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🌹 with Kimou

hanahaki disease

it’s better to stretch the neck to let the flowers grow out and fall quicker. cross your fingers that the lack of air doesn’t cause you to pass out

okay can i just say something.

listen. if you include a fat character in your story only to reduce them to nothing but the comic relief side character, or to just have a bunch of fucking fat and food jokes being made that center around them, then honestly? don’t fucking include them. because there’s no fucking point. i would rather have no fat characters in something, then have a fat character that’s represented with these shitty, harmful stereotypes. because yes, they are harmful. especially the fucking food jokes. stop leading into the bullshit that all fat people are fat because they eat a lot of food. how much someone eats is not the only factor of weight. and what is the point of including a fat character if you’re just going to joke about their weight? like what makes you think that’s good representation if they’re literally just there to be made fun of??? it isn’t. and having them be comic relief is also honestly annoying at this point. they’re always the comic relief side character. give me smart fat characters, give me fat characters that can kick some fucking ass, im tired of fat people being reduced to nothing but damn jokes. either treat your fat characters better or tbh don’t fucking include them at all cause there’s no damn point if you’re just going to give them shitty treatment. 

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OK but like compared to Keith or Allura's vlog... I expected the slightest bit more than crushing over girls, because there's more to him than that. Like at LEAST talk about being in voltron, yknow? It just peeved me off since he's my favorite.

oh i completely understand. i dont like lance being reduced to flirting and talk about times where girls reject him 24/7. But i just dont wanna be toooooo harsh until the series as a whole starts to come to an end.

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i don't know if anyone has told you this but you draw fingers and toes like a fucking god? they are SO good in your art and i've been just studying them in awe trying to get mine to look as fluid and expressive as yours do. they're like... so bendy. so good.

ahh heck, thank you! ;v;

my hands are one of the things that are in the style i want to have already. they feel just expressive enough, just loosely accurate enough, and just easy enough to draw for me. so i spend my time makin them do neat hand stuff.

toes are not quite there for me yet, but i thank you anyways ^^

also here justforyou

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since the end of summer, my door’s lock hasn’t been working, so my door doesn’t fully close. it’s been fine at staying as closed as it could be. but the past three days, I’ve been waking up at 2am exact, and my door was always open. it couldn’t have been the air or anything bc it’s been fine for 3 months. and last night, at 2am, I saw my open door. I tried going back to sleep & when I closed my eyes, this box popped up in my head saying “someone wants to ask you a question.” I dunno, it’s weird.

U h h h m o v e ?

part of me wants to create an age regression “club”… not really a community, because we really don’t need another rehash of the same type of stuff, but just a thing me and you guys can be part of! i’m personally very happy being community-less overall, but it’d still be nice to get the community vibe with people i really like! it would have stuff like projects, crafts, “show and tell”… like a kindergarten classroom! you come in, hang out, then go back “home” to your community or whatever (i’m making no sense XD) 

has this kind of thing been done before…? i’m sure it has, but probably attached to communities which i wouldn’t do. i think it would just end up looking like a new community and i wouldn’t want that :P 

goddddd i love six as a character so much

because there’s such a duality to his character on the one hand he’s this emotionless highly trained assassin who will do whatever he needs to to get the job done

but on the other hand he is HIGHLY emotional he’s so invested in his relationships and is so loyal and when he cares about someone he cares about them and it so good !! so good !!! that tug and pull of the two aspects of his personality are so great 

and every character on generator rex is like that! holiday is all about the contrast and connectivity of the brain and the heart, rex shows the conflict between past trauma and the hope for a future, white knight is all about starting a war to keep peace, black knight is a foil of white knight showing an appearance of peace but a reality of war and it is so good! 

man of action? geniuses