p!nk missundaztood


Song of the Day 17/03/2017

Title: Just Like a Pill

Artist: P!nk

Album: Missundaztood

Genre: Pop Rock

Year: 2001


“I didn’t have a very good relationship with my mom for a long time. She kicked me out when I was 15. We couldn’t get along, we were way to much alike. My mom was really scared for a long time that I wasn’t be able to do anything with my life. I guess she’s really happy and a weight was lifted off her shoulder that I can support myself. The best thing that ever happened to me was the day I realized that parents are human and they’re not perfect and they’re not supposed to be perfect.

Yes, that is true. They announced it on the radio. I was on my way home from singing lessons and when I heard it I just started crying. I ran home and locked myself in my room and just started pulling down all his posters and throwing out his CDs. I was so upset. I’m just not getting over it. He sent me his pants, because I’d talked about it in a VH1 interview. So he sent me his pants, with a note that said, ‘now you can finally get into my pants!’ I wanted to kill him!

Pink, 2002 (“Is it true that when you heard about Jon Bon Jovi getting married that you locked yourself in a room and didn’t want to come out?”)

that’s the best quote by far lmfao