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Do you have any images or like, concept art of the pins included with the kickstarter pledges? Trying to decide between a squish or a smoke eel. P.s. Your comic is great

Thanks! :D There’s an image of the pins on the Kickstarter page, this one right here–

They’ll have single posts in the back with rubber stoppers and some cool custom art on their backing cards.


Tsukki trying to be subtle about his feelings


in which Yamaguchi receives his first confession letter from a girl and tells Tsukishima he plans to accept the confession, but Tsukishima subtly tries to suggest another option.


I thought this post was really cute so here’s datekou


Here is one of my new favorite characters in all his asexual glory, Jughead from the Archie comics. I am not great at working in a graphic style usually I work more painterly so I will probably go back and work on this some more but my wrist started hurting and I wanted to post it, so here it is. I have been animating so I haven’t been posting because nothing is really finished yet. Also my first fan art in a while so I at least had fun with it. Also included the sketch since I like it better than the colored (but I had to color it to show the ace flag colors on the shirt)