for those who made me laugh, smile, and cry. for those who’ve inspired me to write, be myself and create things. i love you guys. my role play experience wouldn’t be the same without you. thank you for everything <3

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Mikey stopped him in the middle of the hall, standing in front of him with his hand on Nick’s chest. “You telling me Paddy owed you a solid? Owed you two solids?”

A slow, crooked smile spread across Nick’s face. It was his only response.

“Jesus fucking Christ, you fucking fucker,” Mikey said affectionately, and he stepped aside so they could continue on to the elevator. Kelly punched the button. Mikey pulled Nick into a hug, squeezing him tightly. “You be careful out there, huh? You left Boston to save your fucking life and then spent every fucking day trying to die.”

“Watch your fucking mouth.” Nick patted him on the back of the head, and then they released each other. “You get in trouble, you know who to call.”

“Anybody but you.”

“That’s right,” Nick drawled, and stepped into the elevator with the others. Mikey stood there grinning, his hands in his suit pockets as the doors closed. 

romeocomplex-archive2-deactivat  asked:

It took me like half the season to get over how asymmetrical Bonnie's face is. But she grows on you.

see after I saw her face from the front I realized why they started us easy by putting her in the car


her profile looks so deceptively nice and might lead you to believe THE REST LOOKS THE SAME

I love you, Kimberly. I hope the whole world knows they can never shake the feelings I have for you. I want everyone to know they will never make me think you are not a precious person to me.

Because you are this amazing girl I am fortunate to know.

I love you, I truly do :)

it all started as a game between a few friends: ghost hunting !! it was nothing serious. just some people having some fun exploring “haunted” local places & placing the videos on youtube. but the channel kicked off & soon a producer was contacting them. it took no time before spook squad got it’s own tv show !! but can the group handle themselves, fame, & GHOST ?? 


  • general rp rules. y’all know this shit, ok.
  • triggering themes will be present. don’t join if you don’t want to see them.
  • tracking: v. spook squad
  • when accepted please post a bio as soon as possible !!


  • mun name/time zone:
  • muse name:
  • muse age:
  • faceclaim:
  • position:


submit here.