oz comic con day 1


Oz Comic Con Day 2: The Round Up

1: An amazing Cullen and Leliana
2: Two beautiful OS Star Trek ladies I found!! We had a good chat about the OS, they were awesome
3: I’m only like 6 episodes into Haikyuu so I only know Hinata but I’m getting there! I loved both of these cosplayers they were v sweet 💖
4: Me waiting for my Space Dad to arrive and save me from a life of Galra prison hell (spoiler he didn’t come 😭)
5: Close up of the locket I was wearing *stares dreamily into the distance* when will my sweetheart return from the war
6/7: The most beautiful Keith istg I’m in love??? I was afraid they weren’t okay bc they were like !!🙏🏻!! I love them so much
8: I FOUND MY SISTER!!! It wasn’t Space Dad but hey Pidge is the literal best so really who won here. They’re @o0olivia0o and she’s super sweet 💖
9: The Cosplay Championship cosplayers. I’m legit in love with the guy who won. His armour is TO DIE FOR. Actual goals.

If you’re in any of these, please let me know so can tag you!!


Eliza Taylor’s full Oz Comic Con panel, day 1.

JENNIFER MORRISON AT OZ COMIC CON: Detailed recap including panels from both Saturday and Sunday plus details on the dinner I attended with Jen ♡

(Aka the story of how I became friends with Jennifer Morrison)

*First picture taken Saturday morning, second taken Sunday evening

Last weekend, 5th and 6th July 2014, I was fortunate enough to attend Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, Australia and meet Jennifer Morrison. I also was one of the lucky 10 people who attended the intimate dinner function with her on the Saturday night – which was virtually indescribable and an experience I will never forget.

I know a lot of people have been asking for details and the like so this post will contain a rundown of my entire weekend – from the first day of OZCC (including my photo experience and a detailed recap of the panel with as many direct quotes as I could transcribe), to the dinner on Saturday night with Jen and finally to the second and last day of OZCC (again including photo and autograph interactions with Jen and another detailed recap of her panel with again, as much direct quotes as I could transcribe). I know I previously tweeted a few quotes from Saturday’s panel related to Captain Swan, but for those of you who wanted more than the 160 characters and the context, I’ve elaborated in more detail here! (And of course there are plenty of other quotes that aren’t CS related, I covered pretty much all the questions Jen answered)

I’ve spent about a week writing this on and off and putting together all of my notes from the weekend, so a heads up that this is in fact very long so I’ll put most of it under the cut. Note that the quotes in bold are direct from Jennifer Morrison (as accurately as I could transcribe in a hurry) and please do not repost/steal any of my photos included in the post. Lastly, if you’re going to take quotes from here, please do remember to credit me (a link to this post is fine! or if it’s on twitter a mention to my twitter handle @xoalana6ox!) – I don’t mind sharing with all of you, but this did take me a long time to put together so I would really appreciate you taking a minute to add credit!

Now that all of that’s out of the way, let’s start with my very very early wake up on Saturday morning!

SATURDAY 5th JULY – Oz Comic Con: Day 1

Despite having gone to bed at just around 2am after finishing putting together the book for Jen, I got up promptly at 4:30am fighting off any fatigue and running purely off the adrenaline provided by the fact that I was going to meet Jennifer Morrison today.

I arrived with my friend, Emma, at 6:30am and joined the line that, despite the doors not opening for another two and a half hours, had already started to form. The two hours passed surprisingly fast as I met some of my friends on Twitter for the first time and was later joined by my friend Courts and her friend Emma.

Wristbands on and the queue slowly inching closer to the building, nerves started to build and group strategies to get to the token booth as quickly as possible were formed (Jen’s photo session was the first and so began at 9:30). Sure enough the doors opened and the chaos was unleashed. I’d never previously been to a Comic Con before so it was definitely an experience for the books as we ran across the building, dodging stalls and attempting not to lose anyone in the crowd. But it all worked out as we got the tokens we wanted and waited towards the front of the photo line, waiting for Jen to come out.

We caught a glimpse of her from the line before she disappeared behind the black curtain of the photo tent which was enough to put us all in fits of ‘what-on-earth-am-I-going-to-say’ and ‘how-am-I-even-going-to-speak.’

I definitely had my moment of being star-struck the second I was within close proximity of Jen. She, of course, looked absolutely beautiful, wearing a white dress designed by Lublu Kira Plastinina. In all honestly, most of the memory of that first interaction is completely blurred – although it likely consisted of me mumbling unintelligible things. I do, however, remember telling her that I would see her at the dinner tonight to which she replied with an enthusiastic smile saying that she was “looking forward to seeing and talking to me more tonight.”

After having some time to process that I had in fact just met Jennifer Morrison and that she’d had her arm around me for the full minute of taking that photo, we headed over just over an hour before her panel to start lining up so we could get could seats.

Despite the occasional rain we had to endure, the wait was definitely worth it because not only did we end up with second row seats, but I also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people in line who I’m pleased to now call my friends. (I even had a couple of people recognising me by my tumblr/twitter name once I’d told them who then proceeded to tell me that they watch and love my videos which overwhelmed and shocked me because I never even considered anyone recognising me outside of the internet!)

After everyone was seated, Jen came out with her Starbucks in hand – of course! – full of smiles and waves and was welcomes by a swarm of cheers.  The panel began with someone asking Jen to describe Lana, Jared and Ginny in one word.

“Lana, committed. Jared, loveable.” And then after a long pause of pondering: “Ginny, the-absolute-best-friend-slash-tv-mother-most-wonderful-human-I’ve-ever-met.”

She was then asked about Season 4 and what she could tell us about the upcoming season. She responded by saying she couldn’t say too much after only having read the first script but that we will see the backstory of all the Frozen characters and how similar characters reflect those relationships as well: “I think sometimes we’re going to see bits of Elsa in Emma – the fact that they both have magic and they both don’t know how to use it, they didn’t ask for it.”

She spoke about the back story she’d built for herself for the character of Emma and how she’d done a lot of research and read many memoirs of children who had grown up in foster-care which really informed the way she portrays Emma. She gave the example of how she always portrays Emma as having a hearty appetitive which stems from the fact that she may not always have had much to eat growing up the way she did. 

She was asked a question about her superpower and why it works on characters like Regina and not so much on characters such as Hook, which Jen didn’t really fully understand, but they key part of that response that I took note of to share was that she said her superpower works best when she is not emotionally invested: “I do think she’s attracted to Hook so her quote unquote superpower doesn’t necessarily work as well when her emotions are involved.”

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okay so day 1 of oz comic con was amazing!!!!! breaking up my panel recaps into a few posts so here is my recap of jason dohring's saturday ozcon panel!

Soooo firstly my friend and I got there at about 8:45am and it wasn’t meant to actually begin until 9am but obviously people had been lining up earlier so we ended up lining up for about an hour maybe to get inside, and then i lined up for another hour and a bit to get my token for my photo with arthur darvill(!!!!!!). i missed his morning autograph session but thats ok because tbh i was still semi asleep.

anyway so after i got my token i wandered around for a bit and then met up with my friend and we went to jason dohring’s panel. here is a quick recap of that in no particular order bc its all a bit of a blur:

  • he couldn’t really hear the questions so he just kept jumping off the stage to go to whoever had the mic
  • he sat on the coffee table instead of the couch to be closer to the fans :D and then occasionally sat on the edge of the stage and wandered around. very interactive with us!!
  • also if someone had a question but not a mic he just jumped off the stage and gave them his mic
  • he tended to get off topic from the questions possibly because he couldn’t hear them properly :P
  • he talked about ryan hansen and how recently jason took ryan to his aunt’s 40th birthday and by the end ryan had all the older ladies grinding and body rolling on the dance floor.
  • jason demonstrated these lovely dance moves for us. it was fabulous.
  • he didn’t know about kristen’s obsession with sloths but he thinks its hilarious
  • the mysteries of vmars were all very guarded and not even kristen knew the results. 
  • kyle gallner didn’t even know that his own character cassidy/beaver was the baddie at the end of season 2. he found out with the rest of them!!
  • jason’s favourite scenes were the detention scenes with weevil because he loves working with eli.
  • he really wants to be on game of thrones and he mentioned the dire wolves several times in the panel
  • his spirit animal would be a fox. someone called out ‘what does the fox say’ and he did a little dance from the music video which was adorable
  • logan’s spirit animal would be a wolf.
  • it was really easy to get back into logan’s character for the movie after so long because he really connects to and understands logan.
  • he’s glad that logan went into the navy because he needs some discipline in his life
  • that said, jason loves playing the ups and downs of logan with all the 'cliffs’ to fall off and then recover from. 
  • the scenes whee logan gets tortured were the hardest. he rehearsed a lot and thought it would look terrible, then he did the scene and thought it was terrible and then he watched it and it was 'okay’ :P
  • he loves chris lowell and piz. he just knows logan will always win haha.
  • the movie producers wanted to cut some piz scenes because he looked so sad but rob wanted the audience to see the hard decision veronica had to make
  • jason hasn’t read the veronica mars book yet but he wants to
  • he nearly watched the movie on the plane on the way here :P
  • apparently dax shepherd (kristen’s husband) is hilarious and if you put him with ryan they are hysterical together.
  • pranks wise no one really pulled pranks on jason on the vmars set probably because they thought he was too serious.
  • kristen sometimes put gladwrap over the toilet seats to prank people.
  • he thinks the veronica mars fandom is very special :)