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“Do you believe that a person can be hurt without being physically touched by or any external forces?”

The question above doesn’t make any relation to the title right? But soon you will know why. This question keeps on running inside my head for years now, because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it but I don’t understand it fully.

We are in a generation where kids at their teenage year’s experiences such as fucked up thoughts, useless motions, the feeling of being unwanted, and anything that I think only people 25 above would understand. Thinking about how people act at this stage, I don’t know what they call it, is like having lots of responsibilities at a very young age. They will give you this, take care of that, and make sure not to break that trust because it’s like what our grandma use to say that once broken, it will never be the same again.

At this time of the day, what do you usually think? Usually do? To those who are very busy, what do you do during your free time? These days, teens and the not so are so busy not just school or work, but with their like “extra “ curricular activities that I don’t think is that much important because it leads to not having more time with your family, values and others.

To cut the chase, this is more like a slice of life; hope will bring you fun, laughter, a little bit of sadness, and so much complication.