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Season 1 Finale: Origins of Ladybug and Chat Noir
Season 2 Finale: Origins of Past Miraculous Holders
Season 3 Finale: Origins of the Present-Day Generation Miraculous Dream Team ft. All of the Miraculous Holders ( @dreamwips

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THIRD TIMES THE CHARM: smile, doofus, fall

(You are indeed a doofus, but for your effort: )

Marinette considered herself somewhat of an expert on all things Adrien Agreste. She hadn’t spent so much time and effort on stalking learning about him to be considered anything else. But of course, the information she was proudest of was the encyclopedia of smiles she was amassing. 

There was his polite smile, just a slight pulling of the corners towards the edge of his face. There was his default smile, his mouth curving just enough to make him look interested and attentive. There was his tense smile, which was usually accompanied by a furrowed brow and, ninety-percent of the time, Chloe.

And then there were True Adrien smiles. Those were a precious thing, collected daily and processed carefully. Marinette spent a lot of time recounting each one, closing her eyes and cataloguing what each one meant. The right side of his mouth quirking up meant he was amused. If the left side took precedence, he was probably modeling or trying to “smolder”. A smirk meant he was teasing her. When he was caught off guard by something funny, the corners of his mouth pulled up and his eyes crinkled. Marinette thought that smile was her favorite.

But there was another smile she’d seen recently. Wide, unabashed, teeth showing and eyes gleaming with humor. He looked like an absolute doofus. It wasn’t a model smile, nor was it any kind of respectable, restrained expression. It was open and silly and free, and it was achingly familiar.

Marinette considered herself somewhat of an expert on all things Adrien Agreste, but as she saw the exact smile that she had initially memorized on her partner’s face tugging on her crush’s lips, she suddenly wondered if she knew anything about him at all.

She couldn’t take too much time lamenting this, of course, because as she began to bridge the gap in knowledge, she started falling all over again. 

This time, she let herself enjoy the fall, cushioned by black masks and bright smiles.

uM heLLO????
1. girls are SO important??!?!?

miraculous ladybug is such a good show and i love all the creativity coming out of the fandom rn with ocs and i just

i wanted to practice drawing my girl but i thought hey WHY NOT DRAW OTHER PEOPLE’S OCS TOO
i hope it’s ok ahhh
(but if it’s not and your oc is up here pls pls pls do message me and let me know and i will amend the situation somehow)
(also i completely just guesstimated heights so if i fukked up i am so sorry)

from left to right:
chouette - @purchatoire
reindear - @trainersheels​ 
firefly - that’s my kiddo @miraculousfirefly
luna moth - @oz-xiii
jackal rouge - @antibagel
miss manchot - @yaushie

i might do more! (tbh yeah i probably will)
lol follow me @miraculousfirefly which is my ML oc blog for more “quality” content

also if any other people with ocs happen to see this and perhaps are interested in getting their ML kiddo drawn, leave a message maybe ^^?

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It never happened in the way one imagined it would.

Children dreamed of epic romances, of roses and chocolates and cards and kisses. They didn’t dream of being tossed across the city they grew up in, being battered and bruised and roughed up on a daily basis. Sometimes they dreamed of the superhero part of that, but they never really understood that it meant getting hurt, too.

With Chat Noir hovering over her as he was, lightly dabbing at her blue and green mottled eye as he cleaned a few small cuts around it, biting his lip with concern in his gaze, Marinette thought she knew why some people romanticized the whole hero thing.

“I’ll be fine, mon minou,” she soothed, even as she flinched when he brushed against a bruise on her jaw. She saw his teeth clench.

“Why did you stand in front of me like that?” he groused, his voice low and demanding. “I would have been fine. You didn’t need to put yourself in harm’s way!”

“Don’t be silly,” she brushed him off with a light laugh. “Of course I would protect you. You do it for me all the time!”

“It’s different!” he hissed, pulling back to look her in the eye. “My Lady…Ladybug, I–”

She searched his gaze for a moment as his voice faltered, and she smiled at him. He was incredibly endearing, her little kitten, and she finally voiced the words she’d wanted to say for ages.

“Do you think I love you any less than you love me?”

OKAY LOOK I DID THE THING. Um…I tag whoever wants to do it, but also @rionydal and @emeralddrop if they haven’t done it yet! :D 

What’s this? Another fic rec list of recent awesome things I’ve read? But of course!

The Butterfly Effect by @catnoirism

This fic was stunning and haunting and it’s about the after effects of akuma victims. It’s through Nathaniel’s POV and it just…I had chills.

Two Faces, Same Coin by @unluckyfortunes

Have you ever actively looked for a story about a genderfluid Marinette? Well, I didn’t, but I’m so glad that I came across this. You can feel how unlucky puts their feelings in the story and their own experiences. Not only that, bu no matter what your gender identity is, it never shames questioning. 

Commitment by @simply-arien

You know that one prompt where Person A gets stood up so Person B decides to do something and you melt every time? Well, this is the fic for you!

It’s Complicated by @konekat

Here’s the summary because honestly it’s perfect: “ Chat Noir wants to confess to Ladybug. Marinette wants to confess to Adrien. Somehow, things just keep spiraling out of control instead.” This is one of my new favorite things. 

Root of Love by @miraculouscoccinelle

It’s totally one of those “I’m sorry! I like someone else!” fics, but who cares? I love this! It is so honest, but then of course, these two dorks help their other selves anyway. 

Bright Star by @oz-xiii

This has some of the best MariChat friendly interactions I have ever read and it makes me so happy. Like god. YES.

3/5 Is Just Enough by @gigiree

Based off @peachbunni​‘s Marionette AU, Gigi brings it to life and shows us just how terrible it is to be an akuma and how hurtful it is worry about someone. 

1930 by @northmelody

If you can’t tell, this fic takes place in the 1930s, but I love it for the style. This reads just like it was also written in the 1930s. Check it out!

Here are some recent stories I really liked and I’m keeping an eye on them! You should keep an eye on them too! :)


I cannot express how grateful and in awe I am that so many of you wonderful miraculers follow my blog. I still can’t get over that I hit 1000+ followers, and this blog was started in January. WOW.

This fandom has been one of the kindest, most wonderful fandoms I’ve ever been in and I feel really blessed for the friends that it has brought me these past few months. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and interacting with is incredibly talented, creative, and unbelievably nice.

All of the artists, writers, cosplayers, rp blogs, amv makers, voice actors, etc. that I follow are insanely amazing and deserve every note/kudos on their posts.
The talent in this fandom and how hardworking everyone is never ceases to inspire me!

I know it’s not much, but I thought doing a follow forever would be appropriate for this milestone. I’m trying to work on something else to express my gratitude and to really thank all of you, but for now know that I love and appreciate all of my followers! Y’all rock :D

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Jason was a big spoon all along. Bruce was just slightly bigger.

OMG, I’m cracking up. I just keep imagining some kids at school talking about spooning and then they’re like what about you, Jase, you the big spoon or the little spoon? And Jay’s like ?? idk what that means… uh… BIG SPOON yeah, duH. 

Then goes home and asks Bruce, kinda nervous because he’s confused but wants to seem knowledgable and cool…. hey Bruce, I’m the big spoon, right? And Bruce is like well actu– . .. ……… yes chum ur the big spoon.. and i’m the uh. slightly bigger spoon. And jay is happies :))))))))))))

kleine-asbar replied to your post “paragontethras replied to your post:my otp corner of fandom keeps…”

I feel the same way about not getting any fanworks out sob. I hope that’ll get better! I agree though that Bruce/Dick is a ship that’ll never go away.

I just really miss those days when I always had at least one WIP going and writing about my OTP was an escape, and one I enjoyed & felt happy about. (I remember telling a colleague about how happy I was to be writing again and adfjsdfkj)

christinefuckingchapel replied to your post “my otp corner of fandom keeps shrinking… :(  but like, there are 5 of…”

i want to come back but i have such a hard time staying dedicated to something when there are so few new fanworks and the source material is near unreadable now and it makes me really sad

I’ve been waiting a year for canon to try and get better, and while the hope will never go away… it’s been brutal seeing it continue to get even worse and worse. I mean, fricking Nightwing #30. *vomit*

evinist replied to your post “my otp corner of fandom keeps shrinking… :(  but like, there are 5 of…”

I’m staying forever


oz-xiii replied to your post “my otp corner of fandom keeps shrinking… :(  but like, there are 5 of…”

<3 *sends hugs your way



… reminding you what a jerkface university is, and that you have to pick your summer courses. You know, because university screwed up your schedule for second semester and all that fun stuff. So anyway, go to the excel spreadsheet where you planned all your classes to find a list of courses you want to take for this summer. Hey, look on the bright side, you finally get to take that graphic novel class with your favourite prof. In the case that university lied about the dates to choose your summer courses, just queue this up for the later date, or whenever. Fuck university. 

Also, friends/followers, if you see this post, would you be so kind as to shoot me an ask to remind me about this, just in case future/present me doesn’t see this post? That’d be great, thanks. 

oz-xiii hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet:I want to know what “Robin Rises” is and I feel…

i REALLY hope that it’s damian coming back. Judging from some of the covers i’ve seen lately and the coffin thing on the Robin Rises cover, i’m staying hopeful.

I think it’s possible, but I won’t believe it until I see it. XD My rule of thumb with reboot comics is that if I desperately want something to happen, the opposite of that will happen, so I’ll be very very cautious about getting excited.

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Well. This was unexpected. No. Unexpected wasn’t the right word; they had thought about this; talked endlessly about the posibility of children and whether they were ready and the overall answer had been yes. They would try. 

So Marinette had stopped using contraceptives and gone to the doctor, who had told her to not get antsy about it, that couples usually spent many months after leaving usual contraceptive methos before  getting pregant.

So really. There was no reason for her to be concerned!

But after lunch today, after being oddly repulsed by the smell of Alya’s lunch, her best friend had brought up one simple question. 

“What? Are you pregnant or something?” 

And then she’d laughed it off, which Marinette joined, of course. There was no way she could be pregnant. They had just decided to try. 

But still… just to be on the  safe side, she bought a home pregnancy test. 

She’d gone throught hte undignified road of peeing on a god damned stick and after washing her hands throughly, she left the test on top of the sink and set the timer for the instructed five minutes. 

That had happened four hours ago. 

The alarm had began beeping and Marinette had simply sent it to snooze, giving it five more minutes and so on, and on. 

The door unlocked and Adrien entered their home, stretching his arms over his head as he finally relaxed in the comfort of his own home. He took one look at Marinette to notice something was wrong and quickly walked over his wife. 

His eyes fell on the empty test box set on the coffee table at once. 

“Babe, are you…?” The look on Adrien’s face was sheer happiness, which only deflated when Marinette shook her head. “Oh, I’m so…”

“No!” Marinette exclaimed, shaking her head vigorously as she pulled Adrien back on the sofa. “I’m just… I haven’t seen it yet.” 

The alarm beeped. 


I tag, @soundofez,   @oz-xiii, @glitterglamspark  @zenwisterias

And everyone who hasn’t done this yet because it’s fun :v 

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I’m imagining this jetpack chain and tim and Damian fighting to jet pack Dick (lol who are they kidding, Cass has that spot). Wowowow jetpacking is just so so cute. >w<

OMG. Bruce’s bed is definitely big enough. I imagine one by one they go into Bruce’s bed, see the inviting cuddle chain, and join in.

Cass, then Tim, then Damian, then alllll the way at the end, Damian’s cat. Who is the boss. Always.

oz-xiii replied to your post:hungarianhungarianhippos replied to your chat:Dick…

the timing for everything is like DC butting Dick out of the spotlight during the 75th because of the gay scare they had. Like HEY WE’RE CELEBRATING BATMAN AND LOOK HES NOT GAY BECAUSE DICK GRAYSON ISNT HERE. it pisses me off for countless reason >:(

This ties up with something else I was going to be bitter about.

On one hand, you’ve got Bucky Barnes – who lbr WAS modeled after Robin – getting titular billing & the significant emotional weight/character exploration in Cap 2. You’ve got freaking Sebastian Stan agreeing that “maybe (the dynamic between Steve & Bucky) was a little bit brokeback”. 

And on the other hand, you’ve got Dick Grayson, who is the joke of “Batman slapping his Robins around” meme and who 75+ year relationship with Bruce seems to get colder & more distant with each day, whose main interaction these days is with a love interest who wasn’t even a serious romantic player in his life till the last 20 out of 60+ years, who is just… not involved in the Batfamily action, pretty much. 

@miraculousturtle and @alya-bourgeois tagged me tbh I have been Waiting to be tagged in this because I wanted to see how much I can write. Let’s goooooo.

The rules are to write for 5 minutes, no longer, and post without edits.

Marinette took one look at Adrien and huffed, stomping her foot petulantly as she turned away. The boy in question looked up at her curiously from where he was lounging on the couch, as she angrily muttered to Tikki. 

“Hey, Marinette. Welcome home?” he tried, a little timid but mostly just confused.

“Don’t give me that,” she shot back with narrowed eyes.

“I’m… sorry? Did I do something?”

“No! You didn’t! And that’s what’s so annoying!”

He sat up, setting his book aside and leaning towards her. He patted the space beside him on the couch, but she only crossed her arms and stalked into the kitchen.

“I’m confused,” the boy admitted to Plagg, who only shrugged and followed Marinette, most likely in a bid for cheese. He stood and followed a few moments later, if only to investigate. He found his girlfriend standing by the counter, angrily cutting up vegetables. “Are you mad at me?” 

“No! You just- you looked so perfect sitting on the couch, reclining in the sunbeams and looking like you were shooting for a cover of a- a magazine, or something. Do you ever stop modeling?”

The boy was stunned silent for a second, and then he couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled up. “You’re mad because I’m attractive?”

“No! I’m attractive. You…. you’re frustrating.”

“Frustrating, am I?” he asked, his voice getting more mischievous by the second.

She turned to look at him, her lips quirking into a smile. “The worst.”

He leaned down, kissing the corner of her mouth as his voice dropped low and his hands wrapped around her waist. “I’m sorry, my love. But I’ve been told I’m quite good at relieving frustration as well.”

I was typing like crazy okay I am usually a really slow writer but I was in such a “GOTTA GO FAST” mode haha…. I do admit I went a few seconds over so I could finish the word I was on and close the quotation marks. If you really feel like that doesn’t count, pretend the last sentence reads “But I’ve been told I’m quite good at relieving frustration as w”

The urge to go back and edit this is really hard to resist just because I know that I’m now allowed to dang it. I won’t tho. I won’t….

I tag…. @bounemr @oz-xiii @wintermoth and @rionydal

fleetsparrow hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet:If Teen Titans Year One is another one of those…

He’s not really, because it’s all a thing where the mentors are being taken over by some evil thing. He’s just emotionally stunted, but not mean.

regal-fish hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet:If Teen Titans Year One is another one of those…

noooo there’s a reason. it’s not really bruce since he was being mind controlled. the other core team’s mentors are affected too and the team has to come together to take them all down

oz-xiii hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet:If Teen Titans Year One is another one of those…

It’s not because of the typical Bruce is an ass thing, there’s a reason for the punch. Really.

Ah okay, thank you for clearing that up! Mind control/outside influence is one of the very few explanations for this that I accept, tbh. I know that Bruce and Dick have come to blows a couple times as Batman and Nightwing, and it’s nasty and I don’t like it, but I can deal with it.

But Bruce punching Dick when he is Robin (or Bruce punching any Robin) is super fucking OOC and it infuriates me when it pops up without a solid explanation.