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I did another thing that I’ll be releasing today-ish? Either way, I kinda like it :P


a happy shelby family post (7/???)

the outsiders - school dance

gang; school dance.

♩Two-Bit compliments girls in their dresses.

♩He also flips them up, and/or pretends to fall and grab girls, well, inappropriately.

♩He doesn’t get in trouble because he keeps “slipping”.

♩"I reckon if this floor wasn’t so slippery none of this would have taken place,“ Steve would jump in defensively. “Y'all ready for a lawsuit? Kick him out and we’ll sue this whole damn school, you hear me?”

♩Dally would sneak in.

♩Curly would somehow attend.

♩Johnny would dance a little, but mostly stand with Pony.

♩Ponyboy is the awkwardest little creature.

♩He stands by the refreshments and snacks the entire time.

♩Curly talks to him some, then chats loudly with some guys only he knows.

♩Soda comes and his old favorite teacher would say he’s always welcome as a past student.

♩He would be very surprised.

♩"Guess I’ll attend me some school functions more often then, huh?“ He’ll tug on his collar.

♩Girls would form a line to dance with Soda.

♩"Hey honey, just give me a minute,” he’ll catch his breath but maintain a charming smile.


♩"Ponyboy, can you do something with yourself? I didn’t call out of work for no reason, bud.“

♩"Yeah, stop actin’ like a pansy, man.”

♩Pony would turn to Dally, “but I don’t got anyone to dance with, Dal.”

♩Within the matter of a five minutes, Dallas would deliver a pretty, single middle-class girl to Pony by her forearm.

♩"Ponyboy, your friend’s a dick.“

♩He’d laugh, and lead her out to the floor.


♩Two-Bit would try to steal girls away from Steve.

♩Curly would french a ton of greaser girls against the wall for a good amount of the dance.

♩Darry wouldn’t even bother.

♩When Dally would find greasy girls for Johnny, Soda would stop his current dancing round to scout out a proper girl.

♩Johnny would eventually end up dancing with a friendly, kind Soc girl.

♩He didn’t want to at first, but no one would help him out.

♩He ended up liking it. And the girl.



♩Tim would end up dragging his siblings out by their ears.


♩Two-Bit would get drunk “off life”.

♩He would get smashed “off life” tbh.

♩a f t e r p a r t y.


♩Everyone would crash at the Curtis house and discuss their experiences and the night.

mordeliagrimm  asked:

Hey can u do a aesthetic for Annabel; mixed race, likes P!ATD, and has curly black shirt hair. :)))

All done! Hope it’s to your liking. (Love your name! A good friend of mine is named Annabel.)

Annabel. She is faded black wash denim and dry laughter. She is lipstick on collars and scuffed shoes. She is the cat’s hiss and the lion’s roar. She is an embrace so tight you think you might burst. She is the red sun taking it’s final curtain, as it disappears beneath the horizon. She is Annabel- the thorned rose. 

I just recently reached…. A LOT OF FOLLOWERS….like a lot.

I’m really really grateful for all the support I’ve had all these years. I’m thankful for all my new fans and followers and the ones who have been around for years! (like..since I was nearly 14!)

Thank you to everyone who reblogs and enjoys my art and sends me sweet messages. Thank you for everyone who buys from my shop and visits me at conventions! Thank you to everyone who has ever drawn me fanart or given me gifts! Thank you to anyone who has grown with me

It’s wonderful I can even partially make a living off of my own artwork now, even though I’ve got a long way to go, and its all because of you guys! 

I wanna do something special but I’m not sure what…a stream? Sketch requests? Let me know what you guys think!

Thank you!!!


anonymous asked:

5, 13, 14, 64

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?

I don’t like… LIKE someone right now unfortunately but like if they can’t handle my snuggly drunk ass they don’t deserve me tbh.

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair?

WEIRDLY ENOUGH I actually don’t!! I love getting head scratches or back scratches but like I don’t like people touching my curly locks =P but maybe nobody has like done it in the right way? I dunno man. I’m open to it.

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

I am a woman of science HOWEVER I believe in luck/superstition when it comes to theater (NEVER SAY THE SCOTTISH PLAY), Sports (I’m a yankee fan and I never watch their games because when I do they lose), and traffic (I’m from Los Angeles that seems self explanatory)

64. Tell us the story of your first kiss?

Since I’m bisexual I’ll tell you my first kiss with a guy and a girl. First kiss with a guy was when I was 17 and we played spin the bottle at a party and it was with my buddy I went to formal with freshman year and boy THAT’S a story for another day (we were bassoon stand partners and never anything more than platonic). My first kiss with a GIRL was when I was 20 and I went on my first date with my ex in the boston aquarium and we made out in front of some tropical fish it was nice. I was super nervous because I only kissed like 2 guys from the spin the bottle thing and one dude when I was trashed in college so I was like “AHHH WHAT DO LIPS AHHHHH” but it was very nice and soft and yeah……. I’m so alone lol