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@ourladyoflace took some good shots of me wearing the mask! It was commissioned by chergnomebyl props on Facebook and later on signed by Troy baker. I had a really good time at the con wearing it (despite the fact that there’s no way oswald can see out of it properly) and hanging with my friends.



Chapter 8

If you’re wondering why RDR ( @rideboldlyride)’s chapters have been delayed…then direct your anger towards me!

Yeah, I’m the ass in this, guys. I’m SO SO SORRY!!

She asked me to make a teaser comic of her chapter, since we are constantly collaborating with one another, and through a series of misfortunate events I have been held up finishing it until recently.

But But But!! You now get to have a comic to enjoy! She will not be delayed anymore, and I apologize for holding her up.

Enjoy, everyone! You’re all so wonderful and I hope we both can continue to work together to entertain you all!

Stay Lovely~

Signal Boost For More Followers

I could use a couple more people to follow me to talk about these topics:

- Heathers/Heathers the Musical

- Roald Dahl (in general is fine, but I would also like fellow fans of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The Witches, The BFG, Revolting Rhymes, etc.)

- Danganronpa

- A Series of Unfortunate Events

- A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (bonus points if you’re familiar with it’s previous adaptation and the source material, Kind Hearts and Coronets and Israel Rank: The Autobiography of a Criminal, respectively)

- Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

- Disney

- American McGee’s Alice/Alice: Madness Returns

- The Wizard of Oz/Land of Oz books (I’ve been trying to get int the series beyond just the movies)

- Miraculous Ladybug

- South Park

- Dragon Ball/Z/Super

- Rick and Morty

- Star vs the Forces of Evil

- Fairy Tales and Folklore

- My Hero Academia

- The Legend of Zelda

- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

- Soul Eater

- Voltron: Legendary Defender

- Musical Theatre in General

If you’re interested in at least any of these things, I would greatly like it if we got to know each other and talked about these things, because I actually have a lot of thoughts and ideas I’d like to share, and, hopefully, we can can become friends. 

Though, I also hope you won’t mind it when I post and discuss about politics or other personal beliefs of mine, because I’d hate a relationship to be ruined by something like that. Just to put it short and get it out of the way, I don’t affiliate with any specific political party, I find many Left-wing and Right-wing to be equally annoying and/or crazy, I hate Tumblr’s brand of extremism, generalizing, and hysteria, I don’t like pettiness or looking down on people in the South or “blue-collar” States, I don’t like big government, I would consider myself to be something of a “Moderate/Centrist Libertarian”, I’m bisexual, but I am also Catholic (yes, that is a branch of Christianity, in spite of what many Fundamentalist Protestants spew from the works of out-of-date demonizers), and I sort of have this little beef against Communism, to say the least (I’m half-Cuban, so that probably explains some stuff).

Also, on the topic of comic books, I like both Marvel and DC, but I’m critical of Marvel’s recent comic decisions, and let’s just say that the less I share about my “unsavory” thoughts on the DC Cinematic Universe, the better. I hate both fandoms, though, and think they have massive persecution complexes and get their kickers twisted at the slightest criticism.

I hope you can all live with all of that info, and I hope you won’t mind following me and getting to know me, and I hope you won’t mind my “eclectic” tastes and views. If you could spread this around, I would be most grateful. Thank you very much.

I’m most of this stuff, btw, and I hope I don’t regret it later.

Everyone’s talking about the Lars of the Stars preview and about Captain Lars and the Off Colors and Bingo Bongo, but I’m just glad that my birthstone is finally a character in SU.

Last week a new series I’m working on started!!! I don’t do a ton of episode promos because I uh… work on a LOT of episodes, (I think so far this year we’ve shipped 6 I’ve worked on?) and few things are as special to me as Borderlands was.

But I had a real good motivation this time!

And that was: please put oz & bruce fanart in the #cobblebats tag for me, thx in advance