ozglyn wedding

Waiting at the altar

The scene was set, everything was in order.

He was alone.

The headmaster stood solemn and silent at the alter, his gaze distant as Professor Port coughed and glanced once more at the doors. Ozpin simply remained still as stone, his black suit neatly pressed and his glasses only slightly askew. 

He adjusted them, the first movement he’d made in nearly thirty minutes, and glanced out over the gathered crowd. There were quite a few of them, human, non-human, and everything in between. Though he’d  been reluctant to allow the few Grimm in attendance.

He turned his eyes back forward, letting out a slow breath. 

And he waited.

Blue Boy in the Ballroom [[Open OzGlyn Wedding RP]]

So, Professor Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch were married…and the simple-minded soldier had been invited by the wife herself. Yeah so were a lot of the others, but small graces still meant a lot to him.

It didn’t take long for the after party to enter full swing, not at all. It was actually quite soothing - Caboose didn’t have to worry about his blue helmet sticking out like a sore thumb, because all too soon it was lost in the sea of people. Of course, this little saving grace came with a heavy price…..he now had to fight his way through a crowd to get to the buffet….or anywhere for that matter.

Regardless, he bravely pushed through the multitude of people and took up a spot next to the table covered left to right in all sorts of exotic food, some tiny and made for the occasional nibble and others created with the sole purpose of filling someone’s mouth. All of it mouth watering in it’s own right.
Maybe it was the teacher’s way of stopping gossip: fill the guest’s gossiping mouths with food!
Heck - It would work on Caboose! Food could accomplish a lot when he was concerned…..also Cookies, but to the childish soldier’s infinite disappointment there seemed to be no such treats.

As the party entered full swing however, it suddenly sunk in: Washington’s ‘Wedding etiquette lessons’ hadn’t covered the after party….the little blue dork was now alone and left to his own devices in a dance-mad environment.
Not to mention, he had no idea how to do the fanta, or the samba, or the hockey pockey or whatever those fancy dances were called….the blue made a mental note: As soon as he heard the word 'dance’ from the DJ, he decided he would suddenly catch a cold and need to go outside for fresh air.

With the backup plan set, Caboose’s tinted visor darted around the room hoping to find someone he even slightly recognized, or someone new who looked interesting, just someone, anyone he could talk to - someone who could help him fight off the dreaded loneliness sinking in…

As it turns out, he didn’t have to look…..the anti-boredom savior found him.

          The girl stands outside the wedding venue, currently waiting for someone. The wedding won’t start in half an hour or so. She knows her team is wondering why she’s outside, and only Yang knows why. Blake is already dressed, with wavy locks down and the black bow sitting atop her crown. A dark mauve dress hugs her body with black shoes to match, and put the entire outfit together. Who knew Weiss could provide dresses for all her team. That Schnee is way too nice, but her kindness is appreciated most by Blake.

          Where the hell is Adam?