p 90 pickups


1966 Gibson ES-330 (plus a Toronto street scene).  

The Epiphone version of this guitar was the Casino.  At well under 7 pounds, this guitar is light as a feather (well…a heavy feather anyway…).  One day I hope to find a 1968 ES-330.  ‘68 was the year they went to the “long neck” on which the the neck join is moved up by several frets (from 15 to 19 maybe?  I can’t remember exactly…), making access to the top-most frets easier.  The ES-335, 345 and 355 always had this join, but it took until 1968 to find it on the 330.


I always wanted a ‘65 Epiphone Casino like John Lennon’s.  But if you have priced a '65 Casino lately you will understand why I don’t already have one!  

But my brother in law gave me the next best thing…a miniature replica Casino.  the box didn’t mention John Lennon, but you can see the black rubber grommet around the little pickup selector…and that was something John put on it….so this MUST be a replica of his guitar!  

Pictured with my '96 MIK Epi Casino (full sized of course!)