p curly


I’m pretty sure Claire bases her look off of one of the members of her fave band, Papa Skull. 

i bet she keeps all those clips in her hair to somewhat maintain the sleek bob look too but it doesn’t work perfectly cause her hair’s not super straight:

(from Dan and Kevin Hageman, officials on the Trollhunters team)


a happy shelby family post (7/???)

hello! I’m opening only 3 slots for these commissions for a limited time!

  1. Email me at p-curly@Live.com with your commission info
  2. My PayPal is also p-curly@Live.com ( paypal payments only)
  3. Please include a reference link to the character you’d like, and/or a description. whatever will help me to make it look the way you like 8).
  4. I won’t start a commission or fill you into a slot until the payment is made.
  5. $33 for additional characters 

I’m ok with doing most gore (blood,disembowelment/guts type stuff), and risqué/pin-up type characters are welcome! (I love drawing girls) don’t be afraid to ask! If I’m not comfortable drawing it I will let you know!

Tips are always welcome and appreciated as well!;