schulie  asked:

hello I don't know who you are but I think it's not ok to say to people they have stolen other people images. I haven't designed the originally pictures but I have painted themselves and I think it's just not very nice to accuse other people any things even though they haven't done , I found all the pictures where I painted on googel!(Sorry for my bad englisch but i only want to explain my own view)oYulieo

I’ll try to explain this and keep my words basic since English apparently isn’t your first language.

What you are describing and what you did is actually theft.

Images that show up on google do not belong to google.

Google is not a source of royalty free art, it is a search engine which finds existing works other people have made.

Using those art works found with google without the creators permission is stealing.

Redrawing those works and claiming them as your own work is stealing.

Using another person’s art as a learning tool is fine, provided you do not post the work and do not claim it as your own.