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Scrooge being tsundere is only us coming full circle, considering that Ozamu Tezuka, the originator of all manga, was LITERALLY INSPIRED BY the Duck comics of Carl Barks. All anime and manga are the literary and artistic descendants of the adventures of a duck, his nephews and his stingy rich uncle, so Scrooge being called tsundere is only appropriate.

i’m glad i can always count on backup in the duck discourse

Name: Jetto/Cobalt

For those of you who are not too familiar with this character, his name is Jetto, or at least in the Original 1960′s Japanese Astro Boy manga/t.v. show Cobalt (I prefer to call him by his original Japanese name). Originally, Cobalt was the brother of Astro Boy in the 1960′s t.v. series. In the 1960′s t.v. show Cobalt was (as I can put it ) Tezuka’s version of  Disney’s character Goofy; he was tall, clumsy, kind-hearted, a bit slow (I refuse to use the term dumb!!!) and just as strong as his heroic brother Astro. 

It’s sad to learn that this character was never reintroduced to the audience like Astro or his little sister for many years. So I’ve decided to draw Cobalt as if he was reintroduced in the Astro Boy 2003 series . It’s not the best (I know), but I just think that charming characters like this one should not be left in the darkness of oblivion.

Please note that this character belongs to the former god of anime Ozamu Tezuka himself, NOT MINE!!

(I have a few ideas for a background story and personality traits for this character which you all will see later on in the future)


Astro Boy Full Japanese Opening (1980)