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@wintersoldieringg you asked for it so here it is: the really disturbing subtext in T/ony Stark and P/eter Parker’s first encounter in C/aptain America: Civil War.

Tony shows up at Peter’s apartment and when Peter comes home, Tony asks to be alone with Peter and even locks the door to his bedroom. Tony then makes a snide remark about Peter’s computer being “retro”, probably as a not-so-subtle reminder that Tony has way more money and resources than Peter ever will. 

Then Tony shows him the video, confirming that this grown man who has locked himself alone in a room with a teenage boy has been spying on said teenage boy for up to six months (this is how long Peter has had his powers at this point).

He then proceeds to poke at the ceiling tiles and go through his things, making more snide remarks along the way. Tony asks if Peter is “Spider-boy” or “Spider-thing”, and when Peter replies that he’s “Spider-man”, Stark’s response is “Not in that onesie you’re not.”

All the aforementioned interactions take place almost like an interrogation, with Stark seeming more like a villain than a hero.

Then we move on to the emotional manipulation. It’s unclear whether or not Tony knows about the death of Uncle Ben at this point, but the whole “What’s your MO/why do you do this” portion of the scene could be read as further exploiting Peter’s guilt over his uncle’s death (by insinuating that C/aptain America is another bad guy that Peter is responsible for stopping)

This, of course, culminates with Tony threatening to tell Aunt May Peter’s secret, and Peter shooting his web at Tony’s hand in order to stop him. At this point, Tony calls him “Spider-Man”.

So aside from outright blackmail, we have an adult man trying to exacerbate and take advantage of an adolescent boy’s insecurities, invading his private space, and implying that he’s only a “man” if he does what Tony asks him to do. Read between the lines here, people.


PART 1/? –– All roles can be gender neutral, of course !! 


MUSE A is a timid person, a homebody who was raised in an emotionally abusive household. Their mother reinforced how scary the outside world was, which is why MUSE A chose to be homeschooled and seclude theirself from the world; their only form of entertainment from the outside world is music and Reality TV shows. MUSE B is what many would call a ‘street rat’, raised in a rough neighborhood where they became a career criminal to be able to survive. One day while venturing to an upper-class neighborhood for a rob-streak, MUSE B works their way to what appears to be an empty house, which turns out to be MUSE A’s place of residence. When MUSE B is surprised by MUSE A being home, MUSE A convinces MUSE B to take them along on their crime spree so MUSE A can get a taste of the real world. 


MUSE A is a young person who has a 9-5 life as a barista, very unexciting and boring. They always planned on having the white picket lifestyle, because they were taught that was what life was supposed to be. Average. Into their life one morning waltzes a hungover MUSE B, who takes an immediately liking to MUSE A. MUSE B explains how they’re new in town, attracted for the underground party scene. Unbeknownst to MUSE A, they become curious and eventually MUSE B convinces them to join them one night. Eventually MUSE A gets sucked into the party scene, and as much as MUSE A loves it as well as MUSE B, the world is taking over everything they built to become and a little partying could go a long way.


MUSE A is a young genius, who is extremely confident in nothing besides their intelligence. After losing their mentor, their older brother to an accident, MUSE A goes into a depressive spiral and loses all energy and motivation. MUSE B was the best friend of MUSE A’s older brother, and the loss of their best friend was also sends them into a downward spiral. But when everything MUSE A had been working on with their brother goes missing and stolen, both MUSE B and MUSE A want to claim back the work in honor of their deceased loved one, and find themselves closer than they ever imagined they would be. 

Hey Mom!


You and Peter were laying on the couch watching cartoons. Your mom was non stop texting you because she’s afraid that your dad wasn’t treating you well. Recently your parents had gotten a divorce and, you decided to live with your dad. Secretly it was to stay with Peter. But from what your mom knows it’s because her job has a lot of stress and having a kid around wouldn’t make it easier. Your mom wasn’t leaving you alone. Peter noticed and smiled to himself. All of sudden your phone went off. Your mom now had called you. You picked up your phone and answered.
“Hello, mom. I’m fine”
“Well what are you doing”
“N-n-n-nothing” you stammered
That sneaky quick bastard had gotten your pants and underwear off, touching you with his vibrating fingers.
“Honey are you okay”
“Ah-h-h-h-h Yes-s-s”
“What’s going on”
“Mom it’s really n-n-nothING!!”
You were beginning to climax. Talking to you mom wasn’t really turning you on but, Peter laughing and whispering ‘shhh’ in your ear was really bringing you over the edge.
“Oh sweetheart where are you?”
“P-p-peters house mom!! Uh!”
“Why are you at his house you should be hanging out with your dad.”
“N-no mom I’m g-g-good.”
“Honey, I’m coming over tonight. I can’t stand you being alone.”
Peters figures sped up.
“AHH!!! Oh GOD!!”
“What the hell is going on?”
“B-b-bye mom!!”
You pushed the hang up button and came on Peters hand.
“What the fuck Peter?”
He didn’t say anything he just laughed and winked at you. All of a sudden your pants were back on. The tv was back up and you were both back were you started. Damn sly Quicksilver….

Peter sat at the bar in the Leaky Cauldron after his shift it had been a shit show. One of his long time patience had finally met an end, he thought it was kind of stupid. All this magic and when Peter had mentioned and antibiotic they had lost their minds. Muggle ridiculousness. He was starting to hate Mungos. Taking another drink from his beer he brooded with narrowed eyes. But they could help his Mum where no one else could, it was a magically based illness. Even if they had no idea what it was that was eating her alive from the inside out.

His brow raised when a familiar form sat beside him, Severus Snape. Over the years he had never actually had anything against him and hadn’t joined in with the bullying. He also hadn’t done anything about it either, which was almost as bad. He slid the untouched beer by his right hand down to Sev while he took another drink from the one he’d been chugging. “State of the world on your mind, mate?”