“Afire Love” by Ed Sheeran, X (2014)

Sampling “Remembering Jenny” by Christophe Beck.

The Iron Coin Chronicles: Season 2, Episode 10

After a lot of work and some rewriting, its finally done.

Normally, I’d include some sort of meta-here to go with the update, but for a number of reasons, I’m not going to. 



Loaded Nachos With Chicken. Tortilla Chips (Bunch), Cheese Whiz (28 oz.), Pepper Jack Cheese (12 oz.), Chicken (2 Breasts), Chipotle Powder (Dash), Kosher Salt (Dash), Black Pepper (Dash), Sour Cream (10 oz,), Adobo Seasoning (Dash), Corn (2), Cilantro (1 bunch), Jalapeno (3), Stewed Tomatoes (14 oz.)

Make Sour Cream: Mix sour cream with adobo seasoning.

Make Salsa: Puree stewed tomatoes with cilantro, jalapeno & Salt.

Make Corn: Shuck and place on open flame on all four sides until it begins to brown, then cut corn off cob.

Make Cheese: Melt cheese whiz and pepper jack cheese in microwave.

Make Chicken: Season with salt, pepper & ancho chili powder and sear in pan. Cut into small pieces and return to pan until fully cooked. Add all ingredients to top of tortilla chips along with diced jalapenos and green onions.