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~ Pirate Captain Coordinate for Saturday Katsu-Con 2014 ~

Come see me at my Lolita Make-Up: A Comprehensive Guide Panel on Friday, Feb 14th, 2:45pm - 4:30pm, Room 203, Katsu-Con 2014!

I’ll be going over everything you’d ever need to know about lolita make-up, boystyle make-up, doing a full face demo and giving away a Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette to one lucky winner :D! 

Decade of Heavy: Best Heavy Metal Albums of the 1980’s

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Saturday Katsu-Con 2014 The Pirate King Coord ~

Having an amazing time at Katsu-Con! Thank you to everyone that stopped to say hi to me :D! I was so shocked how many people recognized me and came to my panel  ;_; Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome at my first Katsu-Con <3


Ozz Angelo line 31106

Price: 8900 YEN

Colors: Black, Tea

Material: cotton 30% polyester 60% nylon 20% 

Length (dress lenght) 52cm 

is a good match, such as blouses and formal coordination. 
※ This item is purchased as a single corset.

This piece… is so elaborate and beautiful… 

I'm worried about a couple of things in this promo...

(Sorry for my english TT is not my native language, zero knowledge, but I want to say !! + _ +)
I’m worried about a couple of things in this promo…

1 - Background
Guests obviously do not care about what is happening. They’re eating. Drink. They say. So it’s time, without screams and tantrums by Ozzy and Edda.Maybe Ed knows that made Oz, but decided to “play Dunno”. Quiet revenge?
Or is it at the moment Edda tells the truth? Ozz trying to deny and Nigma  understands that this is true? and then he takes the knife … Т,Т

2- Faces of the “twix-trio“ 

They obviously did not expect what they see. And do not even happy about it. What is it? Something went wrong? Or they saw that she did not expect, and is not expected? 

There are two theories
1, we see that the pattern corresponds to (probably) the first screenshot. They are at the banquet (wedding?). Perhaps the company with Eddom and Ozzy. So either Ozz (Edd) did something that they did not expect. A scene with a knife in the hands of Ed is not from this fragment 

(background is not the same… or not?? XD ).But suppose…

Something here smells like…. nygmobblepot +_____+
BUT! it may simply be Ed (or penguin) make something, yelling something .. or something! But this is something unexpected for the trio. And this is good ))
2-  may blame the Court Owls
Rush to the wedding. They say it is not so, you fools, and live too sweet. 

Or “groom” boiled (Alice’s blood)

so it’s just thinking out loud, more than anything, but it’s nice sometimes to assume that there will be more)))