Makeup Magic: Part 4

Today on Makeup Magic, we’ll be discussing probably one of my favorite products: The Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil by Urban Decay.

Photo from Style Caster.

Price: $16 + Shipping

Where to Purchase: Sephora

How to Use: Use it to line your lips before applying lipstick, to draw sigils on your face, skin, walls, whatever you’re feeling. Just use it like you would a regular pencil you would draw with.

Details: This baby right here is absolute magic, both in a mundane sense and a witchy sense. This chubby pencil stick has a waxy, crayon-like consistency and goes on completely clear.

Witchy Use: Sigils, sigils, sigils. Draw invisible sigils on your lips to make your words clearer or help you speak your mind, and activate it by smearing on lipstick/gloss/chapstick afterwards. Draw an invisible eye on the center of your forehead to activate your “third eye.” Write spells into your skin that only you can see. Use it on household items to draw sigils that nosy/disapproving parents/guardians won’t see(just be sure that the pencil won’t damage whatever surface you’re drawing on, and don’t use the same pencil on your face/body as you would other surfaces). The options are only as limited as your imagination!

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I watched her lip quiver
And I melted in the heat
Of her gaze
Harsh like sunlight
My ozone burned away
But I suffered
Oh I suffered the intensity
As her light tore at me
Made me sweat
Nuclear beads
Of death
As I disintegrated
Irradiated by love
Or something like it
I watched her lip quiver
And I died

i’m honestly so mad that ozon’s the new girlfriend is being marketed as a psychological thriller because this movie is straight up a really sweet and slightly sad drama about two individuals coping with loss and forming a bond of friendship that is basically linked by questioning notions of sexuality and gender and embracing qualities not attributed to the gender they were assigned at birth