p car

Can we talk about what a lyrical piece of ACTUAL ART ‘Getaway Car’ is though?!?! “The ties were black; the lies were white. Shades of grey in candlelight.”

This is reminiscent of RED and it’s use of colours to describe emotions – (‘missing him was dark grey all alone’) – suggesting that the relationship was always overshadowed by something else, not the ‘golden’ ideal that Taylor mentions hoping to find one day in the Red prologue. It’s also clever because of the obvious conitations of ‘Black tie’ considering we can guess where this Movie Romance™ began. BUT it doesn’t end there: it’s also EVEN CLEVERER than that, because while we expect her to say, ‘the ties were black, the lights (of the road) were white’, she says ‘LIES’ instead. A white lie is a lie that one tells when they don’t want to hurt anyone, a lie that’s told out of necessity that isn’t of significance. It’s a lie to make one’s life easier. This in turn tells us so much about the foundations of the ‘Getaway Car’ relationship.

That fact that she fits such details in so few words and makes it fit in with the visual imagery she was describing is SO clever and wonderfully understated?!?! You would think I’d have learned to expect such wonderful lyricism from her and not be continuously SHOOK by it by now but like EVERY TIME YOU THINK SHE’S HIT HER PEAK I SWEAR SHE HITS YOU WITH THESE WONDERFUL LIL GEMS?! 😍🤚🏼✨ Like seriously, this era surpasses all else before it, dudes.