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why does it feel like every announcer is in love with auston matthews I’m pretty sure it’s bc they are but who knows

like one guy just said ‘and he’s only 19 imagine how he’ll fill out in a few years how strong he’ll be’ and I could hear the heart eyes in his voice but like same bro

Doof gave up evil for Vanessa

Vanessa’s an OWCA intern

Carl becomes Commander (assumably head of the agency)

Phineas and Isabella get together right before college

Ferb and Vanessa are together when they’re about 18/19 & 26

Ferb goes to college in England

Isabella and Phineas go to the same college

Carl, Perry, and Doof (and possibly others) go bowling weekly

Doof becomes a high school teacher (if I recall correctly)

Ginger and Baljeet get together

Buford goes to film school (college)

Irving becomes an OWCA intern

Irving also gets a car

Candace goes to law school & develops a compelling assertationmethod (?) for convincing guilt without any evidence

assuming the time travel episodes are still in tact, Candace has two children named Xavier and Amanda and other one named Fred

Candace assumably marries Jeremy since Xavier & Amanda were the names she picked for their children

Isabella assumably marries Phineas since she’s Candace’s kid’s ‘Aunt Isabella’ & she gets together with Phineas

Ferb is at Camp David for some reason

I think they won prizes or a Nobel or something

and probably a lot of other stuff

my kink: me, looking into mo’s beautiful eyes, gently caressing his cheek, taking the black pittsburgh pirates baseball cap off his soft precious head, throwing it into a pit, setting it on fire, and toasting marshmallows over the fire as it burns. mo is accepting of this, he does not buy another pirates hat, instead he buys a plain black baseball cap and wears that. we are happy.