p laces

What sex is to most people is what food is to me and most of my family

I have a tendency to wiggle my hips while eating food

Earlier today my grandparents brought back some chinese, and I said I wasnt all that hungry cuz I ate a lot of s nacks
I took a li'l bite of it, and then presumed to devour the entire pla te

Food is kinda like sex in a wa y actually,

After eating a certain food, you could crave it; you can’t just have one li'l niblet and be satisfied

You can have favorite types of food

W hen ya eat lots of f ood, I and some people tend to nap right afterwards

Plus y our mouth waters t oo

anonymous asked:

[There is a cage of rats left carefully on a table. They look very familiar. You know them. Next to the cage is a rock, also familiar, with moss, eyes, and a tongue. A note- scratchy and shaky, you recognize the handwriting- is left behind: "h ome isnt just a p lace. its also with 'who.'" There's no other sign of the perpetrator.]

[ After reading the note, those rats are scooped up out of the cage and each given some cuddles and pets and kisses. Seems someone’s very happy about this. Lots of bruxing to be heard in his temporary lodgings today. ]