oz network

it’s that time of the month again!!

  • must be following this marshmallow
  • check out my december botm!
  • reblog this post to enter - likes don’t count :)
  • must reach at least 30 notes or I’ll cry
  • the deadline is 31st december - I’ll post the winner and runners-up by 1st january!
  • a nice url
  • lovely posts
  • a pretty, clean theme
  • good tagging system
  • and most importantly of all a super duper lovely blogger!
  • eternal love and friendship (◡‿◡✿)
  • a follow back if I’m not already
  • unlimited promos in january (and you’ll be included in any promos I do during the month too)
  • a link in my updates tab for the month
  • anything else you might want!
  • a follow back from me if I’m not following you already
  • automatic inclusion in any promos I do in january
  • lots of love and cupcakes (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

happy reblogging, I love you all <3

music families

I deleted my supernatural family because it was very old and 99% of blogs have changed their urls, so here’ my new idea

  • send me a song title (artist/band - song title)
  • you’ll be in my music family under that title
  • to make it clear: bands/artist will be the previous angels/hunters thing in fandom families, while the title represents the names 
  • join here, link to the page
  • blacklist musicfam if you don’t want to see any of this
  • if you reblog this i will love you forever but it’s not a must