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Zipper Sugar- A 51Hundred Fanfic


 After Mortecai finished giving the trio his horrible explanation, the series of events left Sugar in shock, as his body began to quiver. Although it seemed like escaping was pointless at this point, the thought crossed his mind.

“I wouldn’t recommended it.”

Zip suddenly whispered quietly on to Sugar’s ear, as he wrapped his arm around his shoulder to comfort him. The poor kid was shaking.. Sugar looked at him surprised.

“You were thinking of running away no? You’re an easy read kid.”

Suddenly he raised his voice as he proceed to direct his words towards Morte.

“Hey can ya give us a second?”

“What’s that?”

“Just a few mins to look at all the stuff we’re leaving behind.”

“Do I need to remind you-”

“Yes yes you work a lot. Can you pay like some respect to the dead or something? Come on…”

Zip discretely signaled Morte with his eyes, making an eye roll towards Sugar. Upon laying his eyes on the kid, he stopped and crossed his arms in thought.

“I don’t do this often. In fact I don’t ever do this. You got five minutes hornoes.”

Upon hearing this Tuck shrugged and sat down on the doorstep. Sugar wiped his tears and looked around confused as to what was happening when suddenly Zip gave him a push.

“Come on Sugar 5 mins ain’t a lot.”

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