‘No entry’ photo series submitted by Özkan Önal for Minimalzine.

‘The existence of the space-body interaction or its non-existence regarding a part of the suburb we live in or what is known as metro stations.

In the most general way of explaining things, space encompasses all senses, bodies, and objects.

Space, when bodies are nonexistent, as a scene, as an emptiness, with a creepy meaninglessness, reveals it’s disturbing and unsettling feature.

Each day we use metro stations with random people with the same goal of reaching a place. As a point in space, with it the experience we could not acquisite, ambiguates the body with its unexperienced and unexperimented presence.

After existing doors, staircases, and all constructed structures’ meaning is destructed and abstracted, then and only then starts to reshape and transform into a conceptual new formation.

Subsequently, after deconstructing the integrity of the meaning of nonexisting space, the need to ask this question is felt: “Where am I?” even more “What is where?” This is the question of the body.

Photographs, by asking this question to space, are able to reach one of their desired results.’

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