Oystermen by Marco Casagrande soar above a beach in Taiwan

Finnish architect marco casagrande is the creator of ‘oystermen’, an environmental artwork of four freestanding sculptures emerging from a the sea at a tidal beach in kinmen, taiwan. the figures tower over the water, soaring 6 meters from the surface of the earth during low tide. when the tide shifts, and the ocean deepens around the men, they materialize half-covered by the waves. the structures are made from sand blasted stainless steel and wear luminescent caps that are powered by solar light, illuminating the seascape at night. over a period of time, the legs of the massive art pieces will become the habitat for the work’s namesake: they will be completely covered in oysters.


Love this, via My Modern Met:

Oystermen is a public environmental artwork by Finland-based designer Marco Casagrande consisting of four sand-blasted stainless steel figures of men located on a tidal shore by Kinmen Island, Taiwan. The sculptural installation features the silhouettes of four nondescript men, seemingly standing on stilts. They each stand approximately 6 meters tall, though when high tide rolls in, their height is typically knocked down by 3 meters. The rising sea changes the look of the artwork, making it seem as though the four figures are walking on water.

The eye-catching piece, which gets its name from the fact that, over time, the legs of the towering structures will be covered in oysters, adds a playfulness as well as an element of intrigue to the environment. Additionally, throughout the alternating sea levels, the metallic men are adorned with metallic conical Asian hats that serve as solar energy collectors, which is used to illuminate the seascape at night.