The Yarrowing

The monster did not have a cave
The monster never, ever waved:
Only claws that rend and tear
Bloodied fur, this hungry lair!

The magician wandered inside
Without even a Jay by his side!
“All this death, the grim release -
There are options more than these.”

The monster growled and bared a tooth
The magician hit it with the roof.
“I don’t fear you, thus I defang.”
“Die!,” the monster lunged, harangued.

“Look at the damage humans have done;
All you do nothing next to the ozone.
You aren’t scary when next to me
All you do is kill, and never softly.”

“I am a monster,” the monster said.
“Yes, but one day you’ll be dead.
And no one will be left to remember you -
True fear is that which outlives you.”

The monster thought that over
And with a shiver did discover
The magician spoke only truth
The world itself a bitter proof.

“Leave your cave behind you;
A new destiny will find you.”
And the monster walked outside
And met a Jay who did not hide!

“Hi, Monster friend, a new face
Lets you be monstrously acesome!”
And where the monster had been
A flower gleamed unlike a grin.

“Ah, Jay?” the magician asked,
Cuz this wasn’t a jaysome task.
“What kind of binding was this
If the monster can’t even hiss?”

“Yarrow is poisonous a little bit,
It’s kinda not a monster I admit
But I had a prompting to win
And this is now a shoo-in!”

The magician spoke no words
Wise in the ways of the absurd
The monster was left to flower
As its only source of power.