p o c h e s


home,” he whispered, needing to hear it aloud. it was a f o r e i g n concept to him, an i m p o s s i b l e dream. it was f r i g h t e n i n g and wonderful all at once, and it set his heart r a c i n g so fast he thought it’d drum out of his chest. 

“welcome home, neil.”

A, B, C…

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A—Age: A woman is ageless

B—Birthplace: Koblenz (germany)

C—Current Time:  11 AM

D—Drink You Last Had:  water

E—Easiest Person To Talk To: My dog Chili

F—Favourite Song:  All JL Hooker. For ever

G— Grossest Memory:   Some drunken binge story…

H—Horror Yes or Horror No:  Yes-yes-yes

I—In Love:  Um..

J—Jealous of People: No.

M—Middle Name: Marie

N—Number of Siblings: 2

O—One Wish:  Stop Yulin festival

P—Person You Called Last:  JC

Q—Question You Are Always Asked:   Next exhibition ? ( I don’t want to do that )

R—Reason to Smile: Animals

S—Song You Sang Last:  This is not a love song .Johnny Rotten

T—Time You Woke Up: 06:30

U—Underwear Colour:  All made in rainbow color false fur

V—Vacation Destination: Can I choose space ?

W—Worst Habit: When I get  bored, I sleep

X—X-Rays:   chest,  ( required to  work )

Y—Your Favourite Food: Couscous

Z—Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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Pokémon GO - Gen III First Legendary Details RELEASE?!

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are temporary because Niantic wants to properly introduce a Pokémon GO Hub datamine:  “Legendary Eggs” to the game.

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres could return but inside these Legendary Eggs requiring a Legendary RAID Pass to battle.

Generation III is scheduled for Fall 2017 and includes all Unown.

The list of Unown Pokemon in the code for the game includes the basic 26-letter alphabet as well as the two Unown from Gen 3. That means UNOWN_A, UNOWN_B, UNOWN_C, UNOWN_D, UNOWN_E, UNOWN_F, UNOWN_G, UNOWN_H, UNOWN_I, UNOWN_J, UNOWN_K, UNOWN_L, UNOWN_M, UNOWN_N, UNOWN_O, UNOWN_P, UNOWN_Q, UNOWN_R, UNOWN_S, UNOWN_T, UNOWN_U, UNOWN_V, UNOWN_W, UNOWN_X, UNOWN_Y, UNOWN_Z, UNOWN_EXCLAMATION_POINT, and UNOWN_QUESTION_MARK.

Unown ! and ? were at Pokémon GO Fest, but were never captured.

Code: C-H-I-C-A-G-O-?-!

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres are limited because there are 10 NEW Legendaries to release! Niantic wants to make room for them for the Fall of 2017.

The hardest battles will be against Legendary Pokémon (once they’re rolled out). These are hatched from a Dark Egg and are Tier 5.

There will be New Legendary RAID Pokémon to capture!


  • Regice
  • Registeel
  • Regirock
  • Latios (City)
  • Latias (City)
  • Kyogre (Sea/Cost/Ports)
  • Groudon (Rural Area/Land)
  • Rayquaza (Rural Area/Sea/Land)
  • Deoxys
  1. a strange meteorite in the game changes Deoxys forms like an Evolution item.
  2. RAID Deoxys is set in a form and captured in one form and you must capture other Deoxys to complete the set or get the item

1 New Mythic Pokémon in addition to Mew & Celebi: 

The Master Ball should be in the game by Gen III to capture Mythical Pokémon.

  • Jirachi


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okay I may or may not make a big post in the morning but I’ll abbreviate some of my thoughts right now so you get the gist of how I’m feeling


-so moonbli ended up happening and it’s actually pretty cute tbh, but all those thoughts qibli has about winter being handsome and wanting him to like him? I’m not saying my url is canon but that’s exactly what I’m saying

-cobra and narwhal deserved it

-P E A C E M A K E R

-H O P E

-winter trying to find and make a sanctuary for scavengers at the end!!! I’m so happy for him he’s doing what he wants to do!!! god I hope he gets treated well in the next arc I love him so much

-I don’t ship cleril personally but that epilogue was honestly… really cute. it doesn’t seem like there’s this huge gap of power between them, things feel mutual. perils being treated well, and I think she’s recovering. perils good!

-what the fuck happened to vulture did he just. WHOOSH vanish out of existence



-qibli you’re so good i love you

-kinkajou and turtle are getting along without a spell, I feel better about them now.

-turtles writing things!!!!!! he’s doing what he wanted to do before!!! I’m proud of him I love him you go little man

- L O S T C O N T I N E N T

R O L E P L A Y   C H A R A C T E R   S T A T S   S H E E T

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▌NAME: Sojiro Sakura
▌AGE: 45

▌HEIGHT: 177.8cm
▌SPECIES: human
▌GENDER: cis male
▌BIRTHDAY: August 11
▌RESIDENCE: an apartment not too far from Shujin

▌ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
▌DRINK: coffee, green tea
▌FOOD: curry…
▌DAY OR NIGHT: night
▌SNACKS: stuff that goes with coffee
▌SONGS: Old rock songs

▌PET: None
▌COLOR: pink, green and white
▌FLOWER: lily ( white )
▌SEXUALITY: bi-curious?
▌BODY TYPE: lanky older fella
▌EYE COLOR: grey
▌HAIR COLOR: black