p!nk and willow


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So strange to see them talking and not honking! I know its probably not the official voices and just the devs messing around but it sure sounds different after years of hearing instruments. Go watch it :D it came out only a couple hours ago!!!



For Her

“You’re like this flower– beautiful, gentle and the light of my life!”

*shrugs* I just had the thought, maybe, someday Abigail’s flower could be remade like Maxwell’s pillars? But like in the mini comic, it glows like a fire! :D

Some of these ideas I really gotta list down but my coder is still learning [and so am I so yeah,] hopefully this’ll be a new mod in the forums or on steam! nwn ❤
I hope you enjoy ❤ ❤ ❤

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