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Signing ain’t easy
I got this modern/hipster AU in my head where link is mute and Zelda is trying to learn the sign language to be closer to him !

EDIT : OFC if you know some good modern fics tell me !! <3
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just wondering what sign you think the wizard of oz characters are?

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note: Because these are going to be “mini Character Studies”, I will only do the Sun and Moon signs. Therefore, some of the characters may have more than one combination, because I don’t have the other placements to represent different aspects of their personality. I may do a full Character Study in the future, but here’s just a brief summary! Also, please keep in mind I haven’t watched this movie in years, so I can’t remember exactly everything that happens. 

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Dorothy Gale: Pisces sun, Cancer moon or Sagittarius sun, Taurus moon, or Capricorn sun, Cancer moon

Dorothy longs to be “somewhere over a rainbow”, and away from her dreary Kansas life. She is childish, a dreamer, and very imaginative (after we learn the land of Oz was all a dream). In the movie, she learns there is “no place like home”, so she knows where her roots are. In the books, when Dorothy rules Oz as their princess, she remains humble and wholesome, not wanting to make any new rules for the Ozians. Two of her defining characteristics is her innocence and optimism. When she learns her farm house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East, she asked if there was anything she could do to help. She also remains rather practical, wanting to go back to Kansas rather than staying in the magical world of Oz. 

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The Scarecrow: Gemini sun, Taurus moon or Sagittarius sun, Taurus moon, or Aquarius sun, Taurus moon

The Scarecrow wants to go to the Emerald City in hopes of getting a brain. He wants to power knowledge grants him, both defining characteristics of Geminis and Sagittarians. He is extroverted nonetheless, and very optimistic, just like Dorothy. However, he is also very loveable and honest. He is very gentle, as Taurus moons are. He’s also rather clumsy (but you can’t fault him for that, he’s made out of straw!).

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The Tin Man: Taurus sun, Cancer moon or Capricorn sun, Cancer moon

The Tin Man (or Tin Woodman, whichever you prefer) wants a heart from the Wizard. He feels as though he cannot make friends unless he has a heart, despite how kind he is throughout the movie/book. He helps his new friends as much as he can (in the book, he builds them a raft and uses his ax to cut off the heads of animals who tried to attack them; in the movie, he saves the Scarecrow from a fire without thinking twice). He is also very determined. 

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The Cowardly Lion: Aries sun, Pisces moon or Leo sun, Pisces moon

The Cowardly Lion joins Dorothy in going to the Emerald City because he wants to ask the Wizard for courage. Above all else, the Cowardly Lion is very brave, even if he doesn’t think it. When he first meets the trio, he tries to act very scary and courageous, only to cower when Dorothy yells at him. He can also be rather humorous. Above all else, he has a kind and gentle heart.

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Glinda the Good Witch: Leo sun, Pisces moon or Libra sun, Virgo moon

In the novels, Glinda resides in Quadling Country in a palace encrusted with rubies. Also, honestly, who else could make a grand entrance quite like Glinda? It is also well-noted, in both the movie and the books, that she is well loved by her people. She is compassionate and selfless. She is also incredibly patient and helpful. Overall, she is beautiful both on the outside, and the inside. 

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The Wicked Witch of the West: Scorpio sun, Taurus moon or Scorpio sun, Leo moon

The Wicked Witch of the West is a misunderstood character. She isn’t angry because she’s evil, she’s angry because Dorothy’s house killed her sister (or cohort; it depends which medium you’re getting your information from). She is determined to get revenge on Dorothy. However, her motive changes to getting Dorothy’s ruby slippers, (or silver slippers; again, depends what you’re basing this on) and it becomes an obsessive task. Granted, the slippers would help her conquer all of Oz, which seems to be her main goal. This results in her being possessive as well as very determined. She is also rather manipulative. 

buckle up kiddos its rwby theory time

(EDIT 2/17/2017: i put taiyang as the cowardly lion when its been revealed that he isnt. i fixed it now.

so we finally got to see this kid again and we even got a name for him: oscar

theres several theories running around about who he is-spring/summer maiden, related to ozpin, etc-but i noticed something in the credits

that lady who shouted at oscar

she’s his aunt

now, we already know that almost every character in rwby refers to a fairytale character, so its safe to assume that oscar does as well. so a famous fairytale character with an aunt…

dorothy, obviously, is one of the first to come to mind. she was raised on a farm, and oscar lives on one as well.

so far, weve had several characters in the series allude to wizard of oz characters, although we havent got a dorothy or wicked witch yet

we have ironwood and qrow, the tin man and the scarcrow

and we have ozpin and glynda, the wizard and glinda the good witch

“but we dont know how he relates to these characters, how can he allude to dorothy?”

while we dont know if hes related to any other character in these series, hes already been contacted by one of the five relating to wizard of oz characters…

…ozpin himself

this is also a really strong reference to the oz series, since the wizard used mirrors to help create the illusion of a giant floating head. and one of the most iconic scenes is when dorothy realizes the wizard is just a man performing tricks.

i dont know about you guys, but im pretty sure this kid is dorothy. the real question is, wheres toto?


Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith is a 2005 American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas. It is the third installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Ian McDiarmid, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, and Frank Oz all reprise their character roles from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) and Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002).


Finally finished my first digital painting !!!!!! OMG I couldn’t see the end, it tooks me so long… But it’s here

Sou (in the middle) is my OC, and the two others are my friends OC, I’m so happy I could draw them together in this new style Q///u///Q It’s been three years that I didn’t draw them, so much nostalgia, so much memories… I wanna cry…


Okay so in the whole Wizard of Oz universe theirs a character named Ozma. She’d the rightful ruler of Oz. As a baby she was given to a witch by the Wizard of Oz. the witch then turned her into a boy named Tip. She had no memory of ever being a girl and was later returned to her female form by Glinda the Good witch.

SO. Farm boi, aka Oscar, aka my child, is the Spring maiden. His/her mother was the previous maiden and when she died her thoughts were on her daughter making farm boi the next Spring Maiden. Then Ozpin, the protector of the Maidens, took the child away from the kingdom where she was transformed into a into a boy by either a Witch or Ozpin himself. Mombi(the witch from original story) used the Princess as a slave and she was forced to work for the witch (Farm Boi is the only one doing any shit on that farm). Note* the witch lived on a quiet farmland with corn fields and cows* Ozma(aka Farm Boi) is later returned to her true form by Glynda.  

Other things to note: Pip(Ozma) steals the powder of life from the Witch, which is a magical powder that brings things to life and Spring is the season of bith and regrowth

Tip later teams up with the Scarecrow and the Tin man (Qrow and Ironwood)  

Ozma’s mother was a magical being (Spring maiden)

Ozma later seals off entry to Oz to protect it from invasions of unwanted inturders(Grimm)

Glinda describes Ozma as She was fresh, healthy and beautiful as the dew from a Spring May morning

Okay so it seems like all the headmasters are meant to be wizard of oz characters
•We know ozpin obviously is the wizard of oz
•He’s helped by glynda the good witch and qrow ( the scareqrow)
•Ironwood the headmaster of atlas is clearly the tin man
• James claimed he didn’t trust Leo with protection of the kingdom so it’s possible Leo is another headmaster which would make him the lion
• and the last kingdom being vacuo we haven’t seen the headmaster of yet either . But given that it’s to the west it’s possible our last headmaster is the wicked witch

Summing up Superman Reborn

Due to popular demand, I am writing this to help those who have no ideas what is going on in DC Rebirth, why are there so many Supers running around, and wants to know, but doesn’t have time to read all the related comics. Note that Mr. Oz is a character that appeared way back in 2015 when Geoff Johns was still writing N52 Superman. Yes, DC literally planned this in 2015

My guess is that since 2018 is Superman 80th Anniversary and Action Comics will reach its 1000th issue by then, they want to make something big, and the mystery of Mr.Oz (along with the whole Watchmen thing) will conclude around that time. Talk about going out with a bang.

If you have any more questions about Superman/Superfam in general maybe just check my comic support tag to find if I’ve talked about it!

Warning: contain spoilers for Superman and Action Comics!!

In order to understand Superman Reborn, you have to go back to the time N52 Superman was still alive. 

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