I had to make my own addition ;).

The original (first picture) was created by @ozzyosborntodie , and I found this post through the amazing @beingahistorymajor . (<– go check that blog out)

this is my second follow forever, but my first one was just literally ugly and crappy.

♡ Dearly beloveds, I want to thank all of you for giving me an amazing year and dashboard. Many of you have put a smile upon my face and I couldn’t ask for better mutuals. I am really glad to be so welcomed on this site. Anyways, thanks for this year and hope everyone has an amazing, spectacular Christmas along with New Years! 

first i want to thank these amazing people starting with the lame Magali, second the bae Ali, can’t forget Matt, this amazing person Larissa, then of course Max, also my wifey Valhover over your names to a see a message.

now for all the other babes. i love all you so much! xo

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my shitty follow forever!!! (my first)

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