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Pennywise x You - In Dreams (Rated M Smut)

This was from an Anon request about writing something for those who have a fear of clowns. Well…I dont think this has helped XD So I suck at fulfilling that request, but I hope you like it! If its wanted I will do a Part 2

Warning - Dream sex, pleasure and pain, You/Reader being whipped, Fear of clowns, Dream man, Masturbation, CLOWNS CLOWNS CLOWNS, send in the clowns, Yes I know this is OOC I’ve read the books, it’s fanfiction

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je t’aime & quaksons

je t'aime & quaksons (Peter Parker imagine)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Request: hiii! could u pleasd write a peter x reader fic where she’s french but goes to HS with peter and someday she says that she loves him (in french) and he also responds in french ? THATD BE SO COOL! thanks xx

A/N: using google translate because the only French word I know is ‘’bonjour’’ // didn’t want to be basic with using ‘’Paris’’ as her hometown lol


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Marseille, France to Queens, New York

3, 915 miles 

10+ hours flight 

Leaving your hometown to go to a different school is scary, but doing the big jump from one side of the planet to the other was even scarier. Since you had amazing grades and were super smart when it came to anything science, you got the opportunity to go to the Midtown High School in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.

Walking into the school caught some looks, other students quickly realizing you were a foreigner. Keeping your head up, you walked into the office and stood in front of the counter. 

‘’Good morning, can I help you?’’ The secretary asked.

‘’Yes, I’m the new transfer student from France’’ you replied nervously. Her face light up like a Christmas tree and she smiled.

‘’Oh, yes! Here, I got your locker combination and your schedule. I attached a little map in the back of the paper just in case you need it’’ she said while giving you two sheets of paper. ‘’Welcome to Midtown, dear.’’

‘’Thank you so much’’ you smiled gratefully and walked back to the hallway. Taking a deep breath, you started your journey to find your locker. After five minutes and a flight of stairs, you found it. After doing the combination, you opened it and frowned. 

‘’Yeah, this needs an emergency makeover’’ you murmured to yourself. You took a quick picture of it, so you had some reference when you went to buy the things you needed later. Leaving your backpack in your locker, you just took your notebook and a pen. The bell rung.


You walked few hallways and found your classroom. Triple checking it was the right one, you walked in. It was a chemistry room, with two seats per table. Okay great. Students looked at you, and so did the teacher. She came up to you.

‘’Hello. You must be Y/N, right?’’ you nodded, feeling nervous again. ‘’Please take a seat next to Peter’’ she pointed to a guy wearing a blue sweater with a flannel shirt underneath. When you sat next to him, his cologne hit you hard. It smelled so good.

 ‘’Hi, I’m Y/N’’ you greeted quietly, startling him a little.

 ‘’I-I’m P-P-eter’’ he stammered a little bit. He was freaking out.

When class was over, you headed towards the other classrooms. You sat in the back so you wouldn’t draw so much attention to yourself. You were looking at everyone when Peter walked in. Okay, another class with him. This went on during the entire day, it looked like you had the same classes as Peter, which didn’t bother you at all.

After school, you were super hungry. It was coffee time. (A/N: hey my little coffee beans… if you know where that’s from I like you). You searched online for a good French café in the area and you ended up deciding on Café Triskell. It was kind of far to go on foot, so you were going to use Uber to get there.

You sat in a bench outside and pulled out your phone again when Peter came up to you. ‘’Hey’’ he said, sitting next to you.

‘’Hey, what’s up?’’ God, he’s so cute.

‘’Are you doing something now?’’ He asked boldly.

‘’Yeah’’ you replied, making his smile fade away. ‘’I’m gonna go get a coffee, do you wanna join me? We should get to know each other, since we’re lab partners and classmates in every class.’’

‘’Uh s-sure’’ he was taken aback because of your question.


You were sitting face to face, close to a window. Peter was still shock because of the small little fact that you were French.

‘’How do you say ‘’I love science’’?’’ He asked, while taking a sip of his coffee.

‘’j’aime la science’’ you told him slowly, so he could understand.

‘’This quakson is so good’’ he said suddenly, surprising you. ‘’Wanna bite?’’

‘’The what?’’ You asked him, confused.

‘’The quakson’’ he pointed towards the croissant. And you just started laughing. It was so funny to you that you were crying. Peter was pouting. ‘’Why are you laughing?’’

‘’You’re pronouncing it wrong, silly. It’s croissant’’ you told him, wiping your tears away.

‘’That was I said, quakson’’ you started laughing again. ‘’Okay, fine. I can’t pronounce it right.’’

‘’I’ll tell you, don’t worry. Just eat your quakson’’ he glared at you playfully, and offered you a piece.

Months later

Your relationship with Peter was going strong. After you hung out at the café, you were inseparable. Now you were laying down in a blanket at the park. A nicely filled picnic basket was full of treats beside you.

Your heard was resting on Peter’s chest. ‘’je t'aime’’ you told him. He sat up and looked at you. Fuck, was it too soon?

He smiled at you. ‘’ je t'aime aussi.’’

@wintersoldieringg you asked for it so here it is: the really disturbing subtext in T/ony Stark and P/eter Parker’s first encounter in C/aptain America: Civil War.

Tony shows up at Peter’s apartment and when Peter comes home, Tony asks to be alone with Peter and even locks the door to his bedroom. Tony then makes a snide remark about Peter’s computer being “retro”, probably as a not-so-subtle reminder that Tony has way more money and resources than Peter ever will. 

Then Tony shows him the video, confirming that this grown man who has locked himself alone in a room with a teenage boy has been spying on said teenage boy for up to six months (this is how long Peter has had his powers at this point).

He then proceeds to poke at the ceiling tiles and go through his things, making more snide remarks along the way. Tony asks if Peter is “Spider-boy” or “Spider-thing”, and when Peter replies that he’s “Spider-man”, Stark’s response is “Not in that onesie you’re not.”

All the aforementioned interactions take place almost like an interrogation, with Stark seeming more like a villain than a hero.

Then we move on to the emotional manipulation. It’s unclear whether or not Tony knows about the death of Uncle Ben at this point, but the whole “What’s your MO/why do you do this” portion of the scene could be read as further exploiting Peter’s guilt over his uncle’s death (by insinuating that C/aptain America is another bad guy that Peter is responsible for stopping)

This, of course, culminates with Tony threatening to tell Aunt May Peter’s secret, and Peter shooting his web at Tony’s hand in order to stop him. At this point, Tony calls him “Spider-Man”.

So aside from outright blackmail, we have an adult man trying to exacerbate and take advantage of an adolescent boy’s insecurities, invading his private space, and implying that he’s only a “man” if he does what Tony asks him to do. Read between the lines here, people.

Hey Mom!


You and Peter were laying on the couch watching cartoons. Your mom was non stop texting you because she’s afraid that your dad wasn’t treating you well. Recently your parents had gotten a divorce and, you decided to live with your dad. Secretly it was to stay with Peter. But from what your mom knows it’s because her job has a lot of stress and having a kid around wouldn’t make it easier. Your mom wasn’t leaving you alone. Peter noticed and smiled to himself. All of sudden your phone went off. Your mom now had called you. You picked up your phone and answered.
“Hello, mom. I’m fine”
“Well what are you doing”
“N-n-n-nothing” you stammered
That sneaky quick bastard had gotten your pants and underwear off, touching you with his vibrating fingers.
“Honey are you okay”
“Ah-h-h-h-h Yes-s-s”
“What’s going on”
“Mom it’s really n-n-nothING!!”
You were beginning to climax. Talking to you mom wasn’t really turning you on but, Peter laughing and whispering ‘shhh’ in your ear was really bringing you over the edge.
“Oh sweetheart where are you?”
“P-p-peters house mom!! Uh!”
“Why are you at his house you should be hanging out with your dad.”
“N-no mom I’m g-g-good.”
“Honey, I’m coming over tonight. I can’t stand you being alone.”
Peters figures sped up.
“AHH!!! Oh GOD!!”
“What the hell is going on?”
“B-b-bye mom!!”
You pushed the hang up button and came on Peters hand.
“What the fuck Peter?”
He didn’t say anything he just laughed and winked at you. All of a sudden your pants were back on. The tv was back up and you were both back were you started. Damn sly Quicksilver….