The Signs As Pray For The Wicked Songs
  • Aries: One of the Drunks
  • Taurus: Old Fashioned
  • Gemini: Say Amen (Saturday Night)
  • Cancer: Dying in LA
  • Leo: (Fuck a) Silver Lining
  • Virgo: High Hopes
  • Libra: Dancing's Not A Crime
  • Scorpio: Hey Look Ma I Made It
  • Sagittarius: Overpass
  • Capricorn: Roarin' 20s
  • Aquarius: King of the Clouds
  • Pisces: Dying in LA

me: listens to roaring 20s one (1) time

me, for the next fifty (50) years: (hypes up crowd of zero (0) people) MAYBE ILL MEDICATE MAYBE INEBRIATE STRANGE SITUATIONS I GET ANXIOUS MAYBE ILL SMILE A BIT MAYBE THE OPPOSITE BUT PRAY THAT THEY DONT CALL ME THANKLESS (vigorous jazz hands) MY TELL TALE HEARTS A HAMMER IN MY CHEST CUT ME A SILK TIE TORNIQUET (jumps up on table, screaming) THIS IS MY ROARING, ROARING 20S (throws table) I DONT EVEN KNOW ME (grabs random person and twirls them) ROLL ME LIKE A BLUNT CAUSE I WANNA GO HOME (falls onto the floor in exhaustion) roll me like a blunt cause i wanna i wanna go home (dies)

Okay. So. A lyric in “ The Overpass” by P!ATD is:

“Everything about you is perfect, down to your blood type.”

And considering how “look at these footprints, they dont look very human like” from “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” spawned an entire music video about a skin stealing tenticle monster that went to night clubs to seduce it’s victims.

The next music video…

Stay with me here….

Vampire Brendon Urie