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It wasn’t really a productive week because first, i wasn’t able to accomplish my goal for the week which is, to finish my complete denture final impression. Second, I wasn’t able to do op procedures as much as possible. And lastly, I still have the org renewal papers to work with, which has a deadline this 15th. It doesn’t mean tho, that I don’t deserve a fine week-ender, bec to be happy, you’ve to stop being too hard on yourself. Also, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, this will break my relationship with severe procrastination. 

Anyways, going back with this entry’s title. My week was sort of completed with an unplanned date with E, just like how most of my happy, hectic & not-so-busy days ended. Our dates we’re seldom planned and i kind of like it that way. I texted him this afternoon because my patient can’t make it to our scheduled appointment. We went to my fave cafe called Cafe Eduardo, and of course ordered something fancy. I was thinking of going home early after our snack but then, he was up for a movie date. So I went home to changed clothes, since I was still wearing my uniform and headed to the movie house afterwards. We watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Sixty percent of the entire movie bore me down, but some scenes startled me & made me scream a little, hihi. I’m not a fan of such movies, but Eubein somehow always made me watched them. In exchange for that, he’ll treat me with some sweets of my liking which is absolutely alright.♥  

Okay, so I got a pretty sweet week-ender. Don’t forget to post yours too loves, bec I’d love to read them all. 

Much love,



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