“Do you need help?”

“No!” Crow’s short reply was muffled by the rag in his beak. Oz watched passively from the kitchen table as Crow shuffled and squawked indignantly, trying to work his beak into position to hold the rag tied around the pantry doorhandle. Oz had tied them over everything to make it easier for the bird to access anything hidden in cupboards, short of pulling the doors off of everything.

“Are you suuuuure?” Oz plied. Crow didn’t answer. Having finally managed to painstakingly grasp the rag and hop into a position comfortable enough to pull, he spread his wings wide, using them to propel himself backwards in hopes of opening the door. The knot on the rag slide easily undone, and the bird tumbled gracelessly off the counter and onto the tiled floor.

Oz peered down at him from over the edge of the table.
“Because I can help, if you want.”

niolachein  asked:

1, 5, 16, 23!

1. who’s your favorite oc?

is it obvious that it’s Oz? because it’s Oz. 

I don’t know entirely why? I remembered why after typing that sentence haha nevermind. It has nothing to do with the picture I ended up drawing there haha but it has to do with Hold Fast and I dunno how much I want to say about the specifics no matter how obvious it possibly is because I still want to do that comic so much :C 

Basically though, Oz has gotten so much development over the years and has come so far as a character. I don’t think people like them too much, or at least not as much as I do to the point where I’m like drawing them all the time, but I just really like working with them aaaa..

 5. are any of your ocs based off of a show/book you like? if so, who?

So I think the project that was most strongly influenced by something was Pawn, which back in the day was around when Kuroshitsuji was a big deal and me being exposed to it was like the gateway drug into realizing I was in love with Victorian fashion? so much. So the aesthetic and concepts of the show was way up my alley, but I never ended up getting into the actual show that much? It might’ve been the pacing but I dunno. maybe that’s something I should give an honest shot one day

ANYWAY anything I DID absorb was most of what paved the way for Pawn’s aesthetics. I’m pretty sure they wound up having substantially different plots because of how much I failed to watch the actual show? Pawn is about……. The Economy????????????

Every time I look back on it, Pawn’s story is so weird. And as someone who doesn’t understand politics and money, it’s probably a story I shouldn’t have tried. My ignorance probably shows hahaha.

BUT ANYWAY… Pawn ended up being one of my favorite projects even to this day and I love the cast that came out of it. I really miss working with them ;-; I’m not as good at drawing it as I used to be (I used to go fuckall wild on the clothes hahaha) but yeah I hope people don’t mind that it crops up in my art every now and again. It was a really important time for me.

16. who is your oldest oc (age-wise)?

I wanna say Madame? because she is an old person? I sadly don’t have that many old people ocs whoops. Mostly because I’ve never been good at drawing old people. oops. I don’t even think I have those characters who are like ~CENTURIES OLD AND HOT~ huh. Anyway, she’s somewhere in the late 70s to early 90s range?????

23. which oc do you think has affected you the most as youve grown with them?

Oz or Pike I think, because periods of me-not-working-or-plotting-with-them tend to be short-lasting, so I honestly feel like they’ve grown up with me over the years. I think at the moment I still like doing stuff with Oz more, but so far Pike’s affected me more in the more literal sense. Like through doing comics and storybuilding with her I got to cross paths with a lot of people and she helped me make some of my longest lasting internet friendships ;-;

tundra-tiger  asked:

1, 12, 19 for the oc asks?

1. who’s your favorite oc?

I ALREADY SAID OZ, I SHOULD JUST SAY OZ AGAIN BECAUSE I LIKE OZ TOO MUCH. Once you factor out Oz, it’s like a nine-way tie.It MIGHT be sad plant girl? Could be Pike? Could be Him? Could even be 16 or a handful of DTTSOTI characters, it’s too hard to narrow it down without a list to look at hahahaha. When in doubt: it’s Oz.

12. are any of your ocs siblings? 

idk if anyone remembers but Oz actually has a huge family of siblings. Most of them are estranged from one another, but two of the most relevant ones are Izel and Noah.

I sadly don’t have a lot of sibling characters, not sure why I tend to avoid it. Anyway, talking about Pawn recently reminds me I actually have a few sets of siblings in there! I wanna talk about my favorite one though:

Francis and Claude! Claude is Francis’s younger brother :D Francis is an incredibly successful and prosperous maid and Claude runs this huge chain of weaponry producers? Swords and guns? Metal shit. There is a bit of sibling rivalry as Claude struggles to surpass Francis in the amount of estate they each hold, but it is far from a bitter conflict. They like each other very much, get along great, and hang out all the time. They probably help get each other customers too hahaa

Fun fact: Their parents are named Francine and Claus and I still think it’s adorable

19. who is your least favorite oc?

oh no. I thought about this and there’s not really any ocs that i hate with a burning passion. My characters are so important to me. But I did remember this jackass who’s putting his entire story on hold.

his problem is that he’s like a walking blank slate. Which has been semi-relevant to his characterization, but a character can only be so interesting when they’re so… BORING. I don’t know if I need to redsign him or turn his personality upside down or what. Because if I change too much about him then the overall plot wouldn’t be the same. It’s a suffering. DTTSOTI isn’t my top priority right now though hahahaha maybe one day