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Sansan fics read in 2016


The Exchange P.1 : His Prisoner (3130)

The Exchange P.2 : A Day to Riverrun (3156)

On Pain of Guilt (5616)

Not a Good Man (3395)

Remember (931)

Rescue (2080)

Sansan Kink P.1 : On Pain of Guilt (5616)

Sansan Kink P.2 : The Belt Comes Off (3326)

The Belt Comes Off (3351)

AdultOrphan (@adult-orphan )

Love in the Shadow of Death (44330)

The Maiden and the Stranger (12676)


His Voice In The Dark (3628)


A Room With a View (1298)

Pillow Talk (370)

The Bedding Proxy (4248)

Wolf Moon (1961)

AllTheDances (@allthedances )

Pursuit (4094)


Sansa Interrupted (5258)


The Bird and the Hound (2166)

AsbestosMouth (@asbestosmouth )

Circle Time (1292)

Dragged (7218)

School Daze (1957) (12247)

The Inimitable Clegane! (13420)

Merry Sodding Sevenmas, Sandor Clegane (3922)

Tumblr Fic: Expecto Patronum (2963)

Tumblr Fic: Love Song (3676)


A Lovely Distraction (1538)

Eddard and Sandor - Best Friends for Life P.1 : Red Plaid (1053)

Eddard and Sandor - Best Friends for Life P.2 : Red Kilt (1379)

Highschool Sweethearts P.1 : Passing Notes (1026)

Highschool Sweethearts P.2 : Congratulating You (806)

Romance Novels (1990)

Two Out of Seven (1159)

ASeasonOfPoison, bornonthewrongside

Take Me Home Tonight (4990)


Newborn (2602)

AzraelGFG (@azraelgfg )

Hateful Things (11380)

Loyalty of Hounds (74355)

Sandor Claus (1759)


Sing (11163)


What Dogs Do To Wolves (2145)


Winterbloom (11523)


Happy Christmas, Westeros ! (1889)

High Society P.1 : It All Started With Afternoon Tea (8797)

High Society P.2 : Erin go WHOA !!! (2266)

High Society P.3 : Lifestyles of the Rich and Vicious (3918)

High Society P.4 : Welcome to the New Age (35050)

High Society P.5 : Immortality (4659)


Animals (1757)

Perfect Proposal (1647)

Old Wounds Make New Art (10022)

There Will Be Time (3322)


Acts of Generous Cruelty (UNFINISHED) (26798)


A Place To Sleep (5755)

Beautiful (12750)

Breath (465)


Better Late Than Never (1998)


Domination and submission P.1 : Damsel in Distress

Cecilia1204 (@queenoferebor1204 )

Bus Stop (4887)

Coffee, Tea or Me? (31191)

How Sandor Became a Cat Person (1884)

Oh Christmas Tree (2798)

DavidBrighton (@davidbrighton )

Secret Sansa (11550)


Astray, or, Little Redhead and the Big Bad Lion (5758)

Sweet, Juicy, Little Tart (3253)


The Pull List (5530)


A Price to Be Paid (2446)

Emmiemac (@musingsofaquietmind )

The Cleganes in Winterfell P.6 : Glimpses of Northern Life - Ch.8 Companionship (616)

Fancykid (@fancykidmd)

Eavesdrop (3914)

Stuck (1941)

wake up call (561)

Until Tomorrow (16821)

Wakeup Call (558)


When In Qarth (3093)

Hardlyfatal (@hardlyfatal )

Blood Will Out (11830)

Four Times Sansa Chased Sandor (And One Time She Didn’t) P.1 : Lovesick Blues (6187)

Four Times Sansa Chased Sandor (And One Time She Didn’t) P.2 : Kiss Cam (4320)


All Your Cracked Perfection (792)


Take the Knee (625)


Making Christmas Memories (6316)

They met while waiting for the train to Hogwarts (2790)

The Sevenmas Gift (1983)


Drunk Duets (3195)

Janie_tangerine (@janiedean)

but you and I, we’ve been through this maybe a hundred times before p.6 : do you believe there’s still some magic left somewhere inside our souls? (3320)

not named - Reverse Cinderella Story (1282)


A Woman’s Pleasure (833)

Jillypups (@jillypups )

Every Dog Has Its Day (1079)

Cut and Run (220344)

Hear Me Out (23096)


A Girl’s Best Friend (5371)

Kimberlite8 (@kimberlite8)

The Northman’s Daughter  (69068)

Kitamere (@kitamere)

Besotted (3244)

His Heartbeat, Her Firelight (3807)

Let’s not write drunken fanfiction. (668)

Klained (@mountainlane)

Winter Roses (4522)


And everytime we kiss I reach for the sky (778)

Bittersweet (2334)


There’s a Possibility (9464)


LadyTP (@ladytp)

From Her Lips to His Ears (6417)

The Dog and The Maiden Fair (1468)

The Great Tournament, the New Noble Brotherhood and the Mystery of the Missing Lady - Part 2 (1930)

The Prophecy (59114)

The Triangle (194789)

Until Thine Will Is Done (62731)

Who Hath Drank Mine Wine? (1567)


Serpentine (50448)


The Queen of Ice (116 395)


The Bastards of Westeros P.02 : An Act of Open Defiance (3233)


A Song for Sandor Clegane (11098)

A Song for Sansa Stark (14126)

MagicMyth83 (@magicmyth83 )

The Hound and the Shoes With Whiskers (989)

Maracuya (@thedropletsparkled)

BamBOOZled Dog (12939)

The Diary (479)

From the Beginning  (16761)

The Bath (1721)

The Nameday Present (11259)

Un-wedding with a non-Ser (12468)


25 Days of Christmas Fics - 2016 P.01 : Better to Beg Forgiveness (1284)

Radio Waves P.1 : Unorthodox Holiday Tunes (1802)

momolady (@momolady )

Modern Sansan Things - Sansa Buys KFC  (1881)


Always Carefree (1833)

Sandor Claus Is Coming… (2010)


A Woman’s Weapons (719)

Naturesinmyeye (@naturesinmyeye )

Sunday Morning Coming Down (2285)

Prompt32 (or That VirginSandor Fic) (36223)


Fur and Feathers (36600)

Lost and Found P.1 : The Set Up (10412)

Lost and Found P.2 : Found (or The Thrilla in the French Villa) (10506)

Lost and Found P.3 : French Souvenir (6176)

Sorry I’m Late (27008)

Windows (15187)


But I Love You (269)


Sansa Stark’s Erotic Friend Fiction (2616)


Daddy Sandor (3627)

Secret Santa (6687)

Some Place That Isn’t Burning (10251)

Redcandle17 (@redcandle17)

Bedding Alayne (815)

Gift (3213)

Queen of Winter (1010)

Queen’s Dog (2237)

The Reward (4141)

What It Cost To Kill A King (468)

With Eyes Closed and Deep Inside (1580)


Camp Follower (14578)


And So This is Christmas (1179)

Rougefox (@rougefox97969)

The Lady (3514)

Nighttime Battle (460)

Pups and Rhinestones (623)

You Can’t Go Home Again (For the Holidays) P.3 : Sandor Get Your Tools! (3041)


Falling Slowly (UNFINISHED) (105210)


The On A…. Day SanSan Smut Series P.01 : On a Woman’s Name Day (2469)

The On A…. Day SanSan Smut Series P.02 : On a Man’s Name Day (5006)

The On A…. Day SanSan Smut Series P.03 : On a Man’s TRUE Name Day - Part One (2510)

The On A…. Day SanSan Smut Series P.04 : On a Man’s TRUE Name Day - Part Two (3486)

The On A…. Day SanSan Smut Series P.05 : On a Maiden’s Day (4561)

The On A…. Day SanSan Smut Series P.10 : On a Sevenmas Day (4728)

The Tea Party P.03 : Hide and Seek (5007)

Truth, Justice, and the Westerosi Way (2806)


Day2: Hades and Persephone (700)

Sansan Advent (294)

SassyEggs (@sassyeggs74 )

A Pretty Face (10973)

Common Ground (23297)

Just the Thing (12283)

mind your manners (498)

Must Be Santa (10195)

Sorry I Missed You (2195)


Holiday SanSan P.1 : Halloween Party (1862)

Holiday SanSan P.2 : St. Patrick’s Day (2520)

Holiday SanSan P.3 - Easter (3150)

Risk Assessment (64248)

SimplyLucia (@asimplylucia)

Play Maester (3537)


Get to it, Dog! (21159)

SnowWhiteKnight (@drgns8er )

Alone On Christmas? Mad At Dad? (9365)

Blood of the Wolf P.1 : Where Wolf? (21859)

Blood of the Wolf P.2 : There Wolf (14723)

Blood of the Wolf P.3 : There Castle (1068)

Damned If You Do (15203)

Damned If You Don’t(1856)

Double Dog Dare You (3753)

Dream A Little Dream Of Me (8111)

Fake It ‘Til You Make It (2820)

Found P.1 : Foundling (41000)

Found P.2 : Finding Out (4279)

Holidays P.01 : How The Grinch Saved Christmas (1988)

Holidays P.14 : A Cold Day In the Jury Selection Room (2911)

Holidays P.19 : Dog Days (2259)

Holidays P.23 : Full Circle (2310)

I Wanna Grow Old With You (2093)

Lemon Addicts (4791)

Listen To Your… “Heart” (14481)

lost remote (5965)

Much Ado About Monsters (32582)

My Favorite Teacher (4126)

Now Showing At The Petal Palace

Rowdy P.1 : Let’s Get A Little Bit Rowdy (79303)

Santa Claws Is Coming To Town (6508)

That’s Not My Name (1348)

The Many Relationships of Sandor Clegane P.1 - Friendship Is A Wonderful Thing (41698)

The Many Relationships of Sandor Clegane P.2 - Companion For Life (5116)

The Test of Time, Distance and Arguments (5243)

“This Is Stupid” or “Reasons I’m Thankful” (2829)

Tumblr Prompts - ch.10 : Shut the Christmas Cheer Up (909)

Until We Meet Again (297)

Winter Break (1183)

Starbird1 (@starbird1 )

Seven More - a continuation of Sevenmas (162147)

Thank the Maiden (2121)

Untitled - “Harder,” the Hound drowled (680)


Know the Sun When it Shines (1979)

Swimmingfox (@swimmingfoxsticks )

Potential P.2 : Rebound (17104)

Potential P.3 : Futures (27440)

Potential P.4 : Wedding (6201)

Potential P.5 : Weekend (17538)

Potential P.6 : Sick (16607)

Wolfgirl P.2 - Wolfgirl In Braavos (77801)


I’ll Always Be Back (1217)

The feather of hope (@littlefeatherofhope )

Bathing the Hound (13665)

A Curious Little Bird (21411)

His Maiden (998)

-untitled- (695)


What dogs do to wolves (4045)

The_moonmoth (@themoonmothwrites )

Blow Your Mind (2015)


a bright white raincoat  (1794)


Cabin in the Woods (4834)

Friendzoned (2177)


A Walk in the Park P.1 : A Walk in the Park (71338)

A Walk in the Park P.2 : Snippets from Their first Sevenmas (2444)

A Walk in the Park P.3 : A Walk Down the Aisle (3139)

TigerOfSummer (@tigerofsummer )

The Education of Sansa Stark (2823)


The Awakening P1 : Blood Lessons (1550)

The Awakening P.2 : Sour Wine and Honeyed Bruises (3618)

The Awakening P.3 : A Slip of the Tongue (3721)

The Awakening P.4 : Wanton Prayers to a Cruel God (3810)

The Awakening P.5 : How the Hound Slayed the Bird (3666)

The Awakening P.6 : By Her Blood (4336)

The Lioness’s Game (2435)


Kept (90983)


Soiled and Shattered (4987)


Nipples (2043)


To Let Myself Go (772)


The truest name she ever had (1332)


The Hound’s Pleasure (14772)


All I want for Christmas… (2740)


Birds Fly North (4975)

Cake P.1 : A Piece of Cake (27529)

Cake P.2 : Whole (1675)

The Day The World Went Away (3224)

The Stranger P.1 : The Stranger (2106)


Blessed Be (The Third Night) (4573)


Do not be afraid - noli timere (980)

Zip001 (@zip00198704)

Best pickup line? (1827)

Seven Más - Seven Sansan Sevenmas Stories (4212)

The Cabin in the Woods (1385)

These loving hands (289)

Treat Yo Self (Sansa and Sandor) (1263)


Holy night (1412)

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ask-the-shy-gentleman  asked:

Forest areas were probably Wilson's most hated places on the island; first of all, they were filled with danger like spiders, treeguards, and if he was unlucky, hound mounds. Sure, other areas were filled with hostile creatures too, some even more abundantly than forests, but those areas were big, open, and wide! If something started hunting him, he could see what it was, he could escape it! But unfortunately, Wilson needed at least two living logs to make a mushroom planter, so here he was...

Hound Wilson was returning from hunting no-eyed-deer at the other end of the forest, dragging it through the snow behind him, when he caught a new scent. Smelled human. So far he’d had relatively positive reactions so it didn’t even occur to him that he might want to drop the deer off first.

By pure coincidence he ended up approaching from behind. “Hello?”

quit-blowing-each-other-up  asked:

Hiya, I'm currently spending time in Europe and have noticed a few dogs with exactly the same colour and pattern as a Bernese mountain dog but these are shorter haired and around the size of a Labrador. You wouldn't happen to know the name of the breed? I WANT ONE :P

The other mountain hounds are Greater Swiss, Entlebucher, and Apenzeller Mountain Dogs. Perhaps one of those?

Scariest. Meltdown. Ever.

Had a massive meltdown literally while waking up because of a trash truck with gnarly brakes that sounded like the deepest pits of hell emerging through the storm drains.

I was in that ‘in between’ state where I’ve just emerged from dreaming. I hear sounds in an echo-distorted fashion (and can understand what is being said if someone is speaking clearly), I can see light hitting my eyelids if any is present and am aware of it if I move or make noises with my voice, but I’m not yet able to control anything. It’s a state that lasts anywhere from a few seconds to minute. I can go right back to sleep from this state if I want and I usually do if I sense it’s still dark.

It’s NOT sleep paralysis. I’ve had that and my body feels like it’s vibrating or moving forward in space at light speed, I’ll hear whooshing and my eyes will be open and seeing things in my room like I’m right up close to them. This “almost-awake” phase has none of that.

The thing with this “almost-awake” state is sounds are very distorted, loud and unreal. It’s very similar to how my hearing gets jacked up to the “are you bonkers?!” setting I get if I have a fever. Typical ambient outdoor noise like cars starting, doors closing, dogs being walked, jogger footsteps running along the sidewalk and people talking don’t bother me. My brain goes “eh, that’s normal. Zzzzzz…” and back to sleep I go. Or, if I want to get up, I concentrate on moving my body until it’s in my control. The number 1 reason I tend to wake up earlier than usual is because I have to pee real bad. (Annoying on cold mornings when my bed is comfy warm. :P)

Cue the hell hound of a trash truck. Imagine the loudest noise you ever heard in your life. Amplify it by a million. 

I thought every atom ever created was screeching right against my eardrum. The pain hit my whole body all at once and I’m shocked that I didn’t go into heart failure from the adrenaline rush. I thought I was going to die because the meltdown started while I was in the “almost-awake” state. 

I heard myself scream and turn over. I came to fully awake biting my pillow as the hell hound of a trash truck moved on to the next house. It seemed like forever before I could draw a full deep breath of air– I was panting shallowly, covered in sweat and could. not. stop. screaming. 

Mom had left to do laundry; she would’ve exploded into my room ready to fight because the way I screamed sounded like I was being attacked.

My dad can’t move fast because of his Parkinson’s. He got to my room as I was coming out of the meltdown and shoved my door open. I heard him stumble and kind of fall against my bed to grab my feet and he said my name over and over. He thought I was having a nightmare. I can’t blame him for that, the way I acted looked like somebody having a really scary nightmare.

I practically jumped into his arms once I was able to stop biting my pillow. He hugged me and I cried all over his shoulder. He didn’t belittle me or anything. I told him it was a bad dream because trying to explain what really happened would go over his head…and his reflexes aren’t fast enough to catch it. (Drax joke, had to make one.) 

I really wanted to be left alone after I stopped crying, so I said I was okay and thanked dad for helping me wake up even though I’d been awake when he came in.

Now here I am typing what happened. I finally quit shaking. I think I’m hitting the post-adrenaline crash because my energy level just plummeted.

Scariest. Meltdown. Ever. 

[Animated gif from Doctor Who. It’s the 10th Doctor climbing through a window and falling downward out of frame. The word “nope” is in the upper left-hand corner; the text looks like cutouts inside white blocks.]


My birth mother has my new number. My oldest sister on my birthmother side gave P. ( my birthmother’s name) new cell number. I am not mad at her because P. was probably hounding her for it so in order to get her to stop she most likely had to give it to her.

I haven’t set up my voicemail though. Which is kind of intentional. Here is the background story:

I, like my sister Tee, thought that finding and reconnecting with the kids, now grown adults, that she lost would help he stay clean and live a healthier life. Boom. Wrong. So very wrong. It was a devastating blow that really had me down. I thought I was triggering her bad emotions, feelings, guilt and all of those things. I began to keep my distance. I noticed that when I saw her a Walmart but she didn’t see me. It was heart wrenching to walk past her and not speak to her.

P. relapsed back on drugs in November. Almost overdosed in December. Left me a mean voicemail in January. Her 50th birthday was in February and I didn’t call. March and April nothing. I thought about calling her for Mother’s Day but didn’t. Now almost the end of May  and her number is on my missed call list. I thought about calling back and I actually did. No answer… which is perfectly fine.

I just don’t know where to really go with this. I need to protect myself. I am in a delicate season in my life right now and dealing with general anxiety disorder…I can put anything else on my plate. I do miss her though.

I haven’t been stopped in a while in town by anyone saying that I look like her in a while.

Douple Day


Wilson had promised to track down ‘Wigfrid’ the next day. It hadn’t been difficult. She’d left quite a clear trail. Despite himself he’d enjoyed the stew she’d given him. He needed to return the bowl.

As he approached the camp he caught sight of a vast tooth trap field. Someone had gone over the top. That was for sure. Allowing himself a small chuckle he switched to walking on two legs, figuring that all fours wouldn’t give the best impression.