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it’s that time of the month again!!

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  • best supernatural - the sam winchester award
  • best teen wolf - the allison argent award
  • best marvel - the bruce banner award
  • best game of thrones - the arya stark award
  • best multifandom - the meredith grey award
  • best overall - the stiles stilinski award
  • nicest blogger - the haley james scott award
  • send me any if you have them
  • they’ll be one winner for every category, and maybe a runner up or two depending on what i want
  • or if i’m being indecisive
  • you’ll get love if you win ok, and an edit of your choice, you just need to let me know
pls help me

hey guys! like i said yesterday i had a really awful parents evening. my teachers all said i was failing and not working hard enough so i really think i need to focus a bit more on my work. for this reason i’ll be going on hiatus for a week (at least). what i need from you is maybe 2-3+ blogsitters to keep my blog going while i’m away

i’m going out now but i’ll be back in a couple hours so if you could send me an ask or leave a reply saying you wouldn’t mind blogsitting i’d really appreciate it and when i get back we can talk about arrangements and stuff

i love you all and thank you in advance for your understanding <333

just for fun


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fandom blogs please

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best supernatural

best game of thrones

best teen wolf

best doctor who

best multifandom

best url

best theme

best updates tab

best posts

best overall

kindest blogger

winner will get some stuff when i decide sorry oops


things you’ll get to know

  • why I love Cas
  • the word ‘ask’ is hard to pronounce
  • I love to sing
  • and holding pens
  • making a 2 hour long video makes me tired (so I’m not bored of your questions, I just hate sitting at my table and was sleepy)
  • I have a problem with titles
  • i was an ass because I deleted the part where I thanked your questions - but I did say goodbye at least
  • who would I marry - the big winchester fight
  • I am taking maths on A level but sometimes I count on my fingers
  • i love candles
  • and Sam
  • and Dean
  • and Jess
  • I didn’t forget to say hi
  • I can write descriptions more interesting than the video itself

YOU SHOULD APPRECIATE MY WORK I SHORTENED A 2 HOURS LONG VIDEO about singing doing nothing thinking saying things that had no meanings INTO 30 MINUTES

something’s up with youtube for me it starts at different times but I do have a video before those

I put a little guiding to the description on youtube if you want to know only a few things

music families

I deleted my supernatural family because it was very old and 99% of blogs have changed their urls, so here’ my new idea

  • send me a song title (artist/band - song title)
  • you’ll be in my music family under that title
  • to make it clear: bands/artist will be the previous angels/hunters thing in fandom families, while the title represents the names 
  • join here, link to the page
  • blacklist musicfam if you don’t want to see any of this
  • if you reblog this i will love you forever but it’s not a must