” She grumbled. Her back wasn’t even facing the door when senior Anthony Ramos walked in. His curls were everywhere and the freckles scattering his face glowed as the sun hit him from the window.

“What’s new?” He laughed, taking a seat next to one of his baseball friends. 

The teacher smiled. She had a sweet spot for Anthony; maybe because he was popular, maybe because he was cute, maybe because he was ridiculously charming - you didn’t know. Regardless, if you were late to class every other day, you can bet your ass you would be in detention nonstop.

At the end of the block, your teacher handed you back the tests you took last Friday. 

“Shit,” you cursed as you looked at your grade. 64%. You mom was going to kill you. You groaned lowly, slugging back in your seat as you flipped through the pages. On the last one was a note written in red pen: See me after class.

You instantly felt your cheeks flush, embarrassed that the teacher had to talk to you about how God awful you were doing in the class - as if you didn’t know.

When the bell rang, you thought about darting out of the room and pretending like you didn’t see the note. But Ms. Crump called you back, forcing you to trudge forward bashfully.

To make matters worse, Anthony was staying behind too. He, however, didn’t look upset at all. Maybe he ’s finally going to get his ass handed to him about constantly being late, you thought. Wrong.

“Y/N, you’re not doing well. Plain and simple,” she said almost immediately. You blushed. God, did she have to do this in front of him? This was so embarrassing. What if he went and told the baseball team about it?

You looked at your feet, “I know. I’m trying, I just -” She held her hand up to stop you.

“I know you are. I think you just need a little extra help.” 

Anthony slung his backpack around his shoulder, giving you a lopsided half smile, “Is that where I come in?” He asked, looking to Ms. Crump.

She nodded, “Exactly.”

“Wait, what?” You asked. Anthony Ramos, star of the baseball team, was going to tutor you?

“Anthony is one of my best students,” she assured.

Anthony’s ears turned pink when he saw your shocked expression, “Why else do you think she would be so chill with me all the time?” 

You were dumbfounded. This wasn’t actually happening, right?


Ms. Crump agreed that you should be working with Anthony at least twice a week; at the library, your houses, even after school in the lab. She just wanted you two together - working, that is.

Anthony jotted down his number, a grin on his face as he handed you the sticky note. 

“I’ve got practice until five, but I’m free whenever after that. Do Tuesdays and Thursdays work alright?” He gave you that smile again.

You bit your lip, nodding feebly. You were the smart one in the family, and now you needed a tutor? As if it couldn’t be any more embarrassing.

“Great, text me and we’ll figure out the details. I’ll see you then, Y/N.” He said as he walked backwards towards the door. You nodded, still starstruck over what had just happened.

Thursday came faster than you expected. You anxiously awaited Anthony at your house, agreeing to meet there since your parents worked late that night. At 5:30, he knocked on your door, his curls still wet from a shower.

“Sorry I’m late, I figured we might need some food,” he laughed, holding up a pizza in his hands, “I hope cheese is okay, I wasn’t sure if you were a vegetarian or not.” He waited a moment longer outside before you realized you were blocking the door, moving slightly to let him in. He thanked you before commenting, “You don’t have to be nervous. I get tutored in just about every other subject. Chemistry just came easy I guess.” He shrugged. 

You offered a small smile, “I just feel stupid.” 

He shook his head, putting the pizza down on the counter, “Don’t. Really. Asking for help is necessary to succeed in life. Or, I guess in chemistry.” 

You laughed, making him grin, “There you go!”

You covered you mouth to hide your smile, turning to pull out some paper plates, “Do you want anything to drink?”

“Water, please.” He said, taking a seat and opening your chemistry notebook. Everything was color coded and organized. When he took his out, you had to stifle a laugh. Everything was written in smudged gray pencil, papers ripped and falling out of the binding. 

He looked at you with a smirk, “Chemistry does love chaos.”

The two of you ate your pizza as he told you about his day, asking you questions along the way. Before you knew it, it was already quarter of seven. 

“I guess we didn’t study so much today,” he said sheepishly. 

You groaned, “I’m gonna fail the final.”

He shook his head, “Not if I have anything to do with it. Come on, let’s go over the notes from today.”

At first he was rambling on about electron configurations and ionization energy, but when he saw the confusion twisted into your face, he immediately backtracked. The started to explain it to you slowly, taking each thing and correlating it to something tangible. 

“Thing about it this way: So, uh, Carbon moves into an apartment building,” you raised an eyebrow at him. “Hear me out, okay! Carbon moves in but you have to fill all the ground floors before you can move into the second floor rooms, right? Those are the s and p orbitals. So Carbon will fill…”

You looked down at your periodic table, grasping for answers, “One s two, two s two, two p…” He nodded, encouraging you on, “Two p two?” He nodded again, more enthusiastically. 

“I knew you’d get it. Okay, let’s try… Magnesium.”

Your tutoring sessions continued for roughly two months before something happened. Something you were absolutely not prepared for. Something neither of you were. 

It started with like a usual session. It was Thursday, so you ordered Chinese for the two of you. 

“I don’t want to study tonight,” you groaned. This week had been especially long and you just wanted to relax.

“Come on!” He urged, but there was no way you were going to be interested in learning about table logic tonight.

Sighed, he put his hands up in surrender, “Okay, okay. Well,” he checked his watch, “I’ve got another hour before I have to head home. What do you want to do?” 

You looked around the room, your eyes settling on a deck of Uno cards on the counter. You raised your eyebrows in question, but he was already up to get them. 

Anthony delt out the cards, grumbling about his inability to shuffle. Within twenty minutes, you had beat him and he was already getting frustrated.

“It’s just luck!” He fumed, resealing the cards.

“It’s skill,” you combated, a smirk written on your lips. He gave you a look before a smile broke onto his face. After another game (loss), he threw his cards at you, making you giggle.

“You’re ridiculous,” he groaned.

“You’re a sore loser.” He looked at you a second longer, leaning in slightly. You felt your heartbeat increase and you down at your feel. He leaned in a little more. You took in a sharp breath, snapping your head up. 

“It’s getting late.”

Anthony felt a pang in his gut at the thought of leaving, but diet want to further upset you. He nodded, grabbing his jacket before heading towards the door. You walked towards him, ready to say goodbye. 

Nothing could happen, you reminded yourself. He wasn’t pushing or anything, but you knew that it was close. And close was dangerous, and holy shit you two were close.

He wasn’t more than a few inches away now, making your heart race. Anthony opened his mouth to say something but couldn’t get anything out. 

You couldn’t stop yourself when you lifted yourself up on your tip toes to kiss his cheek.

“I’ll see you on Tuesday,” you said, a blush creeping up your cheeks. 

He bit his lip, “Um, or we could do something, I don’t know… tomorrow?” Your brows furrowed, what he asking you on a date? Anthony scratched the back of his neck, “We could get ice cream or something or,” he shrugged, “I don’t know.”

You smiled a little, “What are you trying to say, Ramos?” 

He was closer than before, “Uh, I - I like you, Y/N. A lot. More than a lot, and I… I don’t want to just be your tutor or your friend or -” He groaned, reaching for your hand, “Will you go out with me tomorrow? On a date. Please.”

You laughed, “Don’t you have a baseball party to go to or something?”

He shrugged, “I don’t want to party or anything. All I want to do is go out with you,” he raised an eyebrow, “So?”

“I’d like that.”

Anthony’s face lit up, his grin making your heart flutter, “I’ll see you tomorrow then, yeah?”

You nodded again, “Yeah.”

His eyes flickered from yours to your lips, “Cool.”


His mouth was slightly parted before shaking his head, “Okay. Good. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You pushed him slightly out of the glass door, his hand holding yours until he was too far to reach. You shook your head, the on your face brighter than usual. Good God, this boy. What had you gotten yourself into?

The end of the day took forever to come around, but that’s usually how Friday’s were. You were standing at your locker when you heard his ever familiar laugh.

You didn’t look yet, as he was talking to someone else on the baseball team; John, you think his name is.

“Come on, dude. It’s Friday night! Come out with us!” John said. 

You smiled to yourself, pulling your math textbook out of your locker. He wouldn’t go out because he would be hanging out with -

“I can’t, John. I’m taking some girl out,” he said.

“Who?” He laughed.

“Just some girl from my chem class, nothing special.” 

“Alright, dude. See you Monday.” John said, waking away.

You stopped dead cold before slamming your locker shut, turning sharply to face him. You felt your eyes start to burn; nothing special

Anthony’s mouth fell open. How much did you hear? Then he saw your face and he knew. You had heard enough.

“Y/N, I can -” you held your hand up.


“No, really. Please,” he tried again.

“No, you listen. I can’t - God, I can’t believe I let you get in my head like that! I can’t believe I let you tell me I was important and that, God! That you liked me! I can’t - I can’t. I’m done. Just, just stop. Stop talking to me. Stop thinking about me. Just stop.” You turned quickly. He did not deserve to see you cry. It’s not like you were anything special to him.

He opened his mouth but you cut him off again, “No. The final is on Monday. I don’t want you help, or your pity, or you.” You seethed, turning on your heel.

“Y/N -” he shouted, causing you to whip around.

“Did you even mean any of that? All those things you said yesterday, did you even mean them?” He called after you again, but you were already gone, speed walking out of the school.

The next week was clammy, like skating on ice and avoiding slipping past him. You had one last class of the year, and of course it was chemistry. Of course, it was. You had taken your final - correction: passed your final, and you were okay. 

At the end of the day, you wanted nothing more than to go home and relax. School was over, and you didn’t have to focus on electron affinity or pre calc, or Anthony. You were done.

But of course, you were never done, and Ms. Crump held you back. 

“I wanted to congratulate you on your success on the final, and Anthony -” she started, holding back Anthony as well. He offered a half smile, no longer as bright as it used to be. 

“Anthony, I wanted to thank you for being so generous in your time and help. I’m sure Y/N is just as grateful,” she smiled.

“She’s very smart,” he said.

You gave a tight smile and a curt nod, ready to book it. 

“Have a nice summer,” Ms. Crump waved as you walked out. 

You had almost made it down the end of the hallway when you heard him call to you.


You groaned. Was he really still on this? It’s not like you were anything special to him - why was he still pushing this? Was he honestly that desperate that he needed the lame girl who was bad at chemistry to forgive him? 

You sighed, turning to face him, “What?”

“Listen, I’m sorry. What I said -” You started walking again, “Stop!”

You held your hand up, “No, you stop. I told you to stop, right? I passed the final. So this?” You gestured between the two of you, “Whatever this was? It’s over. Thanks for the help, but bye. Have a nice summer, Anthony.”

“That’s the problem!” He bounced on the balls of his feet, “I know you told me to stop thinking about you, I know. But God, I can’t get you out of my mind, okay? I can’t. I’ve tried to forget you and move on but, but you’re everything.” When you didn’t respond, he continued, “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t like me too, because if you tell me you don’t like me too then I’ll walk away. I’ll walk away and I won’t bother you anymore.”

You took in a sharp breath. How in hell do you respond to that?

“Please,” he said softly, taking your hand in his.

You shook your head, “I can’t.” Your voice broke at the end, no matter how strong you tried to sound.

“You can’t what?”

“I can’t lie to you,” you breathed out. His eyes lit up at this, “Of course I like you too, dumbass.”

You swore the smile on his face reached the sky, but you weren’t focusing so much on that as you were his lips on yours and his hand on your cheek and oh. He was a good kisser. No, he was a great kisser. You pushed your body flush again his as he walked you a step back against the lockers.

You pushed your hips forward slightly, eliciting a soft sigh out of him. He nipped your bottom lip, making you gasp. Anthony took this advantage to deepen the kiss, his tongue now tasting your own. Oh my God, he was good at this. His hand was running along your sides now, resting at the base of your back. 

After a moment, you heard someone cough slightly. Instantly, you snapped your head back only to slam it into the lockers behind you.

“Ow,” you groaned, your hands leaving his curls to cup the back of your head.

“Oh, shit,” he giggled, reaching up to hold your head as well.

Then you saw her: Ms. Crump, blushing fervently, staring at the two of you pressed against each other, practically eating each other’s faces off.

“I uh, I guess your chemistry improved in more than one way,” she smirked, walking towards the exit. “See you next year.”

You sputtered out a laugh, leaning forward to rest again Anthony’s chest. 

“We do have good chemistry,” he laughed, putting his arm around your shoulders and pulling you close.

“Let’s go get some ice cream.”


Anonymous asked: “hey my handwriting sucks an d i’ve alwyas hated handwritng my notes bc they take forever & a mess. any tips?”

Anonymous asked: “do you ever type your notes? do you think it’s better?”

i’ve gotten a few asks about not handwriting notes, and i wanted to respond publicly saying: yes, i feel you on that handwriting notes take forever and they often look messy and chaotic; personally, i am a much faster typer (my wpm is like 90 or something lol) and i like to be able to go back and add things that i might have missed before, without making it seem all squished up. 

i wanted to show you a sample of my chemistry notes (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE WITHOUT CREDIT), which i often type up instead of handwriting them. as you can see, i incorporated pictures and colors (that corresponds with my chemistry book). one of the main reasons i like typing my chemistry notes is because of the way i format my notes. this format allows me to easily identify the main concepts and details. in addition, if the book references back to a concept, i can add that detail right underneath the concept; whereas in contrast to handwriting notes, i would have to take a sticky note or try to squish the detail into whatever remaining space i have left on the page (again the whole messiness thing). and also i can add pictures, whether they’re from my book or online (this saved me when trying to draw s, p, d, f orbital shapes)

but, like all things, this is all up to you! i still handwrite my math notes and latin notes, but my history and chemistry notes are both typed. these two subjects have more pages of notes. i cut down on the note-taking time by typing it and allow myself more time to study.

hope this was a tiny bit helpful? if you want a more in-depth post, feel free to ask for it. if you have any more questions, send me an ask or a message! 

it occurred to me today that there’s one single time in the trilogy where someone directly refers to a ship as “she”

“Justice of Toren, what little is left of her, you will not acknowledge, but she is a better person than you. Oh, Aatr’s tits I wish she were here!”

Leckie, Ann. Ancillary Mercy (Imperial Radch) (p. 279). Orbit. Kindle Edition.

SOUL LOCATED: @stvrnja

IT IS QUITE possible that Bao spends more of his time at Aiden’s apartment than he does his own.

–No, he definitely does.

His is a building of mandate, only choosing to stay there when his body requires it– a few hours every few days, or a longer period once a week, and during those times he remains unconscious, blind to his surroundings. Even when he’s nothing to do but spend time with his own thoughts, the apartment complex is the last place he finds himself drifting towards. There is no sense of comfort; of warmth like the kind that accompanies a home. 

He’s always tended to associate people with homes more than locations.

And the lost star– he’s opened his doors to a forsaken reaper. Invited him to seek solace inside. The immortal is not sure he can ever word the gratitude he holds for doing so; the way warmth floods him in the other’s presence.

Like now, as he’s lazing beside the other on the couch, wordless music quietly filtering through the room. He feels nice and warm ( partly from the heat and feather-light pressure their thighs just barely resting against one another provides ), swept up in Aiden’s presence like he always finds himself, regardless of what they’re doing.

“You know how we’re always talking about humanity is weird,” Bao’s saying, head faintly tilted. “Do you think humans find us weird too? If they knew about us, I mean.”

SOUL LOCATED: @stvrnja

“IT’S RIGHT AROUND the corner now,” Bao updates the star as they make their way up the block. He remains determinedly elusive whenever Aiden asks any questions about their final destination; somehow, despite it never having succeeded during any attempts in the past, the other still tries to convince him to cave in and reveal any of the surprises he plans.

It’s cute, when Aiden stares at him with wide eyes and that smile on his features. 

But not cute enough to get the notoriously stubborn reaper to budge on any of the details.

It’s always entirely too worth it to him, to see features light up in pleasant shock. Like he’s sure it will now, when they’re finally in front of building he has in mind. “C’mon,” he guides, tugging gently on Aiden’s hand to bring them through the doorway of the seemingly nondescript cafe–

–and into a place filled with cats lounging about: some playing with toys, some scratching at posts, and others patiently accepting the pets of already-there patrons. “Welcome to your first cat cafe, starboy,” Bao introduces Aiden to the venue, watching for the other’s reaction in eager anticipation.

Okay. It’s 5 AM, I’ve given up all hope of sleep, and instead I’m gonna talk about hypnotism in the latest episode of OHC cuz I know a thing or two about hypnosis and this episode was amazing.

First off let me just start by saying the stage hypnotist they hired for the show was FREAKING HILARIOUS. Like, his voice?? What kind of voice is this for a hypnotist to have? He’s constantly loud and his pitch changes erratically, he’s definitely very self absorbed and doesn’t pay any attention to the subjects, he’s very scientific and formulaic and that just. Isn’t how it’s DONE. (Also small pet peeve of mine, but for some reason it bothered me how he was counting Julian down for the deepener and then he counted DOWN AGAIN to wake him up? Like that can be really confusing when your mind is in that state… bleh whatever)

Anyway, basically this guy was a great example of everything a hypnotist should NOT do. But you know who really stood out as using hypnosis the proper way? And no, I’m actually not talking about Julian.

I’m talking about the Narrator.

Granted, we still don’t know why or HOW
the Narrator occasionally basically blocks Julian out from hearing his voice in favor of “narrating” others, but that’s beside the point. The point is that the Narrator was applying himself to John Cameron’s thoughts in this scene, from the INSTANT he laid eyes on Julian. And from that moment, he starts guiding them in a very subtle but very professional way.

His voice changes in mood and tone but there’s a gradual progression of it, going from confusion and curiosity to comfort and relaxation, getting deeper and deeper in pitch. This was just masterfully done: when you’re hypnotizing someone you basically want to guide their thoughts, their emotions, to get them to that relaxed state, and John could hear (even if not consciously, then subconsciously) what he was supposed to be feeling in the Narrator’s voice. And in it you can just hear this underlying… slyness, almost, like he knows full well what he’s doing and he’s enjoying it, he’s enjoying using Julian’s waving arm as a focal point for his little trick…

Also the way his words sort of twist and play into each other so you can’t really tell where one sentence ends and another begins, and then gradually, the spacing gets slower, and slower, untill, finally…

And then of course as soon as the game is up he becomes Julian’s thoughts once again, and shares in his shock like “Oh my WORD, how EVER could this have happened?”

TL;DR: Julian definitely has magic in him, but I think we’re underestimating the Narrator’s role here. He may be “imaginary” but I believe that Julian’s magic has manifested him somehow. Or! Maybe he’s actually a personification OF that magic, and is there to help Julian along with it, whether he knows it or not.

What's Your Deity Name?


First Letter of Your Clan Leader’s Name:

A - Ash
B - Bionic
C - Creation
D - Dapper
E - Energy
F - Feast
G - Ghost
H - Hell
I - Invisible
J - Justice
K - Kale
L - Love
M - Mist
N - Nomadic
O - Orbit
P - Puzzle
Q - Quirky
R - Razor
S - Salty
T - Treats
U - Unifier
V - Violent
W - Word
X - Xylitol
Y - Yarn
Z - Zombie

The Breed of the 5th Dragon in Your Lair:
Bogsneak - Breaker
Coatl - Wanderer
Fae - Guardian
Guardian - Lord
Imperial - God/Godess
Mirror - Maker
Nocturne - Watcher
Pearlcatcher - Bringer
Ridgeback - Holder
Skydancer - Keeper
Snapper - Caller
Spiral - Magician
Tundra - Binder
Wildclaw - Recorder

Combine the two and post! Most of the combination make sense, but post what you think your name would have you be doing?

SOUL LOCATED: @stvrnja

location: Seoul Sky Observatory
time: 23:30

SLIPPING HIS PHONE back into his pocket, Bao waits in the lobby of the Lotte World Tower. While the building itself closes at 20:30, and the observatory at 23:00, the reaper had managed to rent out a private use of the 118th floor, where the sky deck was located. It was only for a couple hours, and there would be security by the entrance to ensure they didn’t damage anything, but Bao still thought it was a pretty neat deal.

The nice thing about managing to tamper down his more… pricey tastes and skip on a lot of the usual necessities that required money ( food, transportation, a phone bill ) was that it allowed him to save up his money from his cover jobs. Nearly 200 years is quite some time to allow a hefty amount to gather, which means he’s permitted to make grand splurges like this from time to time without having to sweat anything out too much.

What it means that he’s sharing this splurge with someone else– well, that’s something new. Certainly something he hadn’t expected, but he tries not to put much thought to it. There was little he could buy solely for himself that wouldn’t be as satisfying as anything he could do alone for free too. And he wants to spend more time with Aiden, this much he isn’t afraid to admit to himself. That’s really all it is.

Or so he likes to tell himself.

After a six-hour flight, NASA astronaut Jack Fischer and cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos arrived at the International Space Station at 9:18 a.m. EDT Thursday where they will continue important scientific research.
The two launched aboard a Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 3:13 a.m. (1:13 p.m. Baikonur time), orbited Earth four times, and docked at the space station.
The arrival of Fischer and Yurchikhin increased the station’s crew complement to five. The two join Expedition 51 Commander Peggy Whitson of NASA and Flight Engineers Oleg Novitskiy of Roscosmos and Thomas Pesquet of ESA (European Space Agency). The Expedition 51 crew members will spend more than four months conducting approximately 250 science investigations in fields such as biology, Earth science, human research, physical sciences and technology development.
Novitskiy and Pesquet will remain aboard the station until early June. Fischer and Yurchikhin are scheduled to remain aboard the station until September, along with Whitson, whose stay aboard the station was extended into Expedition 52 by an agreement recently signed between NASA and Roscosmos.
The expanded Expedition 51 crew soon will conduct new science investigations arriving on Orbital ATK’s seventh NASA-contracted commercial resupply mission Saturday, April 22. Investigations arriving will include an antibody investigation that could increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment and an advanced plant habitat for studying plant physiology and growth of fresh food in space. Another new investigation bound for the U.S. National Laboratory will look at using magnetized cells and tools to make it easier to handle cells and cultures, and improve the reproducibility of experiments. Cygnus also is carrying 38 CubeSats, including many built by university students from around the world, as part of the QB50 program. The CubeSats are scheduled to deploy from either the spacecraft or space station in the coming months.
Fischer and Whitson are scheduled to take part in the fifth spacewalk of the year on May 12. The pair’s main task will be to replace an avionics box on the starboard truss called an ExPRESS Logistics Carrier, a storage platform. The box houses electrical, and command and data routing equipment for science experiments and replacement hardware stored outside the station. The new avionics box is arriving aboard Orbital ATK’s Cygnus cargo craft on Saturday, April 22.
The crew members also are scheduled to receive one Russian Progress resupply mission delivering several tons of food, fuel, supplies and research.
For more than 16 years, humans have lived and worked continuously aboard the International Space Station, advancing scientific knowledge and demonstrating new technologies, making research breakthroughs not possible on Earth that will enable long-duration human and robotic exploration into deep space. A global endeavor, more than 200 people from 18 countries have visited the unique microgravity laboratory that has hosted more than 1,900 research investigations from researchers in more than 95 countries.

7 Things You Need to Know About Small Satellites

1. Small satellites is the umbrella term for describing any satellite that is the size of an economy-sized washing machine all the way down to a CubeSat, which you can hold in your hand.

2. CubeSats come in multiple sizes defined by the U, which stands for unit. Making it the Unit unit. 1U CubeSats are cubes 4 inches (10 cm) on a side, weighing as little as 4 pounds. A 3U CubeSat is three 1Us hooked together, resembling a flying loaf of bread. A 6U CubeSat is two 3Us joined at the hip, like a flying cereal box. These are the three most common configurations.

Photo courtesy of the University of Michigan 

3. CubeSats were developed by researchers at California Polytechnic State University and Stanford University who wanted a standardized format to make launching them into space easier and to be small enough for students to get involved in designing, building and launching a satellite.

4. Small satellites often hitch a ride to space with another mission. If there’s room on the rocket of a larger mission, they’re in. CubeSats in particular deploy from a p-pod – poly-picosatellite orbital deployer – tucked on the underside of the upper stage of the rocket near the engine bell.

5. Small sats test technology at lower costs. Their small size and the relatively short amount of time it takes to design and build a small satellite means that if we want to test a new sensor component or a new way of making an observation from space, we can do so without being in the hole if it doesn’t work out. There’s no environment on Earth than can adequately recreate space, so sometimes the only way to know if new ideas work is to send them up and see.

6. Small sats force us to think of new ways to approach old problems. With a satellite the size of a loaf of bread, a cereal box, or a microwave oven, we don’t have a lot of room for the science instrument or power to run it. That means thinking outside the box. In addition to new and creative designs that include tape measures, customized camera lenses, and other off-the-shelf parts, we have to think of new ways of gathering all the data we need. One thing we’re trying out is flying small sat constellations – a bunch of the same kind of satellite flying in formation. Individually, each small sat sees a small slice of Earth below. Put them together and we start to see the big picture.

7. Small sats won’t replace big satellites. Size does matter when it comes to power, data storage, and how precise your satellite instrument is. Small satellites come with trade-offs that often mean coarser image resolution and shorter life-spans than their bigger sister satellites. However, small sat data can complement data collected by big satellites by covering more ground, by passing over more frequently, by flying in more dangerous orbits that big satellites avoid, and by continuing data records if there’s a malfunction or a wait between major satellite missions. Together they give us a more complete view of our changing planet.

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com

Friends, I am pissed off. I am pissed off and it is 1:45 am. I am pissed off because of math and because of Mean Girls.

I am pissed off because of what an uninformed travesty this is.

You know what I’m talking about. Everyone on this site knows what scene I’m talking about. And I’m here to tell you that this scene got just about everything wrong except the answer.

The following is a rant of utmost nerd rage. It is a rant of someone who was happily submerged in the storyline until this absolute nightmare hit. You do not need to know calculus to read this rant. I will explain everything necessary, and will not explain anything that needs more than two sentences. 

I am captain of my school’s math league, and I am pissed.

For starters, here is the problem

Simply put, a “limit” is the value the graph equals almost at the given point (0). It must equal this value from either side of 0. It doesn’t have to equal that number AT 0, but it must “converge” there from both sides of 0. Sometimes the limit will be an actual number. Sometimes it’s positive or negative infinity. Sometimes the two sides of the graph disagree, and the answer will be “does not exist”

I want to start by saying there’s a JOKE in calculus classrooms that the safest answer is “does not exist” A LOT of limit questions have the answer “does not exist” since A LOT of limit questions target a vertical asymptote. (I’m not gonna explain this any more than by saying the limit at a vertical asymptote is very frequently “does not exist”)


1) So what’s the start to attacking a limit question? PLUG IN ZERO. PLUG IN THE THING IT’S APPROACHING Because if it equals a REAL NUMBER (and doesn’t drop out of the domain on either side) THEN THAT NUMBER IS YOUR ANSWER. (btw, if the domain issue happens. Then the answer is DNE no sweat)

Here’s how. Look at the top. Mental math. ln(1) is whatever number “e” (2.71ish) has to be raised to in order to equal one. Luckily ANY NUMBER raised to “0” equals 1, so that first part is 0. The next part, the sine part, is also 0. Any self respecting mathlete knows this.

So the top is 0-0. Or just 0.

The bottom is an identity that equals sin^2(0). Sine of 0 is 0. 0 squared is 0. So the bottom is ZERO.

So you’ve got 0/0! You know what that tells you?


You can’t divide by zero, so there’s no answer for f(0), but that tells you nothing about the LIMIT ON EITHER SIDE. So you gotta do something called “L’Hopital” which is a technique that involves taking the derivative of the top and bottom separately and hoping that clears up the divide by 0 issue. (This would take too long to explain. Just trust me on the derivative part).

So now you gotta keep the x in place. The derivative of ln(1-x) is -1/(1-x). This was a combination of a derivative identity and chain rule. takes a bit of mental math. The derivative of sin(x) is cos(x).

The top has become -1/(1-x) - cos(x).

The BOTTOM (which we’ve already converted to sin^2(x)) becomes 2sin(x)cos(x) as per chain rule and derivative identities. 

So you know what we’re looking at? (-1/(1-x) - cos(x))/(2sin(x)cos(x))

it’s UGLY.

But the bottom is a recognizable identity. 2sin(x)cos(x) converts to sin(2x). So now it’s (-1/(1-x) - cos(x))/(sin(2x))

Now you plug in ALL OVER AGAIN.

(-1/(1-0) - cos(0))/(sin(2(0))) = (-1 - 1)/0

Horseshit. now it’s -2/0…not a number.

But now you have three options! Infinity, negative infinity, and DNE (does not exist). Because anything over (almost) 0 will shoot to an infinity. If the sides don’t agree on WHICH infinity, it’s DNE.

So now you take that denominator (sin(2x)) and plug in a number JUST BARELY ABOVE 0, AND ONE JUST BARELY BELOW 0.

The important thing is that the sign changes. It’s positive if you plug in 0.0000001 and negative if you plug in -0.0000001

So on the left, it’s a negative over a “negative 0”, which shoots to positive infinity. on the right it’s a negative over a “positive 0”, which goes to negative infinity. They don’t agree, so it’s DNE.

——————————MATH SECTION OVER!!!!!!!!————————————————







But CADY. Cady is so much worse because her MENTAL MONOLOGUE MADE NO FRIGGING SENSE. 

1) She says “How come I can’t remember anything about limits?”

HOLD THE FUCK UP CADY. That’s like getting into the pilot seat of a plane and saying “Why can’t I remember anything about how to push buttons?”

If you don’t know limits, you don’t know calculus. Go home. This is unforgivable.

2) She says “That was the week Aaron got his hair cut.” (my own emphasis)

No. No no. You do not spend “a week” on limits. You may as well spend “a week” on math. No. You spend months. And even then you HAVE TO REMEMBER WHAT THE FUCK A LIMIT IS TO DO CALCULUS. 


“Okay what’s the molecular geometry of phosphoric acid? How many p orbitals and s orbitals in the bonds? Is it polar or non polar? What’s its conjugate base when dissolved in water?”

Cady, “Wow…why can’t I remember what phosphorous is?”



The board says “infinite limits”, and Ms. Norbury has drawn a diagram of a DNE. THAT IS NOT AN INFINITE LIMIT. THE TWO SIDES OUGHT TO BE CONVERGING TO THE SAME INFINITY. GOD. 

4) Then this…CRINGE-WORTHY line:

“If the limit does not approach anything…then the limit does not exist!”

What. calc. class. did. you. take?

“does not approach anything” PAH. MATH TEACHERS ARE ROLLING IN THEIR GRAVES. 


She could have said “if the two sides approach different infinities” then maybe I could let her horseshit slide. but no. “The limit does not approach anything”

  1. There is no limit. SO HOW IS IT DOING ANYTHING TO START?

And she says it like it’s a frigging EPIPHANY.


  • “Wow. I really was not paying attention in class. I don’t understand the first thing about calculus. I certainly haven’t tried plugging 0 in. I don’t know how to do L’Hopital. I do not understand derivatives. I know nothing about trig identities. I literally do not have the facilities to even approach this problem. But I remember some random answer my teacher said is sometimes right. I’m gonna grit my teeth and make a blind guess and hope I’m right.”

Look, I know it’s a MOVIE. I know they’re not looking to bore their audience with ACTUAL MATH. But this is just SLOPPY. LAZY. INSULTING. 




“I’m actually really good at math!” —Cady Heron, a huge freaking liar. 

Screw you Cady.