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Hey guys! This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, so I’m not quite sure how is it done. 

These are the blogs I love the most (and stalk) and the ones everyone should follow because they are awesome. I love you guys!


annabuttchase, adhdotlexia, anakklusmos, anaklusmos-ss, annabarbarian, annabethchase-ing, annabethchasy, annabethchse, argo2, argoinatorbarbariabethbiacaisangelo, brennbugcharlesbeckenlord, chasexjackson, clarissalarue


dailypercy, dearzeus, empuossa, festivefestus, finnickohdairs, gaia-is-sucktasticghost-nico, ghostlynico, greeks-and-geeks, gryfflndorgruniper, godalert, goldenfleeces


hogwartskidsproblems, harrypotterhead, i-c-r-u-c-i-o-y-o-u, jasongracely, jupiterianjane, leostoolbelt, leovaldezed, leozhang, lukecasstellan, lukecastelland


mandrakescry, nicodianglos, nicoisbroken, nicodeathangelo, ohpercy, olympiandemigods, p-adfoots, percychased, percyjacksam, percyfeels, percsy, percyalways, percyjacksonypercabreath, piperland, perksofbeingademigodtribute, praetorofnewrome, prissyjackson, poseiduh


qhostking, rachaldare, remus-lupin, repair-b0y, riordam, sevenheroesofolympus, thaliagraze, the-mellow, thehouseofhade, themarkofathena, the-dam-snack-bar, 600th-floor-please

And these are my two best friends who I also love a lot:

babe-in-a-trenchcoat and this-stupid-fandom-universe

Also thank you so much to all of a my amazing followers, you guys are the best. I love you all. 

Edit by me. Art by brennbug (whose blog I also love)

Happy Holidays!

so i’ve recently hit my followers goal and i decided to do a new follow forever! please please check out all of these blogs they’re all amazing, lots of love d-radcliffe x 

a, b, c

aberfroth | aberhnathy | ahlohomora | anondracomalfoy | banishyourboggart bex-chan | buckbeakisback | contra1veritas | c-ruciolestrange

d, e, f

daanhowell | daily-harry-potter | dear-longbottom | diarycrux | draco-mallfoy | dracomxlfoy | dracomalfoyx | evanspotter | fredweasley | frie-nds | fighterandall | fuckingdraco

g, h, i

gryffind0r | gryffindors | hermioniemalfoy | hogwaarts | hogwartsastory | hogwartianos | huffnpuffnstuff | i-am-lord-trolldemort

j, k, l

jamesandhislily | jamesiriuspotter | lupinns

m, n, o

malfoysdeliverance | malfoygrangers | malfoysotter | maraudinq | maraudingjames | mydraco | nevillles | ohdear-prongs | ohhelga | ohremus | ohronald | ohtonks | ohwtsons | ollvanders | omghermione

p, q, r, s

p-adfoots | partywithslughorn | potterandweasel | potterwand | professorremus | prongsandhisflower | ravenlcaw | romioneiscanon | ronahld | ronaldroars | ronaldweasl-y | sexymalfoys | simplypotterheads | sirepotter | sirpotters | s-snape

t, u, v

the-golden-trio | thefamousscar | theperksofbeingjohnwatson | tomriddl | trusthim | victohrkrum | voldemort-x | voldemo

w, x, y, z

waitingondhr | weshipdramione | witchyluna | winterkiss


-rowling | -hedwig


Hey everyone. So I recently reach my goal and I decided make this follow forever.

I’m on tumblr for almost 3 years now, and here I met some amazing people. People that I learn to love, respect and admire. I really love see you on my dash.  Each of you are really special to me and I really like you all.

Thank you for everything!


A - B




allisonargens ahmortentia augustusswaterss




buckbeek buckbeakisback




capitole caudroncakes caughthesnitch c-ruciolestrange dailygranger deadpadfoot deatheaters dearsirius deathlyhalowes




divergernt dracomxlfoys dracoamalfoy



E - H

eldrwand enobarria evannulynch fairchield fedweasley gandalfsarmy gryfflndor harmony-y hazelsinfinity herhmione heytonks hhagrid hijackedmockingjay hogwartsisforever horcruxhuntr

I - L

i-am-lord-trolldemort imaginedragons imsirius instantremorse jabberjais jamspottr jamespotterring jamespottersd jillyspotter joahnnamason legilimen lestranqe lileyvans lilypottar llghtwood lokicifer lordcrowley lnalovegood knightpotter

M - P

malfoycharms malfoysdeliverance malfoysheart malfoymannor maurader mccahlls mountaintrolls mydraco narcissx narcissamalfoi nevillles neewts nhu-dles ohdear-prongs ohcrucio ohlumos ohremus ohtonks ohweasleyking p-adfoots pandemoinum poltergeits potterlings potterue pottersir pottersword potterwand primrosesrues prisonerfromazkaban prongsandpadfoot proud-potterhead

Q - T

queen-bonham-carter quillsandink ravenclahw rebellionsfire r-educto regulsblck remusjohnslupin tomriddl riddlemarvolo ronaldweasl-y ronahld scaredpotter sexymalfoys shacklebot sherpotter sirepotter siriusblackvevo siriuslybellatrix stmungos stormbhorn swordofgryhffindor sybilltrelawneys teen-wolf tequila-in-paris thepensieve tommarvoloriddle tomriddlevevo tomefelton triwizarded triwizardry trusthim

U - Z

vohldemort weasley-wheezy winterkiss wrightwatson


I’m really sorry if I forgot someone.

I love you all <3

(omg lol please excuse my awful cover photo i don’t make amazing photoshop edits because i suck)

so it’s that time of year when everyone’s making their christmas follow forevers and i thought i’d join in because it’s been agesss since i’ve made a follow forever. so here are my favourite blogs of 2013:

abcd: bex-chan ❆ broomstix ❆ buckbeakisback ❆ cruciothereindeer ❆ dan-phil-finn-jack ❆ dracosferret 

efgh: evanspotter ❆ fuckingdraco ❆ gryffind0r ❆ hagridsdragons ❆ hellyeahmalfoy ❆ hogwartsastory

ijkl: instantremorse ❆ jamesandhislily ❆ jamesandlilys ❆ jamspottr ❆ jkrowlingbooks ❆ kneazles ❆ loonyaslovegood loversrowling 

mnop: malfoygrangers ❆ malfoysotter ❆ mistletoemyrtle ❆ n-eville ❆ oh-ronald ❆ ohronald ❆ ohtonks ❆ p-adfoots ❆ pattronum ❆ potterandweasel ❆ professorremus ❆ protegopatronum

qrst: r-lupins ❆ ravenclaiw ❆ ravenlcaw ❆ riddlemetom ❆ ronahld ❆ ronaldroars ❆ ronaldthereindeer ❆ santapottah ❆ sexymalfoys ❆ simplypotterheads ❆ siriuslybellatrix ❆ sir-potter ❆ smaugthegold ❆ thatsbloodybrilliantharry triwizardry 

uvwx: waitingondhr ❆ weshipdramione 

-: -rowling

merry christmas, love d-racliffe x