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I made a small little compilation thingy of all the funny lil’ text bits in mark’s new video because why not I was bored-

Hope u appreciate this thing that took me like- half an hour? ‘S poorly made, but I really found it fu nny so why not

W ciągu kwadransa umyłem się, ubrałem, powiedziałem ‘kurwa’ osiemset razy i byłem osiem razy przerażony, że Ciebie dziś nie zobaczę.
—  Ochocki

sorakhhikari98  asked:

Y'konw the only thing that I Don't like a lot in lance it's how small his pupils are! Like c'mon give some justice to my boy lance! I want to get a better view on his blue eyes! (BTW hello again!)

Friend, fear not, I’ve got you covered - I present to you, Lance’s eyes:

blue boy 💙