ozzy style


Actual murder husbands.

Oswald is most definitely the type of guy to hide a dagger within his cane. No one would ever expect a weapon to be hidden there and not many people would try and take his cane away from him.

It is Oswald’s safety net. He doesn’t want to ever be caught unguarded again so he walks around with a blade underneath his hand. Ready. Waiting.

The only question I have in response to this picture is why he pulling it out at the Sirens? Did Barbara tell him what she did? Or did she tell him something else, something that would pit him against his beloved Chief of Staff?





ashion Assistant HARRY CLEMENTS

Dress ALBERTA FERRETTI // Bra ATSUKO KUDO // High Waisted pants ATSUKO KUDO // Thigh high latex stockings ATSUKO KUDO // Choker ATSUO KUDO // Bracelets (Right wrist) VINTAGE CARTIER // Cuff (left wrist) SIMON HARRISON


We’ve never interacted before but, your art is seriously amazing and I love your Karthus. There was a dress my muse meme going around and I couldn’t stop myself from coming up with this outfit for you. Silver/Gray is such a nice color and I think the Ozzy style glasses (even though he doesn’t have a nose) are my favorite parts. I’m just a silly peon but I thought you might like to see this outfit. I just had to share with you.

edit: then I found the Heartseeker/breaker art and died

Carmen Julia for Tatler Hong Kong photographed by Amar Daved; Styled by Ozzy Shah; Hair by Ernesto Montenovo; Makeup by Lucy Gibson.