Do you ever think about Louis’ 21st birthday party and wonder who was in charge of planning it? How did they come up with the guest list? Who put Jonny on the fucking guest list? If it was Jay planning it, did she ask Louis to look over the invite list and Louis say “Add Jonny to this intimate, black tie affair, please!” 

Or was it Harry who did the guest list, who painstakingly compiled their family and friends, and thought to himself “Jonny should come to this.” 

Or, perhaps worst of all, did Jay collaborate with Harry on the guest list and they share family and friends who should be invited with each other? 

There weren’t that many people there. It was mostly close family and friends, and Harry’s childhood friend was included among Louis’ close family and friends. 

And not a single one of Eleanor’s friends or family were there.

Hard work will always pay off, without a shadow of a doubt. Make sure you’re putting your time, effort and dedication into something you truly want. Life has a way of showing you what you need and what you don’t, never persist with something that does not make you feel whole. Your goals are entirely your own, make sure you work towards something you will always love.

your goals by Amy Kennedy


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as pride month slowly winds to a close, this is your fun daily reminder that hyperspecific identity labels are like fine if you want to use them to personally try to understand your relationships with sex and gender, but to pretend even for a second that they provide coherent commentary about whether/how you’re affected by oppression such as homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny is woefully misinformed and potentially detrimental to the process of learning which power structures you benefit from and which ones you’re oppressed by

additionally, it’s potentially harmful to others (especially younger people!) bc it can a] prevent them from working through internalized shit to figure out their own identities b] trivialize the oppression faced by gay/bi/trans folks and c] further useless identity politics and respectability politics at the hands of people who don’t want to admit they receive sociopolitical benefits over others, which d] takes away from the community goals of, say, helping homeless lgbt people, helping lgbt addicts, helping lgbt hiv+ folks, helping to educate communities about what it means to be lgbt to reduce homophobia and transphobia, etc

when political coalitions such as the lgbt community, formed from the blood, sweat, and tears of lesbians, gay men, bi people, and trans people (and notably trans women, especially twoc) to combat violent oppression, are watered down to “this is a nice place where every single person can be included if they say so” it’s spitting in the faces of those who fought for us, for our rights, for our futures. making this an all-inclusive, “just grab some latin or greek roots and make up your own identity!” free-for-all (which also ignores that every single person has their own distinct and unique experience with gender and sex, btw) shows blatant disregard and disrespect to those who built this community for us. it needs to stop.