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actually yknow what fuck it. no ones forcing people to care about m/f relationships we’re talking about the biphobic treatment in this fandom and how lance’s bisexuality doesn’t really matter unless he’s in a relationship with another guy, and how fujoshis hate women getting in the way of a m/m ship. that’s what we’re asking you to care about, not ships

Seeker, Chaser, Keeper
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: VivacissimoVoce | Word Count: 59.1k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Rumor has it that a wealthy investor is starting up a brand new professional Quidditch team and he’s looking for players. Harry and Draco both want to make the team, but there can be only one Seeker. Will competing for the position bring them closer or drive them further apart?

Review: Probably my favourite Quidditch drarry story! Because yes, it has all those things we love about this most beloved trope - match thrills, hot sex, “competitiveness” as a mask for intense flaming attraction lol - but so so much more. 

All the featured characters are just so cool! It’s extremely fun reading as well, with rather unique ideas and a very well played out plot with some of the best characterisations and dialogue. An immediate rec for anyone looking for some fun and entertaining reading :) 

Content/Warnings: Quidditch, Humour, Physical Training

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Rough layout of Mayor Maple’s house. I made it in HHD, so if you actually want to walk around it then ask me and I’ll send you the code.

Feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged! I wanna make my house as spectacular as possible.

‘Ello people of Tumblr!

Yes, I am opening commissions, for I am broke sometimes, and my sister sorta got in a c ar accident hu h ahh

For the most part I’ll draw anything, except for NSFW stuff, at least not y e t, but I will draw some suggestive stuff if wanted.

Be aware, I can and sometimes is a busy person, and also fairly laz y so it maaaay take a little time till your commission’s done, thanks to school and all that.

Again, as said before, try to avoid detailed characters please! They can be kinda time consuming.

If in the case I have gotten more commissions than expected, (which is pretty darn great, but I doubt that’ll h appen), I’d might have to make slots for people, so be aware of that too!

Reblogs are greatly appreciated, but if it cramps up ya blog’s style, I completely understand, so don’t worry about it too much!

The Fancy Dress Party
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Omi_Ohmy | Word Count: 6.3k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Draco has been pining over Harry for years. Pansy comes up with a plan to get Harry to notice him, which involves everyone dressing.A bit of fluffy fun I wrote to entertain myself.

Review: Just the loveliest, sweetest fic with just the right amount of flangst and “unrequited loved” (lol, as if).

Content/Warnings: Pining, UST

any girl group kpop vid: *male actor playing love interest*

me: i mean that’s cool and all but i’m here for the lesbians………..


black astronauts who have traveled into space [x]

YA KNOW WHAT— i feel like i just had a breakthrough holy fucking s H I T. okay so, i was actually watching a dubbed bleach episode, for the??? first time in YEARS???? and i honestly forgot just how much grimmjow fucking YELLS??and all around he just talks loud af??? yeah, he still yells in the sub, too, but still. REGARDLESS, HE STILL YELLS A LOT. and okay, the episode i was watching was one where he was in release and screaming about ichigo’s eyes and shit. ANYWAY — i was watching and i, out of no where, remembered that one thing i read about white cats with blue eyes ; saying that they’re very susceptible to being deaf?? because of something in their inner ear that can’t develop properly??? and here i was like… well, grimmjow has blue eyes, and he’s practically a fucking cat. HELL, he WAS a fucking white cat when he was an adjuchas. SO I WAS LIKE — hmmm, if he’s (basically) a white fucking cat with blue af eyes, AND he yells a lot — WAHT IF??? HE’S ACTUALLY HARD OF HEARING??? and so he talks loud just so he can hear himself better??? i mean, clearly he wouldn’t be completely deaf, seeing as he can still hear people talk (albeit a bit selectively here an there). BUT???? S TIL L ?????? what if man 


Lance is gone, and Keith is the only one who remembers. But his memories are breaking, and he’s starting to doubt himself. There’s a voice in his head that sounds a lot like Lance. But it’s…incomplete.

I blame @y-annah for all of this.

Pillow Fight!

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