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god i wish it was 2000 again when my mum made me kiss one boy after another and i didnt have to worry about being discriminated against


Like I said in this post, I have more CC to release with you all and the first thing I’m going to release is an eyeshadow I made colored in @smubuh‘s Freshly Brewed Palette (hence the name of the eye shadow :P )

File size is 285 KB

Download: Simfileshare

If you have any problems downloading please tell me!

Can someone draw me a Teenage!Devan picture where Artist!Dab and Geek!Evan are in a a Love/Hate relationship and Evan has a streaks of paint on him and is sticking his tongue out at Dab and Dab is wearing Evans glasses and holding his paint brush with a smug look on his face? Like I pictured this but I can’t art thank u pls credit this if u draw from this I love this concept more than I love living