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To Wonder; Chapter One

Summary: Studying art history abroad was supposed to be easy. It’s the second semester of your Freshman year. Meeting a gorgeous woman was a thought in the back of your head. This gorgeous woman was having deadly secrets of her own was not a thought in the back of your head.

Word Count: 5860

Pairing: Diana Prince x Reader, Wonder Woman x Reader

A/N: This is my first time posting any of my writings here on Tumblr. Just got done watching Wonder Woman and I felt she needed something. Amazing movie with a gorgeous actress. I could go on and on about the movie but I won’t. :P

To learn about the past is to prevent it from repeating in the future. Traveling abroad for a bachelor degree in art history is the top way of learning. Books can only teach you so much. Seeing work in the flesh can change a person’s view of it in an instance.

The marble statues shine as low setting sun graces the smooth surface of Apollo. The piece commonly known as the Lizard Slayer. The statue’s home is one of France’s most prized buildings, the Louvre. Here holds some of the most magnificent pieces of art.

Studying different natural lighting on some of the oldest statues was a feat only you would try to concur. Headphones in, phone resting next to you on the seat as you balance the sketch book on your crossed legs.

Real life sketching was tricky, especially with natural light. As the sun slowly dipped below the horizon, you thought of pausing your almost finished sketch to look around. The light changed too much to continue it. Better to figure out the next piece you are to study. You want to go home and figure out some of the background on it.

Your converse echo in the silent rooms. Preclassical Greek gallery is where you find yourself next. The beautiful Aphrodite stands tall in the room, one of the Louvre’s even more precious treasures. The statue also known as Venus de Milo.

As you go to approach you notice a tall brunette standing in front of the statue, gazing up at the wonder. You slow your steps, curiousity and caution burn in your veins. Getting closer, the lady turns around.

You suck in a breath of air you suddenly lost. She could almost be Aphrodite herself. Her confidence and beauty pour over the room, whatever happens next, it will be done by her. Frozen in your place, you open your mouth to say something, anything.


Okay, that’s not what you wanted to come out.

“The statue is so gorgeous. Yo- I mean it can, probably stop the Earth from turning”, You stutter to explain yourself. Embarrassment creeped up your face, a bead of sweat appearing on your forehead.

“Ah, yes. Created in the late Hellenistic period. You can see a reinterpretation of Polyclitus. Quite breath taking”, her voice echoes over the room, dragging you down further into her control. Whether she knows it or not.

You regain some semblance of life as you cross the room, inching closer to her. “Alexander the Great left behind amazing remains. Some say the Hellenistic period was the last great Greek era. I wonder if the statue was modeled after someone, or was it in the creator’s idealization?”

Her face expresses deep thought, her gorgeous dark hair is swept up in a neat bun upon her head. Simple white blouse tucked in a long, flowy, black skirt. Her heels are so tall you can feel your feet ache in sympathy. She turns to face you, a smirk graces her plump, pink lips.

“If I was them, I would use a model. Perhaps someone who knew something about art. Someone intelligent. Maybe someone with y/h/c hair”. Her smirk just grew bigger throughout her statements. You could feel the blood rush under your cheeks. You could feel something illogical come into your brain.

“Y/F/N. And you are?” Saved by curiousity once again. She turns her body more towards you, her eyes lighting up.

“Diana Prince. I work here taking care of all our pieces. If you wish, I can give you a private, behind the scenes tour someday?” Her enchantment just continues to grow.

“I’m here tomorrow. I was thinking of doing a live sketch of Aphrodite here. Unless you have a better suggestion?”
You couldn’t tell if you were more excited to spend time with Diana or to see more art.

“I believe I do have a better suggestion. Meet here tomorrow at 10 in the morning? We can do a little tour, go to lunch, come back and let you do your sketch?”

“Absolutely. Thank you so much, but I have to ask. Why are you giving me this tour? I can just be anyone sketching the statues. I assume a lot of people do that. Right?” Her laugh sounds like a melody. A melody you could listen to over and over again.

“You are right, but I find you interesting. Your skills are amazing. The way you use the light to make an interesting view on the statues is incredible. May I ask why you are sketching the statues?”

“Art history student studying aboard. Have to keep things interesting.” You brush your hair out of your eyes, trying to figure out if you were just seeing things.

“I knew I chose correctly. That, and I find you adorable. Just something about you that pulls me towards you,” she pauses to look at her watch, deep in thought once again, “we do close in 5 minutes. As much as I enjoy our chat, we might want to leave so you’re not locked in here. Even worse would to be locked in here, and be caught. Jail would not do you well, Y/F/N.”

“Oh! Yeah definitely. Once again, thank you so much. Tomorrow, here at 8?” You hope she pretends not to notice your blushed cheeks. Your suspicions are correct when you notice her smile growing, her teeth poking out.

A nod answering your question. “Okay! Awesome. See you tomorrow, Diana!” You walk back the way you came, waving over your shoulder at her.

As you walk out, you swear you hear her say something. You think of turning around to ask what she said. A simple one-eighty on the balls of your feet, only to find yourself allow. The lights dim, casting a ominous look to the statues.

Nervous, you hurry out the door and down the sidewalk. The cool wind of France bites at your uncovered arms. You slip your headphones back in. Staring at the ground deep in thought, the reality of everything hits you. You feel yourself almost speed up, trying to get to home faster and to lay down. Maybe rest will help the bangs under your eyes. Though you know rest will skip you with all the excitement of tomorrow. As you cross the street, a thought dances in your mind. Tomorrow will be great you decide.

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