I don’t wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence
The quiet scares me ‘cause it screams the truth
Please don’t tell me that we had that conversation
I won’t remember, save your breath, 'cos what’s the use?
—  Sober, Pink

P!nk - Sober

10 song meme

I was tagged by @midniter ! I’m kinda late to the party lmao

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs that play then tag 10 mutuals.

(man, this could get bad, my music taste is… questionable)

  1. Not Alone/ Going back to Hogwarts - Starkid
  2. I Can’t Do It Alone - Catherine Zeta-Jones / Chicago Soundtrack
  3. Nothing To No One - Gin Wigmore
  4. Sober - P!nk
  5. Something I Need - OneRepublic
  6. Heartbreak Down - P!nk
  7. Clear the Area - Imogen Heap
  8. December - Ariana Grande
  9. Novocaine - Fall Out Boy
  10. Take Me To Church - Sarah Close

I’m guessing a lot of my mutuals have been tagged already, but I’m gonna tag a few anyway, if you’ve already done this just ignore me: @boosterbuddy @drharleyfquinn @atomic-poison-ivy @lilmonsterharlequin @rose-wilson-worth

And when I saw you, my heart gave a start and said, “Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

A pale GamKar mix detailing the beginning, middle, and end of their relationship. x

Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Ray | Wide Awake - Katy Perry | Left Hand Free - alt-j | I Belong To You - Muse | Fireflies - Chris Garneau | Always - Panic! At The Disco | Trouble Is A Friend - Lenka | Dirty Night Clowns - Chris Garneau | Sober - P!nk | Monster - Imagine Dragons | Little Pistol - Mother Mother | All Around Me - Flyleaf | Calm Me Down - Mother Mother | Clarity (Aylen Mix) - Zedd feat. Foxes | Demons - Imagine Dragons | Take Me To Church - Hozier | Two Against One (feat. Jack White) - Danger Mouse | Waiting Game - Banks | My Manic And I - Laura Marling | I Don’t Love You - My Chemical Romance | Please Don’t Leave Me - P!nk | Landfill - Daughter | The Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance | Caught Like A Fly - Falling In Reverse | Total Paranoia - Serj Tankian | You Are My Sunshine - The Civil Wars

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"John?" Sherlock questions when the army doctor comes home from a night of drinking and gets into bed with him. "You're hot and I really want to do it with you," John giggles. "Go to sleep John," Sherlock orders tucking his flatmate into bed and then going to sleep on the sofa. "Where are you going?" John whines. "Sleep John," Sherlock says again, "and the next time you want to come onto me do it sober and I just might say yes."

*tiny squeak*


“Margo was not a miracle. She was not an adventure. She was not a fine and precious thing. She was a girl.”

sober - p!nk / tennis court - lorde / brick by boring brick - paramore / before he cheats - carrie underwood / welcome home - moe & tom / runaway - avril lavigne / applause - lady gaga / oh no! - marina and the diamonds / bad blood - taylor swift / national anthem - lana del rey / the sound of silence - nouela / all she could be - sarah solovay / everything else - next to normal / the bird song - florence + the machine / chandelier  - sia / willow - emilie autumn / dollhouse - melanie martinez / small town moon - regina spektor