oz confession


Guess who got to see Wicked for the first time and thought to herself “What if I just reimagined the Wonderful Wizard of Oz?” And this happened. I have an entire story planned and everything and I just needed to post a long series of concepts. In order of appearance it’s Dorthy, “the Wicked Witch”, and Glinda for a nice sneak peek at a potential project I’m working on.


I feel like this Nygmobblepot moment doesn’t get talked about a lot. But it is honestly one of my favorites. Ed goes out of his way to check on Oz when he was taken in by the GCPD. This is why I never understood why people said that this love bs came out of nowhere. This was back in S2 and you can already see the chemistry between the two and how much they care about one another. To be completely honest, as thrown off guard I was when Oz confessed his feelings, it was honestly because I always thought the person who confesses feelings would be Ed (since we had been making jokes of Ed being in love with Oz since S1) so it being Oz was shocking to me. In the beginning it was clear that Ed was just fangirling over Oz but this scene showed that Ed actually grew to care about Oz. I am not entirely sure how Ed feels about Oswald. Idk if he has feelings for Oz and doesn’t know it, or he had feelings for him than cut the idea out cause he thought there was no way Oz could love him too, or if he doesn’t have romantic feelings for him and only loves him as a friend. But I do believe that Ed and Oz will eventually become friends again, once Ed discovers that Isabella was a phoney and Oz forgives him for shooting him. I believe that moments like this will happen again but we will have to wait for it.

I ship Willow and Oz, and I wish they ended up together/stayed together forever. Not because it’s a heterosexual relationship (I’m a lesbian myself, so that really is not the reason), but because I feel that Willow and Oz had way more chemistry and passion (relationship-wise AND friendship-wise too) than Willow and Tara. So many people rave about Tara and Willow being such a good lesbian relationship, but I don’t see ANY chemistry between them. AND I know how much hate I’ll get for this, but Tara annoys me so much!!  

I’m still super pissed that they decided to make Willow full on lesbian instead of bisexual. Her attraction to men was real and intense, particularly with Oz. Her chemistry and relationship with Oz was far better than that with Tara. As a queer woman, the need to have her as either or drove me insane.

I wish Buffy had been a lesbian or at least Bi, instead of Willow. My ultimate endgame ships are Buffy and Faith (before Faith became a killer) and Willow and Oz. I don’t ship Xander with anyone because I despise him (he was/is so completely cold, slut-shaming towards Buffy, ungrateful, rude as hell, inconsiderate etc, etc… and just overall a bad guy (especially towards all women). Yeah, there was that time that he stood by Buffy when she got to college and felt out of place, but that was the ONLY time that I even liked him a little bit. 

I really hated how Oz was written out of the show. He was pretty much the best boyfriend ever, and then the second a female werewolf shows up, he betrays Willow. I’m glad that had him come back and be accepting of Willow’s relationship with Tara, but it still wasn’t quite enough for me.

Willow and Oz were my very first OTP, I was in love with both of them. When Oz left, and Willow began dating Tara, I had to stop watching the show for awhile. I learned how relentlessly bullied and harassed Amber was, and I’m disgusted. I stopped watching the show when my OTP broke up, I didn’t bully the actors. It saddens me when people do things like that.