anyways to clear up what’s happened:

- someone made a post on instiz about their friends “bragging” about dating an idol to the point op was fed up

- people asked op who the idol was and to provide proof and so op leaked pics of jongdae and his ex (op’s friend)

- the ex, regardless of her bragging, is absolutely not in the wrong here and her privacy has been breached just as badly as jongdae’s so don’t say anything rude about her, don’t slut shame and don’t act like you know what went down in the relationship (this includes bs comments like ‘I bet she only dated him bc he’s in exo’ or 'he should date someone better’)

- majority of korean fans are not upset that jongdae dated someone, they are upset that his privacy was breached

- barely anyone from his individual fandom has left or is sending him hate (aside from the usual exo hate anyways) so no need to set up some unnecessary defends squad or throw some pity party about how kfans are reacting (which some of you love to do whenever a scandal about your favs pops up)

- don’t spread the pics, don’t assume things about the relationship, if anything just put this all behind you and mind your own business

Headcanon that Skorri made poems about everything and anything, just in case she needs them in the future. This includes elegies, created for each of the Iron Lords. Never written down, but put safely in the backseat of her mind- she didn’t think she’d need them for a long time, if at all.

Now, imagine the day of their attack against SIVA.

Imagine the hope and confidence they felt as they surged into battle. Imagine that hope and confidence turning into shock as the first Iron Lord fell to their last death. Imagine that shock turn to anger turn to desperation as more and more of them fell.

Throughout all of that, Skorri mutters. The words of each person’s elegy tumble out of her mouth, as their body falls to the darkness. The battlefield would be loud with the sounds of guns, but her words will echo through the silence of death.

Imagine her looking at Jolder’s silhouette by the chamber’s exit and knowing what was about to happen. Imagine her, saying the elegy for each of her remaining comrades- for Jolder, for Perun, for Felwinter, for Gheleon, for Radegast, for Silimar, for Timur. Not for Saladin, because she knew that he would live, that he would survive and carry forth the memory of the Iron Lords.

Skorri sees the doors closing, and she utters her last poem- her own elegy.