how to roll a joint

i’m p good at this so I thought I’d show you guys how I do it

so take your nug and your papers

now take out one of the papers

and take your nug of weed

and roll it up. just fucking roll it up. it burns better like this anyway

don’t worry if some of the bud peeks out, this way everyone knows exactly how good you are at rolling j’s


Caption: “Out on the double-track CB&Q mainline in north-central Illinois near Mendota, Illinois a Zephyr overtook the fantrip I was riding on March 21, 1965. The Zephyr was combined Trains 35 and 11, the Kansas City Zephyr and the Nebraska Zephyr, with an E7 up front and one of the two Nebraska Zephyr obs cars as the finishing touch. Both trains were westbound. The Zephyr had a station stop in Mendota at 12:22 p.m.”

Photos by Marty Bernard

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day 5 wowie. ok how about this: caitlin snow and dreidel. i feel like she’d vibe w it

Frosty played dreidel with her team, with her friends. 

It’s not fair. Not that Caitlin is pouting, not that she’s upset that her alter-ego seems to fit in better with her team. 

“No, it’s fine,” Caitlin says, for the millionth time, “I’m glad she’s having fun, really.” 

“Cait, please,” Cisco pleads, tugging at her arm. “We want to play again with you.” 

“No, no, you had your fun with her. Did you eat all the gelt already?”

“Harry bought more–Caitlin, come on.” 

She lets Cisco drag her back into the Cortex, where a handful of small, multi-colored dreidels sit in a pile on the table. Harry, Iris, Joe, and Barry are there, waiting for her. 

They look…slightly uncomfortable, and Cait wants to shrink into the floor. What is so great about Killer Frost that her friends would rather hang out with her than with Caitlin herself? 

But she tries to shake it off, tries to focus on spinning, on winning, on having fun. And it works. Mostly. Sometimes one of them will say something, or look at her in a certain way, and she’ll think about…her

Finally, it’s enough, and she snaps. “Why do you like her better than me?” she spits out. The dreidel that Cisco was spinning falls, but nobody looks to see what it landed on. They all look at her. 

“We don’t,” Barry insists.

“You keep saying that,” Caitlin says, “but clearly she’s more fun, more interesting, and less of a downer! I’ll just go and let you guys have fun with her.” 

“Caitlin!” Iris shouts, and Cait, half-ice, stops. The ice fades. “Caitlin,” Iris continues, her voice calmer. “You’re part of the family. We’re not getting close with your alter-ego because she’s better than you. She is you, and we’re trying to get the two of you on the same page. So you can be her and be with us, and be you as well. So you’re not split between two world. We’re trying to keep you with us, by getting her to trust us. We care about you, Caitlin.” 

She looks around the table, at her friends nodding. She’s overwhelmed, nervous, and uncomfortable, so she picks up the nearest dreidel, spinning it with a flick of her fingers. 

“Gimmel!” she cries, her voice too shrill, her hands shaking slightly. But her team, her friends, pretend not to notice as they push the pile of chocolate in her direction. 

She doesn’t feel fully placated, and she still feels like something’s missing, but she lets herself relax, and she lets herself keep kicking her friends’ butts at dreidel. 


It Is Now

8:55 P.M. Nancy sat on her bed chewing on her fingernail as she stared at her pastel blue phone.

8:56 P.M. She missed Barb. She missed her nightly calls with her best friend. The ones where they would talk about school and Steve Harrington and sometimes, nothing at all, just plain nonsense and inside jokes.

8:57 P.M. Getting the revenge on the Hawkins Lab and holding a funeral…it helped, Nancy decided, with the grieving and everything. But it still wasn’t gone. She wasn’t sure if it would ever be gone.

8:58 P.M. She needed to talk to someone. Someone who would actually listen. Her parents…they would never understand. And her brother? She didn’t want to put a burden on him after he’s been through so much lately.

8:59 P.M. She needed to talk to Jonathan. He would understand. They had “the real shit” after all. The shared trauma.

9:00 P.M. Reluctantly, Nancy picked up the phone off of her bedside table, but she didn’t dial his number.

9:01 P.M. Instead, she thought of all the ways the conversation could go wrong. He could be tired and not wanting to talk. He could break up with her, not wanting to deal with her bullshit.

9:02 P.M. She heard her in her head, then. Barb. You’re being ridiculous, Nance, just dial the phone. And she was right. She was being ridiculous. This was Jonathan she was talking about. He would always be there for her.

9:03 P.M. She knew his number by heart. 343-559-8491. Without thinking much about it, she dialed the number with shaky fingers.

9:04 P.M. She entered the last digit and the phone began to ring, and ring, and ring, until finally, Jonathan’s scratchy voice became the music in her ears.

9:05 P.M. “Hello?” He sounded tired and Nancy’s nightmares slipped through her thoughts again.

9:06 P.M. “Hey, It’s me. I know it’s late, but-can we talk?” She questioned, playing with the phone cord between her fingers.

9:07 P.M “Yeah, Of course. Is…everything okay?” He responded.

9:08 P.M. Nancy stopped for a minute and smiled to herself, wondering how she got so lucky to end up with someone who puts up with her bullshit.

9:09 P.M “yeah. It is now,”

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HC: Lin is a Hamgelica shipper.

i’m p sure this statement is at least half true. i think i remember reading somewhere that the “she is buried in trinity church near you” part choked him up bc it was “angelica, near alexander, but not with him, forever”, and if that’s not shipping then idk what else to say

he’s also p worked up abt the commas

Can we address anti please?

Seán. Please. Last night there was no doubt of anti being there and then the set was basically antified too (the letter, the bear, the scene with anti when u left to get ur jumper), soooo, could I ask you for my sake and others, should we expect anti to be coming back soon? Anti hints? Anything? Or was that just a little bit of fun throughout the stream?

I think it’s just a nice thing for the community to know, as we then know whether we need to keep an eye out.

I understand you might not want to be like “YES ANTI IS HERE”.

So please at least like this if you are planning something with anti soon

P.s I’m proud of you @therealjacksepticeye