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I see my face all the time. I’ve never liked it, it’s all over the place. It’s always doing expressions when I’m trying to be enigmatic.

. Obsessive Impulsive . 11

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.

Levy eyed herself in the mirror in her apartment in Fairy Hills, criticizing every detail to make sure she looked like she wanted to. She nodded firmly to herself, fixed her headband one last time, and then smirked.

A pink dress tied with black lace around her throat and down her chest. The lace lined the edges of the skirt, the part where it cut off into sleeveless slits for her arms. On each arm she wore a sleeve that had been tied on to match, her feet clad in black shoes, and a black headband in her hair. She nodded.

Surely this would do for whatever Gajeel had planned?

Her hazel eyes glowed as she checked the time and grabbed her purse.

She paused to contemplate.

To ask for an escort or to not… She struggled before furrowing her brow. Gajeel knew she would be there and it wasn’t too far…it was a busy time and there were people everywhere on the way back to Fairy Tail’s guildhall…

Alone it was. She’d just hurry.

Levy headed out, tugging her door shut and locking it behind her. Just in case, she told herself, even as she realized with a sinking stomach that she never used to lock her door. Elroy had entirely ruined everything for her.

Well…not everything.

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Malec & Saphael Fics Recs!

A while back someone asked me if I read any fanfics and if so, recommend some to them, but I accidently deleted the ask (sorry Anon!!). So here’re some fics I’ve read recently~ 

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