Money Saving Tips for London

As “Hamlet” is approaching and many people will travel to London for the play, here some tips to save money from someone who planned quite a few London trips lately.

Getting Around
Get yourself an Oyster Card. It costs 3£ and will save you a lot of money. Top it up as you go with the amount of money you like, 10/15/20£ etc. It’s cheaper than getting a ticket for every single trip you make.
Also, do NOT get a Day Travel Ticket. No matter how often you use public transport or how many zones you travel in, the Oyster card is cheaper as there are Daily Caps. Once you reach this cap within 24 hours (4:30-4:30) you will not be charged anymore. 

Example: Daily Cap for Zone 1-2 : 6.40£       Day Travel Card Zone 1-4: 12£
              Daily Cap for Zone 1-4 : 9.20£       
              Daily Cap for Zone 1-6 : 11.70£     Day Travel Card Zone 1-6: 17£

For further information on daily cappings etc. check here

Sight Seeing
If you plan to do a lot of Sight Seeing, do consider getting a London Pass. If you plan your day a bit, it can save you a lot of money. 

Example: Visit Tower of London, Tower Bridge Exhibition,Shakespeare’s Globe and Westminster Abbey in one day. 
London Pass for one Day: 46.80£        Total for entries without the pass: 67£ 

The 67£ is the total for all entries without concessions. But even if you can get concessions on tickets, the London Pass helps you save money. In November I visited myself and did The Tower of London, The Tower Bridge Exhibition, HMS Belfast, Shakespeare’s Globe and The London Museum with the Sherlock Holmes exhibition in one day. It worked fine and even the concession tickets would have been more expensive than the pass. 

Remember to get your pass via visitlondon.com as only there you will get it for 46.80£ (it’s 15% off the original price).

If you want to visit Madame Tussauds or the London Eye (not included in the Pass), do book your tickets in advance. Online you can check for the best offers and time slots will help you getting in faster. 

Free things to do
London has a lot of free attractions to visit. Many great museums offer free entry and the London Parks are a real highlight in summer.
Check visitlondon.com for a list of free attractions or scan through the 101 free things to do.

If you are on Budget you can also find a whole lot of useful information here

I hope this helps some of you and if you have other tips, feel free to add them.

Oyster card nails let you tap in and out

With trends in wearable technology expected to increase in the next few years, it is no surprise we are seeing more inventive ways to incorporate technology into our clothes and accessories.

Oyster card nails have been made into a legitimate piece of wearable technology. Lucie Davis, a student from Central Saint Martins in London has invented a set of press-on nails that double up as a Transport for London (TFL) Oyster card, enabling you to quite literally touch in and out of the tube.

Davis took the radio-frequency identification tag from an Oyster card and incorporated it into a set of false acrylic nails. Davis told WAH Nails, ‘I took the RFID chip from an Oyster card and embedded it within a full set of acrylic nails to give commuters the ability to pay for their journeys with a single tap or touch.’

Davis is now believed to be in talks with TFL about producing them on a bigger scale. The nails were created as part of Davis’ BA in Jewellery Design to be showcased at the end of the year.

Now all I am thinking is, could we see electronic tap nails applied to bankcards as well? Only time will tell…

Read more about the latest trends in wearable technology here at bit.ly/20iaTPc 

Anyone from/familiar with London?

I am visiting with my boyfriend in June. Unfortunately for me, he is a completely useless with helping me plan it. He is relying on me. But I have only been twice so I’m not really sure. And this is really the first time I’m going on my own.

So; should we get an Oyster card (visitors or normal? Which would be better?) or just get a daily travel pass, or the daily tube pass? 

Any help will be MUCH appreciated. I know it’s ages away, but I like to be prepared!


A London Underground game - I want to play!

Vist chromaroma for more information on how to make your tube journey a fun one.


Chromaroma, have done a great job bringing some fun to your daily tube ride in London.

Ok someone from London/who’s visited London recently please help

I will be traveling to London for the first time in October and I want to make sure that I am getting the most efficient travel card. I don’t want the Visitor’s Oyster card as I feel like you won’t get the most bang for your buck (non-refundable 3 pounds, no 7 day travel card pre-loaded, etc.). I want the regular Oyster card or a 7 day travel card. My friend and I will be there for 7 days exactly.

My hesitation with the regular Travel card is that I cannot travel until 9:30 am, which sucks for a person like me who wishes to start exploring things as early as possible.

My hesitation with the regular Oyster card is… I don’t understand where I can get it and how/when I can use it. lol. I am flying into Gatwick, but I can take Thameslink or Southern rail station to get to where our hotel is at. Can I buy a regular Oyster card at either of those stations or at Gatwick and load a Zone 1-2 travel card onto it (If possible) 

If not, where do I need to go in order to get the Oyster Card so I can load the Zone 1-2 travel card. If I load the travel card onto an Oyster would I still be forced to travel anytime after 9:30 am?


Getting around in London is practically effortless thanks to The Tube. As you may know, I’m from a very, very, very small town. There is no public transportation to speak of. Thankfully The Tube is very user friendly (trust me, I can figure it out anyone can). The map above may look a little daunting, but all the trains have color coded poles and there are very clear signs stating which train goes to which stations. 

The Oyster Card is the key to the underground (and works on buses as well). Even if you are visiting for a week, I would definitely get one. You will save a lot of money (since you will be charged more for transportation if you pay in cash). I buy monthly passes since I use The Tube over 15 times a week. It costs £112, but it’s well worth it. I can use the buses and tube (in Zones 1 & 2) as much as I please. 

Each year The Tube map cover gets a new design. Above are some of my favorites. In Covent Garden Station, there are several posters with previous map cover designs on them. It would be amazing to be commissioned to make the cover!

The Tube does have some flaws. London is in the middle of upgrading the entire system. This causes a lot of delays and sometimes line closures. Before you travel anywhere you should always check here: http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/. This will tell you if there will be any problems getting to where you want to go. Also it is the most reliable site for directions in London (I would advise against using Google Maps).