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The "Red Brick Road" Theory - The Wizard of Oz, is Willy Wonka's Father

The “Red Brick Road” Theory began with this image:

So, there you have it. That is the answer…. but, how?
Why would this be?

Let me explain….

The Wizard was flying away in his Hot air balloon, only to get carried away by a tornado, ending up in the Land of Oz. Upon arriving his balloon was destroyed, leaving him trapped. As his time there passed, he began making plans for a glass elevator so he could fly back home.


Willy Wonka began his candy empire in 1920 with a small shop in town. The word spread across the world, Wonka decided to expand.

Nothing new came from Wonka for five years.

In that time, Wonka went in search of his father and followed the clues/trail of where his father was last sighted. He ends up getting sucked into a tornado, too, ending up in Oz.. where he discovers the Munchkins, all the fanciful wild candy growing, etc.

Wonka also notices the munchkins are struggling. They have no money and no jobs, because all the focus has been turned to construction of something called “Emerald City.”

Wonka strikes up a deal with the Munchkins, and they establish the “Lollipop Guild.”

A trusty group of leaders within the Munchkins, The Lollipop coordinates with Wonka on bettering Munchkin Land.


Five years later, in 1925, he built a chocolate factory, “fifty times as big as any other.” Thanks to the trade secrets he received via the Lollipop Guild, his recipes were so popular that competitors were stealing his secret recipes by sending in spies to pose as his workers. Feeling betrayed, Wonka told all his workers to go home and closed the factory in an attempt to save it.

He decides to employ the Munchkins at the Factory instead of regular workers because he felt that they were far more trust worthy. In return for their labor and sharing the wild candy of Oz, he rewards them with money that helps keep the Munchkin’s fed, clothed, and a roof over their head.

15 years later, in 1940, he re-opened the factory and chocolate was created once more. It is revealed during a tour that the workers are a race of people called the Oompa-Loompas from Loompaland.
“Oompa Loompa” became their titles, to keep their true identity secret and to protect the Land of Oz. Due to prolonged exposure over the years to the chocolate, the “Oompa Loompa’s” skin became permanently died an orange-ish brown color. As an added security measure, Wonka put into place a rule that all of the Oompa Loompa’s MUST dye their hair a very specific green color. This ensured that nobody could simply pose as a worker and steal Wonka’s secret recipes.

Wonka is the first outsider, to visit Oz, and the wizard. Hoping he can help find his father so he can show him what he has accomplished.

The Wizard spent so many years in Oz, he came to realize his son is better off without him, and without knowing what happened to him. So, he does the best he can do to help his son, while still maintaining his anonymity, saying:

My dear, Wonka, you always limited yourself based on getting your father’s approval. But, you see… you’ve always had it. You have done many a good thing, and far surpassed the expectations of others. Be proud of how far you have come, my dear boy. You have reached, and passed many limitations. I want you never to forget that, Wonka. Here… I want you to have these blueprints. This glass elevator, is limitless. It goes backwards, forwards, left, right, up, down, diagonal, and everything in between. If you ever feel limited in life, this elevator will remind you that there is NO limit, to happiness.”

The Wizard no longer needs it to escape. He realizes he has no reason to return; he can do more good in Oz, than he can back home. The Wizard feels relieved learning that his true place is in Oz to help others and Repay a debt to himself.

The wizard giving Wonka the blueprints was the first time he gave someone a gift, for something they already had.
[He later uses this same technique with Dorothy, Cowardly Lion and Tin Man.]


As the years passed, Wonka occasionally helped build Munchkin Land and, as a little reminder of how to get home, built two spiraling brick roads.

A Yellow Brick Road, which lead to the newly completed Emerald city, and a Red Brick Road, which lead to Wonka’s factory.

Wonka, now free of what he thought was an obsession with candy but turned out to be an obsession with getting his father’s approval, has no reason to keep and maintain the Chocolate Factory.

This leads to the events of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY in 1940, where Wonka gives the Factory to someone truly worthy of carrying on his legacy in the Candy industry.

Shortly after, that same year, Dorothy Gale is carried away by a Tornado, ending up in Oz.

This leads to the events of WIZARD OF OZ.

After helping out Dorothy, Cowardly Lion and Tin Man, The Wizard’s debt to himself is paid off and he can now return home; which he does at the end of Wizard of Oz.

And there you have it!
The Wizard of Oz is Willy Wonka’s father!

Until next time,
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