for those who made me laugh, smile, and cry. for those who’ve inspired me to write, be myself and create things. i love you guys. my role play experience wouldn’t be the same without you. thank you for everything <3

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romeocomplex-archive2-deactivat  asked:

It took me like half the season to get over how asymmetrical Bonnie's face is. But she grows on you.

see after I saw her face from the front I realized why they started us easy by putting her in the car


her profile looks so deceptively nice and might lead you to believe THE REST LOOKS THE SAME

I love you, Kimberly. I hope the whole world knows they can never shake the feelings I have for you. I want everyone to know they will never make me think you are not a precious person to me.

Because you are this amazing girl I am fortunate to know.

I love you, I truly do :)