Help an artist out!

My name is Rachael, or also known as the mun for skinlikebleachedbones. I’m an asexual nonbinary still in a dead end part time job working for $400 a month below minimum wage.

I’m trying to raise money for a storefront ($5000) and to move my wonderful girlfriend Stephanie into my house. Currently the lowest moving truck cost is $500, and I only have at the moment $100, which isn’t even enough for anything but gas to get to work. So now I look to you, Tumblr, to help me reach my goal. I offer my skills to you for low costs, only because it seems fair for my skill level, and honestly, I think it should be affordable to everyone to have some pretty art.

  • Icons are $5.
  • Chibis are $7.
  • Full Body with a pretty background is only $15.
  • Character Sheets with as much info you want/highlights/extra items drawn such as paws, tails, eyes, etc. are only $20.

I will draw:

  • Furries
  • Vore
  • NSFW
  • Multiple characters/couples (will cost $5 per extra)
  • Males/Females
  • Pets
  • Your Mother
  • Dragons
  • Anthros

I will not draw:

  • Scat
  • Watersports
  • Stolen art/OCs

You can send me an e-mail at dragons4456@gmail.com, which is also my PayPal. Please help me out, I’d love to get some sort of funds rolling in.

I also have a patreon which further explains what is going on with my life and what we need: https://www.patreon.com/Endrascality?ty=h
The sounds of death are approaching...(open rp)

It was always upon a day like this, cold, wet and dreary where the sky was lit and riddled with lightning. It was always a day like this where the ground cracked and splintered and opened like a gaping maw to Hell, vibrations from what sure felt like an earthquake and the sounds of something clawing its way out of said hole. Then you came face to face with a horrific entity, skin like bleached bones and a grin of death permanently upon its face.

This creature was Ozryel, a demon of dangerous proportions, who had returned to the human realm to play and hunt. He sniffed the air, peering around the area as he took a moment to record his surroundings. A dark alley in a city is where he had arrived, people walking past the opening and all around the sidewalks. He waited in the shadows for one to grab and drag in, hungry for blood.

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Hi, due to insomnia / RT's of your Twitter here's a question in the form of a haiku: Mister Iron Man—When you dive into a pool—Epic cannonball?

I am Tony Stark
I always bring the party
I do what I want

Basically, the more people protest it, the more likely I am to make the most epic splash I possibly can. Especially if Barton is stupid enough to sit close to the pool while doing S.H.I.E.L.D. paperwork.

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Two questions: 1. I was wondering if you knew (pre-new UXF/WATXM Angel) when the last time Warren healed anyone was? I'm thinking Phoenix Endsong but I could have missed something. 2. I've always liked the healing ability because A. fits with his imagery and B. boosts his importance to the plebeians. How do you feel about it?

1. Was Endsong after Academy X chronologically? If so, then that was it. They’ve made various references to Warren healing himself after that, but not other people. I would assume that the ability is/was still there right up until the end, but with guys like Elixir around there wasn’t much point in using it, really, especially with as messy as it was.

2. I agree with you completely. I am not at all a fan of Chuck Austen’s run (for obvious reasons), but that was one of the things he’d done that I didn’t mind so much. He’d taken away all of Warren’s remaining Archangel features at that point, so I was okay with a secondary mutation to spice things up a little. Anyway, becoming the team’s healer was a much more interesting role than having him flying around batshit with a soulsword for no reason at all, LOL.

Changeling (open rp)

In all honesty he enjoyed his human form. It was nice not having to carry around a bulky body, to fit in and mingle amongst the humans without anyone screaming in his ear and causing a panic.

As if he’d want anything to do with the filthy vermin. Ozryel sighed as he adjusted his suit tie, dusting it off and smiling to himself. “Mm, now if only I had more clothes.” He shrugged to the image in the mirror, chuckling and heading out into the town, seeing what or who he could pick up for a decent night.

And later on, a wonderful dinner.

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Why is it the worst? I have these but haven’t read yet. Bad writing? Scary? Soul crushingly sad?

It’s like…. Disgusting and scary. They’re alternate reality stories. There’s a steampunk one that is pretty cool…

Did you see Watchmen? Remember when all the blood seeps underneath the door when Rorschach kills that dude in jail?

There is a moment like that.

ozryel answered your question: Okay, so since I answered…

The same, but I also enjoyed Yost/Kyle and Remender. Jerome Opeña art. Oh, and that vampire story “Voices”. Can’t help it, I like the crazy.

Ooooh yes, “Voices”! I actually did really enjoy that one as well (I’ve even had my avatar on my personal blog a panel from that story for…nearly three years now). Funny how I forgot that one!

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r u ok ;-;

I’m all right, baby. Been real busy with the birthday weekend/been super hot/drinking/not sleeping much. Kind of running me into the ground is all.

No worries!